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They Call Him Skippy - Encounter From Another Dimension


After Pez and I got married he would come to Louisville and stay until he had to be someplace else. We had ordered a golden oldies cd and it came while Pez was on the road. When it came I opened it but decided to wait until he came back home so we could listen to it together. A couple of days after I opened it Pez came home. We were lying across the bed talking when I noticed that the clock was blinking as if it had been turned off. I didn't think anything about it at first and reset it. My son Blaine was there also talking on the phone. My dog was downstairs making a lot of noise like he was playing with something. He started doing that as the clock started blinking. Also when the clock started blinking my answering machine started winding, pausing and rewinding.

I asked Blaine to go downstairs to see what the dog was doing. As he headed down the steps I heard him say oh shoot. I asked him what was wrong. He said the dog was chasing something and when he called his name Red looked at him as if he had never seen him before. Red was a pit bull that Blaine had given me. Blaine went on down stairs.

Shortly, I was yelling downstairs I thought talking to Blaine. Pez asked me who I was talking to. I told him that I was talking to Blaine. He said Blaine's gone. Didn't you hear him say too much shoot was going on for him so he's out? So the clock was still blinking and the answering machine was still winding, pausing and rewinding. I unplugged them both. It scared the heck out of me. I'm used to spirits but it has never been quite as crazy as that night before (at least drug free).

Pez kept telling me I just needed to lay back and relax. I told him that he needed to lay back and relax and leave me alone. He asked me to put on the cd we had ordered to help me to relax. When I turned on the cd player it started doing the same thing the answering machine was doing. I unplugged it too. I lay down but every time I stretched out someone would grab my toes. That was too much so I was crying. Finally I laid down and made Pez lay on top of me (like that really was going to make a difference). I eventually calmed down and went into a sleep like state.

When I did that I saw a man. With the man was a dog. It was black with a brown spot on the right side of it's chest. The man was white with dark brown hair. He spoke with a British like accent. He had on brown and tan plaid knickers with a light colored shirt brown vest and brown tam. He told me that he was sorry he had upset me but he said these things, I've never seen before. He asked me what they were. We went around to everything he had been bothering. I told him the clock was a digital clock. He said that's a clock? I told him yes. Then I explained to him what the answering machine was and what it did. He was amazed. He asked me where he was. I told him he was in Louisville Ky then he asked me what year it was. I told him it was 1999. He repeated the year and kind of laughed shaking his head. I asked him why he was there. He told me that he was walking his dog and got lost and when he saw my porch light on and the welcome sign on the door he stopped to get directions. He told me that he took a few things but that he wasn't a thief and would return them he promised.

When I woke up I told Pez that I knew what was going on the night before after all. That also explained why Red was acting so strange too. He was playing with Skippy's dog. I did ask him his name and he said they called him Skippy. Since things had calmed down we decided to listen to the cd. I turned the player on and nothing happened. When I opened it to see what was wrong the cd was gone. Skippy had taken it.

During the time I was packing to move to Atlanta we looked everywhere for that cd and it was nowhere to be found. Before I broke the stereo down to pack it, I made Pez watch to make sure I wasn't overlooking the cd. Since I didn't have the cd anymore, I threw the case away. When we got to Atlanta we put everything in storage and it stayed there for almost a year. When I finally moved into my apartment the first thing I unpacked was the stereo because I wanted to listen to music as I got my place in order. When I opened up the cd tray to put a cd in, there was the cd that Skippy had taken right there in the tray that I had already checked before I packed the stereo.

Based on Skippy's appearance and the fact that he didn't know what anything was, I'm assuming that at the very least he must have come from another dimension, and when he got lost he stepped through a portal of some sort. I'm not sure if he was a spirit or not. If so, our encounter was different than all the other spirit encounters that I've experienced in my lifetime. On new years eve after the incident with Skippy, we went to a friend of Pezs house to a party. We were all partying having a good time listening to music. At the midnight hour, we went outside for a little while. When we went back inside and turned the music back on the cd was gone.

I didn't know that Pez had told his friend about Skippy. All of a sudden his friend looked right at me and said okay Nina, where's the cd? Tell your friends to give it back. My mouth flew open because I was already thinking that Skippy or somebody else had taken it. I was embarrassed because I really wasn't sure myself what was going on. As we were looking for the cd their teenage kids ran back into the house to get something, and it turned out that they had grabbed the cd that we had been listening to. For a second I got to thinking that I wouldn't be able to go to anybody's house again for fear that if something came up missing that they'd think that I was a thief.

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pomnar (2 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-22)
I don't believe in time travel, it does not seem to make sense. But this seems like time travel. From your description, he has seen clocks, but not digital. I assume that since he was walking his dog and got lost, he was a living human. It seems like Skippy accidently moved forward a few decades and to the other side of the world.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-15)
Nina - I'm not sure, with the weekend coming up, when I'll be able to get here. My question was - do you think our noticing them or seeing them breaks a being's focus, concentration, and makes it harder for them to cross to here?
nina (3 stories) (4 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-15)
GlendaSC-I'm not sure that I understand your question. Could you please reword it so that I can get a better understanding of what you're asking me, then I will be glad to answer your question.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-12)
Nina - since you seem interested in this subject, I'm going to ask you a question. A very few times, I've sensed someone deceased that has returned. Always it was for a short time for a purpose it seemed to me, to walk through their house again, to see their spouse as she passed, things like that. Perhaps outsiders, observers disrupt that focus in a way and they can't stay if they loose their focus which is why they get a little ticked. I've made it a point not to look directly act them and act aware, even when I've heard the footsteps and felt them. I keep reading or act asleep, whatever. This works out well. Maybe that's wrong though in some way; maybe I misunderstood. What do you think?
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-12)
Nina - I like the curtain thing. I'm a visual learner and that helps so I'll remember it. Years ago in college I remember reading Plato who wrote about Socrates who told the analogy of the cave. He said we are in a cave, looking out and just seeing the shadows so we have misconceptions and confusion. I remember wondering if he didn't fly sometimes. I think sometimes we, or them, cross that death barrier, but it isn't easy.
nina (3 stories) (4 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-11)
Hello GlendaSC, thank you for responding to my story. Recently I was shown to look at death as a thick, black curtain that seperates one side of a room from the other and is also mostly soundproof. When you go from one side of that curtain to the other, just because the people on the one side can't see you anymore it doesn't mean that you no longer exist, it just means that it may take a little more for you to be seen and heard. If you think of death and existance period with that kind of a visual, it isn't surprising that some people can still see and hear those that have passed on as well as being able to communicate with those from other dimensions. Only the arrogant believe that we are the only existance that our magnificient creator has created, and when this is over there's nothing else. They assume that that creation creates with the limited mindset of a human which isn't true at all. Everything and everyone is energy and energy only changes forms it never dies. 😊
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-10)
Nina - thanks for sharing your experience. I had goosebumps. My contact with spirits has happened, but it's limited because it creeps me out. Oddly I told the hubby this morning before church not to bother resetting all the blinking clocks because it just starts again. He shrugged and did it anyway. I get odd looks from him a little, but he's pretty understanding.

I once had a fav album no one cared about, but my favorite song, "Old Souls" by Paul Williams was on it. Everytime I bought it, it got stolen. I have no clue why and gave up. This was many years ago, but I remember thinking, what is with this album. I have so many others and no one takes them?

I don't know if people who pass cross from other places and try to figure us out. Our technology must be odd to them if so... I have had a few loved ones cross that death barrier, but they were recent people. They don't hang out for long, but seem to show up for special reasons.

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