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I Felt My Mother's Spirit As She Died


II have always had an inner voice that helped me with little things like direction and reminders that I have learned to ignore at my own peril, that I jokingly call "the gift". I've also just known that certain random things would happen, and when they come to pass I've always written it off as coincidence. I'm not suggesting that I am psychic, because I'm not sure I believe it's possible or not, but I had a couple interesting experiences in the last six months that make me wonder.

About three weeks before we learned that my adoptive mother's melanoma had returned with a vengeance, I dreamed that I saw her in her casket in the funeral home. It was disturbing, and I told my wife about it.

Six months later my mother lay in a hospital bed on a ventilator from a massive stroke from complications from her cancer. One thousand miles away with three small boys and a wife, there was no way I was going to get to the hospital quickly. My sister flew in that evening to meet my brother and father at the hospital.

Sometime that afternoon they related to me that she was brain dead, and that they were going to take her off life support. I was devastated because I had not had the proper chance to say goodbye, and it would be impossible to be present for the end. I asked my brother to tell her that I loved her out loud, and to call me when she had passed.

Emotionally exhausted I could not keep my eyes open, and retired at about one a.m., awaiting the inevitable call that never seemed to come. As I lay in bed suddenly unable to sleep I thought of my mother and our life together. At about one fifteen I felt a strange tickling sensation "enter" my chest and it seemed to radiate or grow through my shoulders up into my neck and face, as if something entered my heart and was passing through my body. I felt a warm pressure on my face as if hands where patting and cupping my cheeks and forehead. I have never felt anything like this before and was alarmed, but the feeling was warm and seemed loving.

I began to cry and in my mind I asked, "Is this you mom?" "I love you, and I'll miss you," I said. For what seemed like ten minutes the feelings persisted, and then diminished as quickly as they came. I sat up and looked at the clock, it read 1:27 a.m. I considered waking my wife, but didn't and fell asleep shortly after.

In the morning I checked my phone and saw that my brother had called at 1:36 a.m. I called and spoke with my sister and told her of my experience. She said that they had removed the ventilator somewhere around ten after one, but that mom had passed at one thirty. I was off by three minutes. We buried my mom on Thursday in Pittsburgh, and I pretty much convinced myself it was all my imagination.

Returning to Tallahassee I checked the clock in my bedroom with my cell phone. The clock in the bedroom is exactly three minutes slow, which means my experience actually ended at 1:30, the time of my mother's last breath. I don't know if it was her spirit, or if I had some kind of psychic connection with her, but I know that it was real and that it happened. Take it how you well, but it's got me thinking.

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Mira (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-13)

I had the same experience when My Mom passed away last month. She passed away on Dec 9th 2008, My sister and I live in US, however my family are overseas. My sister and I were the only one were not there when she passed away, we missed her so much and during our trip to her funeral all we did was cry on the plane 24 hours took us to get there! The same night which we arrived I saw something very interesting while I was calming my Dad so he could get some sleep. I was trying to get my Dad sleep in his room, I saw a very fuggy (very pleasant Smokey silvery rotation of light not very bright but full of many many different sizes of butterflies). I could see the shadows of them over my Dad's chest and his left hand. I was holding my Dad's right hand. I felt some energy around myself. I knew this is unusual, but I believed I am not tired and I was not imagining. I was thinking in my head, I was way too worried for my Dad and was telling my Mom in my head I don't know how Dad can get through this. He is missing you so bad. And then I noticed this small light merging and becoming bigger and bigger. Unconsciously I reached out to that light/smoke or fug and said Hi Mom I am so glad you are here and send a kiss to her. I ran and I told my sister she did not believe me and thought I am out of my mind, she even got mad at me. Again in my head I was speaking to my Mom and saying please do something and help her as well so she can calm down and believe me. My sister has no beliefs and has her own beliefs which I am not sure what is or was. Next night she walked to my Mom's room, and I did not go thought she needs some alones and hopefully she can sense something! As if I knew, when she was in my Mother's room in after about 15 minute I heard a scream and I walked to my Mother's room My sister was in a very relax and almost happy crying state and was saying she is here and I can feel her and she was claiming she is holding her (she said to me: I saw a butterfly and hold it and unconsciously put that on My heart) I could see the same fug in the room with extreme good smell of my Mom's perfume which she always liked! I sat done in her room and said please come to me let me see you because I miss you, there it was I felt exact thing as if some energy entered my chest and my neck and head and give me a sensation of rest and relaxation and happiness almost you would think you are not in this world, I felt about so light and felt very happy, very happy. My sister and I never forget what we experienced in my Mother's room! I believe this was the way for her to say goodbye to us and say stop worrying about me I am in a good place. I had a very special bond with my Mom and no one could or can understand me the way she did! I always called her and told her about all of my sadness and problems, somehow magically she said something and I had a good day and happy. I felt the same that night, as if she advised me and calmed me down once again! I am pregnant and she never got to know it! I believe she knows now and she is happy for me, and she will guard me!
Thanks for sharing your article, hope mine would help someone else in future. ❤
vendettaBabes (3 stories) (335 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-27)
wow, I'm sorry, I don't have any help for you, but, I just wanted to say that this is a really great story. I mean, I know you're going through a lot of pain, but I also feel how happy you are about this experience, because now you know that she heard you, and that she loved you enough to let you know she would be with you at her last breath. It was a beautiful story, and you are very lucky to have had this experience. God bless you.

