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My Name is Dani! I'm new to all this stuff and trying to find out what is going on. I want to know, am I psychic?

I am 22, and recently, strange things started happening to me! Well, I say recently, but a few things have happened throughout my life, but more so in the last 3 months!

When I was 14 I saw my Great Nan (mum's Nan) sitting at the bottom of my bed. She reassured me everything was fine and told me to go back to sleep (she passed away when I was 8).

When I was 19 I saw my other Nan (dad's mum) who passed away when I was around 10. At the time, I was going through a difficult stage in my life and she was standing in my door way of my bed room and just told me I would be fine.

I also always think I hear noises, like footsteps and shadows. I normally say to myself, "Oh, don't be silly", and pass it off as being paranoid, but now I'm starting to wonder! Also when I was 16, I knew my auntie was pregnant, before she knew herself!

In the last 3 months stranger things are happening. I haven't seen any more relatives but I keep having gut feelings, like inklings that something is going to happen and it does! In August, I had a mad thought my boyfriend was in some sort of confusing. I text messaged him that instant and asked him if he was ok. I said to him, "I know I'm going to sound crazy but I have had a thought you are in some confusion about something, are you, do you need to talk to someone?" 3 days later he told me he was in a very big predicament about something! I hadn't been with him very long, 3 months, so it wasn't like we had some bond, I just knew!

Then last week, I was talking to somebody I have seen around my area since school days, we used to pass each other on our bus journeys to school! Recently we have started talking after meeting again at a party of a mutual friend. I knew nothing about him, but the other day we was talking and he told me his mother had been adopted, and she knew her real mother, but not as her mother, as a client as she used to cut her hair in her hairdressing salon! But her mother was never allowed to say anything, adoption laws etc, when he told me I had chills down my spin I knew what he was going to say! Also I always think of people, and then I see them, even if I haven't for like 5 years etc!

I decided to talk to my dad about it yesterday, and he told me that he knew one day me or one of my brothers would say something like this. He told me his mum was psychic, and that she used to read people and things like that, I don't remember my Nan very well as she died when I was younger? But could her gift be passed to me? My dad also told me things happen to him, he sees many faces in objects, everyday, and has dreams! I was just wondering if anyone can help me, to tell me if I have a gift, and how to reach my full potential, I haven't really spoken to anyone about this as I don't want my friends to think I'm crazy! And also to tell me what my gift is! Thanks, Dani xx

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master_of_darkness (2 stories) (21 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-15)
calm down first get control over your emotions then medatait and try using your abilities. Otherwise if you don't learn how to control you emotions you won't do so good. If you need help with any thing else then send me a massage at samuel_prtt [at]
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-14)
First, I think we are here for a reason so deal with now and this place, reality. It's why you're here. Learn something. Second, there are others, good and some bad, so acknowledge but be careful. I don't think we are at the higher end of learning, but we are learning. If you mess up, get over it. This is school in a way.
YVE72 (5 stories) (212 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-12)
The website's not taking any new stories until Monday. There are a lot of submissions and they are trying to catch up. I'll do next time it comes up.

Do I think you have the ability? Well, even if you've only seen 2, its more than most people including me. I have no desire to see spirits so in some subconscious way I won't allow myself to be open to seeing them. But I can feel them. For me, feeling & hearing is not as frightening.

Have you ever watched the cable channel called BIO? Watch it on Saturday nights. There's a show "Haunted History" that discusses the paranormal activity of certain towns. There's also a show called "Ghostly Encounters" where average folks come and talk about their experiences with ghosts & spirits. There's also "Psychic Detectives" or "Psychic Investigation" where mediums help the police solve homicides.

I love the show called "Psychic Kids". That's an excellent show to watch because they find children struggling with how to handle & develop their gifts. They usually find 2 or 3 kids and take them on a psychic development overnight field trip. I highly recommend this show. If you can't get it on cable, see if you can find re-run episodes online. Its that good! Everybody on this website should watch it.

As far developing abilities, I'd just wait awhile and become aware of all the gifts God bestows on everyone, even if it doesn't apply to you. Yes, there is a lot of garbage out there, but the more you read books, surf the internet, or watch on TV, you'll know what speaks to you as truth. You don't have to accept everything as the gospel truth. No psychic is 100% correct all the time.

Right now I'm trying to read every Sylvia Browne book and been researching Lightworkers & 2012. Then I'll move onto another paranormal topic. Learn in a way that works for you.

Peace & blessings.
DaniBaby22 (1 stories) (10 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-12)
Thanks YVE! I hope they post it! Are there any other sites for us and our gifts? Many seem to be fake or a con?

Yes I am going to practice my protection, yes I can feel the light, more so the more times I did it, guess like everything it takes practice!

But do you think I have the ability to see spirits? From my gifts I have? Its very exciting, I'm also slightly scared x
YVE72 (5 stories) (212 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-12)
Hi Dani,
Jeff is correct also. Whenever you attempt to purposely use your abilities or meditate, its better to do so without distraction. (phone, kids, TV, noise).

In terms of seeing spirits, they are probably around us frequently, but we have to be open to seeing them. Some of us are constantly open to them, some of us can see them only when we're undistracted, some will never see them. Everybody's different.

If you can visualize the light and feel it, you are doing it right. Its all about intent. I THINK each person is responsible for himself.

I think its cool that you're with someone who knows what you're going through. You have someone to practice with. I don't think it has anything to do with age. A change is coming and more people will become aware of their abilities. Some say that those with abilities now will teach those who come along later.

I'll start the protection request as a story. I don't know when the moderators will post it to the website.
DaniBaby22 (1 stories) (10 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-12)
Also, how should I start a post about protection? On here?

