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Psychic Here And There, Please Help


I'm not going pretend that I have all these super psychic powers because I don't. But there are some pretty weird things that have happened to me the past year that I think are psychic experiences.

The first time I had a 'psychic experience' was about a year ago. I was sitting in the lounge room and I stepped over my mum to reach for something and I heard a mumble that sounded like "go to bed" but I wasn't sure so I turned around and said "What did you say?"

Mum goes, "What?...I didn't say anything".

"Yes you did, it sounded like, 'Go to bed', I returned.

Then she just said "I was thinking that it was about time you went to bed but I didn't say anything"

I just left it at that thinking that maybe she spoke aloud without realizing it.

But about a month later I was at the football game and I asked my friend the time so she, or so I thought, told me the time. Then she told me again. "I heard you the first time." I said. "That was the first time." she said. Hmmm? Maybe that's a bit of a coincidence?

But that's not all at times I get vibes from people.

My friend's uncle gave me really bad vibes. And I told my friend that her uncle scared me. I later found out that he raped her.

And more recently I have been feeling other people's emotions more then usual. For example, I was at my dad's, and he got into a fight with his fiancé and with everyone else in the house. I had my part then settled down.

Later we were all sitting in the lounge and all of a sudden I thought of my dad and burst into tears. But I wasn't crying for myself. I was crying for dad. I felt he wanted to cry but couldn't so I did for him. I didn't mean to. I just felt so sad and torn all of a sudden.

Other times I can be at large gatherings, like church, and when all the people get up and sing and praise God I feel all these different emotions, I can't name them, but I often feel overwhelmed.

Please help me figure out what's going on? I'm a bit confused.

Maybe it's nothing, but then again maybe its something

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vendettaBabes (3 stories) (335 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-29)
hey, a new empath has just joined us people! Yay!

Hey, welcome! This is caled empathy. Can you remember if you've had this for longer than just a year? I've had it all my life, and even though sometimes I think its a curse, I know it isn't. Empathy is a gift. It let's you help people, and allows you to understand what others can't get. Also, your empathy really is fun! Enjoy it! For example, right now, I'm soooo happy, confused, and feel like I have to breath very deep. And umm... I have no reason to be happy... I feel your story is what's causing he whole confused part of what I'm feeling. And the breathing deep part, IDK. Anyhow, don't listen to those that tell you empaths are bad, or that empathy is a curse. Its not. Learn to love it, cuzz you can't get rid of it.


PS- try leastening to Linkin Park and anything else that calms you down, and mae sre you're someplace quiet and peaceful at least two to three hous a week. Avoid crouded or loud places. They make empaths feel so shiaty.
davis_em (1 stories) (23 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-09)
Sounds like you're empathic (you pick up on other's emotions). Can be helpful sometimes, and downright annoying or scary at other times.

If it bothers you, or if you're feeling overwhelmed, picture a white light coming out of your skin to form an oval of protection around you that others can't get into. Or (this is what I do), picture a tower built around you, so that you have a wall between you and others. Some people use crystal, others metal. Use whatever works for you. Visualize ANYTHING that keeps other folks out of your head, and you feel protects you.:)

If you have your protection up, and you want it down, just picture it either going away or absorbing back into you, and you should be able to pick up other folks again.
starsoutside (15 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-06)
I think you're really really sensitive. I've had similar things happen to me with voices, just hearing things here and there, and I had a doctor tell me that it's not that uncommon, if it makes you feel any better. And I've definitely felt certain people were evil/scary...especially drug dealers:P
mccartyseboria (5 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-05)
i get the same sad feelings... I don't think anyone can really be an expert phsycic lol cause its wierd all together lol but I can try to give you some type of advice because I have had similar feelings. Basically its just a 6th sense... Dont think too deep into it or it won't make any sense... You can sense people... What they feel... And what they want... The most common ability I have actually heard so far... Get into further... Embrace it... Its fun and very safe... Just know how to control it... My abilities let me be able to sense angels and demons so you know I'm a little shook lol

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