-Val, the 3rd vendettaBabe and the 1st empath.
KaraJeanK (2 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-25)
wow man, this story hit me big time... A couple days ago a close friend was punched at a party and fell back and hit his head on the concrete. He was only 20 and I loved him very much, and he loved me! He was in a coma for almost a week and then on the morning of October 17th he had a massive stroke and his brain went dead. I went to see him but the dr's said he couldn't hear me and that they were keeping his heart beating to donate his organs later that day/early morning (3am to be exact). So I said my goodbye anyways and left the hospital assuming he was gone. BUT 3 am came around but I was asleep. And about 3:45 I was awoken by a strange tingling feeling from my scalp to my belly area, (kinda like the feeling you get when you realise something terrible, or like getting into trouble lol) the last thing I saw in my dream was his face as if he was sitting next to my head, so as I woke up I sat there still and felt a hot sensation on the underside of my hand-like someone was holding it! It was unreal and I knew it was him... No doubt... It also makes me believe that your spirit does not leave you until your heart stops beating. If that makes since
:) ill put the full story up for you to read if your interested! ❤
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-21)
geerod - I phoned my mom every Sunday afternoon. She always sounded fine. I was in sales. From my first day, always sold. People liked that I was quiet and just tried to find what they wanted. Anyway, once went a week without a sale - unheard of. I was in the top. I remember walking around, thinking, things looked different to me, wavy or something, change. Are we about to be transferred with my hubby's job again? Didn't seem right. It felt life altering though. Friday, my sales manager talked to me. People get fired without sales, and it had never happened to me. I told him something was different, wrong. He asked, What? I told him that I didn't know. It was a sad thing though. That night got a call my mom was sick, no biggie. I knew it was. I was able to fly home and she passed later. I do think we know our parents, sense them, and have strong ties. I think that in some way, you experienced a connection, she was with you. I don't know how. I've had to rethink things a few times too and it's weird.
hollinor (3 stories) (127 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-20)
The same thing happened to me when my mom passed in 2004. But even before that I had dreamed of her death. My mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer in 2003. About two years before that (in 2001) I had a dream where I was in a car with my mom and her mother. I was driving the car, my mom was in the front passenger seat, and my grandmother was in the back seat. The whole time I kept thinking, "What is Grandma doing here?!" My grandma had passed away in 1998 from cancer. We got someplace, I don't know where, and my mom and grandma got out of the car and began to walk away hand in hand. I yelled out, "Can I come to?!" And my grandma said, "You can't go where we are going." and they walked away until I couldn't see them. Then in that same dream, I found myself inside my grandma's church walking down the aisle. I was wearing my military dress green uniform and carrying my little girl. At the end of the walkway, right in front of the pulpit, there was a casket. I couldn't see who was in there at first, but the closer I got, the harder it was to breathe from fright. When I got in front of the casket and looked down, my mother was in there. I remember a mix of horror and pain welling up in my chest, and I ran screaming from the church. I woke up in a sweat, but I never told anyone about the dream.

Well, my mom passed away in 2004. The day she died, I was sitting on my bed at home. All of a sudden I felt "something" pass through my back, radiate inside of me, and then come out through my front. I knew it was my mom. Less than a minute later, my sister called to tell me my mom had flatlined and they were working on her. We knew she was gone because my sister had felt the same exact thing. When the doctor said they couldn't get her back, we weren't surprised.

I wore my military dress greens, and I carried my daughter down the aisle to our seat. The funeral didn't take place in my grandma's church, but it was at my mom's church. I didn't remember the dream until days later, and I have beat myself up about not telling my mother ever since. We found out that the doctor had found the lump in her breast, but told her to wait six months and then come back for tests. Well, six months later was too late. She didn't even tell us she had cancer. We found out when they handed out her death sentence. I knew something was wrong with her because when I came to see her (I was living in Hawaii at the time), she looked EXACTLY like my grandma did before she died. It was just a "sick" look that was on her.

I listen to my dreams now. Doing so has saved me from a lot of heartache. And if I dream about someone else, I'm sure to tell them about it, even if it's not nice.

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