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Moving Things With My Mind


I'm Cesar from Texas, and I would like to know what's happening to me. When I feel something bad is going to happen or a negative thing, my right arm feel like it weights and feels like ants in my arm. Or when I do a hand-shake I can feel something bad about that person.

Another thing is when I'm angry with my girl-friend and I leave the house she said she can still feel me that I'm there and she can hear noises. When I come back to talk about the problem that we had that feeling goes away.

Another thing is that this happen to me twice when I was asleep and my girlfriend woke me up. I woke up fast when and I move my right arm things started falling.

A little about my past when I was young about 9 years old I had an uncle who studied magic and psychic things. I was so interested that I would go to his house and learn how to move things and at one point I did move things but sadly my uncle passed away in an airplane crash. I miss him a lot.

He would tell me if you want an answer look at the stars and ask your question and you will get an answer and I did. That's what I do and I get a response. But I can't get the answer to this. What's happening to me and why do I have these things? I wish I can control all this.

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