If anyone knows how I can protect myself, different methods, please let me know, I would like to learn to protect myself before I learn anything else! Thanks
JEFF, why do you think I need to be carefull about developing this? I'm worried now, shoudl I be afraid of my gift and what I can delelop then? 😕
DaniBaby22 (1 stories) (10 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-12)
Thanks for your replys! YVE72 you say to protect myself everyday, should I do this b4 I do what Jeff said to do? Its really strange that you both say I can see or able to eventually see spirits, I haven't yet, except for my grandmothers! I thought I could just know what was going to happen etc, not anything to do with spirits? How comes you both know I will be able to see spirits? Also I have started imaganing myself with a white light around me, like I imagined lookin at myself as a whole and seein a white light around me, I felt quite peacefull when doing this, so does that mean I am doing it correctly? Also can I imagin the white light around family members and loved ones/friends to protect them?

I also believe my boyfriend has the same abilities as me, we have been together for 4 years now, he often has de ja vu and also he knows what people are going to say, like pregancy etc, we have both said in the last 3 months, more things are happening to us, maybe because we have come of age? And is it possible that if we both have gifts, it helps bring out our ablilites by beign together? Thanks for your thoughts and time
Jeff_The_Gypsy (1 stories) (5 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-11)
I might want to be careful about developing this. But all in all I think the best way of doing that is finding a place where it is totally quite and just focus on everything around you.

In a while you will learn to feel everything and then you should be able to tap into that more often. And get more from what is around you. Maybe even communicate with them.
YVE72 (5 stories) (212 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-11)
Clairsentience is weird! You can feel when something going to happen or you can sense a presence. Everybody's different. When I feel a presence, a lot of pressure builds in my head. It doesn't hurt though.

Now if you saw what your friend was about to say, that's clairvoyance ("clear seeing").

As far as your Dad is concerned, it seems he is receptive to seeing spirits, as you are.

Some people have 1 gift. Some can do just about anything. If they can handle it, God bless 'em. I know don't want to SEE anything while I'm awake and haven't since the incident with the chair.

When I think about, I guess everything falls into 1 of 2 categories: a) receiving prophecy/information OR b) communication with spirits. Anyone reading this please add a 3rd or 4th broad category if I'm missing any.

I can't offer advice on how to develop your abilities, but I will strongly suggest this. Practice some form of spiritual protection. Every entity trying to communicate with you may not be "all sweetness and light". We are all subject to psychic attack.

Defend yourself daily, especially prior to using your abilities. If you can, visualize in your mind yourself being filled and surrounded by white light. Others visualize themselves in a protective bubble. You can start a post about protection and I'm sure you will get a variety of methods. Do what works for you.

Peace & blessings.
DaniBaby22 (1 stories) (10 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-11)
Also, what books I can read, some of them seem to be fake, anyone know any good ones that may help? Sorry abotu all my comments, I am just very excited about this and very interested thanks
DaniBaby22 (1 stories) (10 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-11)
Also I would really like to develop my abilities, I feel like this is a gift passed through my family! But I have no idea how to develop and what to do, or how to go about it? Is there any books? And what area shoudl I develop, if not all?

Thanks again for your thoughts
DaniBaby22 (1 stories) (10 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-11)
Thanks for your response YVE72!

I have always been intrigued by this kind of stuff, from a young age, when articles or tv programs are on about things like this, I always take great interest, maybe that was my way of telling myself I have a gift?

Yes its very ramdom for me to!

I also remembered another thing too, where I work, we have a basementm we have just bought this to expand our office, I have to go down there sometimes for IT reasons, but I will not go down there alone, I get a really strange feeling down there like I am being watched and slightly uneasy, it is empty down there, so many that's why I get that eire feeling?

The bit about knowing what people are going to say, it was really odd, it happened to me the 1st time last Wednesday! As my fried was telling me about his mother and her adoption, it was if I was seeing it happen in my head, like I was looking down on his mother, cutting her real mothers hair in a salon? And also senced a feeling of her not being able to tell her, it was really strange, that's how I knew what he was going to say, as he was saying it, it almost appeard like a dream type vision in my head? Like I was visulising what he was saying, it gave me goose bumps!

It was really nice to see my grandmothers, I felt at ease when they came to visit me, I usually get a bit scared with ghost stories (well not anymore) but I wasn't scared at all! And although I feel scared abotu things, I still feel the need to find out more, if you know what I mean?

I only found out the other day my grandmother had a gift and used to read people, also I know my father has seen spirits, when he has driving along, he see two people walking across the road, he went through them, and his hairs stood on end, he found out later that day a couple had died crossing that road a few days prior! Do you know what him seeing faces in things means? I read somewhere the otherday that this could be spirits trying to come through to him?

So I have a few gifts? Not just one? What does this mean? I thought you was either one or the other but in your comment its suggests I have 4? Does this all come under 1 subject?

I am so new to this, I have tried to do some reasearch on the web but a lot of the sites are fake or cons!

Do you know how I can develop my skills, also in a safe way, with protection?

Also do you know why I things are happening more often in the last 3 months?

Thanks for your help and sorry about all the questions, I just feel really lost and alone and not sure what to do

Peace and Blessings x
YVE72 (5 stories) (212 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-11)
Hi DaniBaby,

Seeing your grandmothers was probably just a visitation.
Knowing your aunt was pregnant means you're claircognizant.
Having a gut feeling that something has or will happen means you're clairsentient or have clairsentience.
Knowing what others are going to say means you're telepathic.
If your grandmother and father had gifts also then I think its safe to say that your abilities have been passed down.
You can develop your abilities if you choose. Things that happen to me are random, but I have thought about development as well.

Peace & blessings.
DaniBaby22 (1 stories) (10 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-11)
Can someone please comment and help me please! Really need to know what is going on! Thanks

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