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Motorcycle Accident


I have just become a resident of western Oregon, The weather was good when I first moved out here in august, now its pretty rainy and cold, and now, once a month I have to throw a duffel bag on the back of my ninja motorcycle and drive 300 miles for business.

One time, upon my venture home, the clouds started dripping so I pulled to the side of the highway and put on some Gortex clothes and hopped back on my bike. I ended up running into a horrible rain that resulted in me having to ride at 45 mph for almost 1.5 hours on the freeway. During this rain a PT Cruiser came up from behind and passed me with his right wheels in my lane, roughly a foot from my handle bars, I became very scared for my life at that moment, or shortly after, I envisioned lots of rain and me passing a semi-truck to the right or just a semi being on the left of me, and than me crashing and somehow ending up my bike to my right and my bike on its left hand side, and I think I was sliding and/or I hit something. Well, I kept thinking about this every time I went for a ride and it was the least bit wet outside, this went on for about 3 months.

This passed weekend I heard about horrible weather on the way. So, I decided to take the greyhound to be safe. Once I got there a guy I know who I couldn't get a hold of before, (which is why I took the bus) He told me that he would give me a ride home. On the way home we talked about politics, religion and what ever else, then I put in a dip of Copenhagen and I ended up taking a little nap, I had a dream of a spider crawling on my hand while pushing metal buttons that looked like they were on a pay phone, I my head sprung forward and I woke up, he started laughing, I told him what happened and that I have had previous dreams that have been coming true, I went on to tell him about how I had this vision that I had about it being very rainy and about the semi and me wrecking, he than told me that the same things happen to him (dreams that come true). Well, that was Sunday night when we were talking,

Monday night after dinner, I looked at my clock and realized that I missed a class; then I realized my clock wasn't set an hour back due to daylight savings, and then got my backpack, put on my riding pants, a hooded sweatshirt then a nice heavy Columbia jacket. At that time it's raining profusely outside. I put on my helmet and headed to school. On the way, I wanted to take a short cut so I turned to the right lane and zoomed in front of a semi-truck and took a left in front of the truck, then another left into a K-Mart parking lot. They have a lot of parking lot lights and it glared off the raindrops on the windscreen of my helmet so I couldn't see anything. The next thing I know I get ejected from my bike, get up and my bike is laying on its left hand side. And my bike and I went about 15 feet from where I hit this curb in the middle of the lot. It is now the next day and I'm soar as heck, but I'm Ok. My bike has seen better days, and I'm sitting here pondering if I'm some kind of psychic.

Thinking about it, it was just barely 24 hours after I told him that so this is so very weird. Any comments? Feel free to let me know.

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GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
13 years ago (2008-11-14)
First, let me say, we are so grateful that it wasn't more serious. I hope you remember to express gratitude. Second, I often sense "accidents." They don't seem clear enough to prevent, but prepare for so that they aren't devastating. I could write ten pages on that, but will spare you the boredom. In my mid thirties, I was in advanced English class with a sweet, lovely 20 or 22 year old woman. I had friends my own age, but this nagging, nagging, wouldn't go away feeling kept on. So I went over and struck up a conversation. Oddly, she liked me though I was married and a mom of 3. She rode motorcycles, which I don't. I asked her if she wore her helmet. She said yes, mostly, except sometimes short trips by her house. I had three classes a week with her and asked her to ALWAYS wear her helmet - once a week or two. Not nagging. Pleading. The next semester, we looked forward to another class together. She was two weeks late because of a wreck. A car, it was the car's fault, hit her. She told me it was right by her house, but she had on her helmet. Her leg was messed up a little. She said, "I remember laying under the car, looking over at the car's wheel, and thinking it's a good thing I promised Mrs. X that I'd wear my helmet on short trips. We can't stop things, but knowing, we can help in some small way? Or at least prepare mentally so we don't freak. I'm glad you stayed calm.
leodowneyjr (1 stories) (71 posts)
13 years ago (2008-11-07)
Hey aspieman, yeah I think that's how I started and increased my abilities, all of us seem to have that sparkle, and some intuition but experience like yours definatly builds it, driving all the time did
It for me and it even gave me the abiltity I didn't have before, and its realy strong now, its the only one I like, It makes me feel superhuman. This whole thing stated for me with a violent haunting and I began sensing the supernatural to protect myself. I hate this abiltity, It was seriosly bad. I recently realized every thing I can do is like that, an evolution which seems to be what we all are. A nervous system upgrade, But it this been happening for a long time, as if you look in the bible people were doing amzing things long ago, and many hated for it. Your life sounds awsome, living and driving around london, living in Ireland, I haven't done jack, and live here in a boring quiet backtown of the US. I always wanted to see Ireland, my grandpas parents were from there.
aspieman (1 posts)
13 years ago (2008-11-06)
I was a motorcycle courier in London for 7 years and I believe it increased my psychic ability. The constant dangers and threats from other drivers mean that only the most skilful and psychic survive... 😊
leodowneyjr (1 stories) (71 posts)
13 years ago (2008-11-06)
Yeah I have had this happen a dozen times. At first it was like this, but now it is more powerfull and weirder. The last couple of times I seen the crash and landmarks leading up to it a while before hand. Then once it was about to happen, and I saw the signs then everything feels strange and there is this crazy unrealness, and I see what I need to do to move usualy right before some moron comes into my lane or cuts me off, and cell phones are worse than booze these days. I definatly would be dead many times over. BUT THIS has saved me, AND SINCE THAT FIRST TIME THINGS have been different and I feel I wasn't supose to have lived and this is not the same world as before. It was like a survival defense, like my ghost sense that saved me from that first haunting where I know I was in serios danger. That started it all. Id say yes you are psychic and there may be more to come. Alway trust your instincs as well. Mine are amazing, and always right. Good luck to you.
AnneV (4 stories) (1063 posts) mod
13 years ago (2008-11-06)
You may want to consider self fulfilling prophecy. If you say and visualize something long enough it more than likely will occur. This is how we create our reality and we do it every day though generally unconsciously.

Having a motorcycle in a state that is generally wet (I live in Washington so know all about soggy weather) is probably going to result in an accident at some point. Every friend I have that has had a motorcycle ends up in a wreck, sooner than later. The Northwest just isn't safe for a lot of motorcycle riders.

Everyone has varying degrees of psychic abilities but these conditions you talk of add up more to just a dangerous combination and an eventual hazard.


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