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I've been curious about what psychic abilities I may have for some time now. I was only recently lucky enough to hear someone on a television show name a the category that I seem to fall under the majority of the time, and that was psychic empathy. I looked up on it and found a site ran by a psychic empath, and the way they described being a psychic empath matched what I was feeling very accurately. I can sat that I'm highly empathetic, but I am comfortable with saying that I am moderately empathetic.

I learned many things about being a psychic empath, and mainly about the way empaths seem to harm themselves by taking on other's emotions either with or without the knowledge of it. It seemed to explain for me why I always found myself saying, 'I would take on all of their pain just to make them better', about people who are close to me, as well as when I seemed to swing into a sudden bout of sadness.

Another side effect manifests in the form of guilt tripping myself. I feel guilt for the tiniest things. I can admit here, while laughing a bit to myself, that I usually feel this when it comes to food. I always feel guilty if food isn't evenly distributed, so that I get more than the other person (which explains my need to buy things in even numbers so they can be divided between my mom and me)! I know it probably sounds funny, but it really is true. I feel guilty about many small things like that, that shouldn't bother me as much as they do.

But I also heard of something called a soul cry. It was described as a person's soul more or less crying out to I guess what could be considered as all the other souls out there. Whether by will or not, another person feels drawn to them, or alleviates their pain because their soul is responding to another soul's cry for help. I believe I may have experienced this myself, and I wanted to write here to see what others though.

Maybe about a month ago I was in bed writing in my journal. I had gotten my mind wrapped around the fate of the world, and what people are saying might happen in 2012 (I have a strong feeling myself that something will happen. It feels like something sort of amazing, and good will come out of it, too). But I started to get too deeply into the thought of not getting to fulfill my dreams to help animals before I die. It just suddenly started building in my head that all my life had been wasted of planning on what school I was going to, and how I was going to get my foot in the door, and then go on to do great things for animals.

I feel this dream is very attached to my soul. That is because all of a sudden I started crying, but it just wasn't me. I was distressed, yes, but it felt like something deeper when I started to cry. I just started sobbing, and I couldn't stop. But it felt like it came from a source deeper than myself, more like a deeper subconscious part of me that got wrapped up in my conscious thoughts. It felt like something inside me snapped, and was screaming, and it was so overwhelmingly sad.

But then a sudden relief washed over me not even a minute later. Mid-sob, it felt like something countered all that pain and just embraced my soul and said 'stop, you will fulfill what it is you so desperately have a purpose for', all in one instant.

Could my soul really have been crying out? And if it was, could some other soul, or maybe even a higher power, or spirit guide, have been the thing that suddenly calmed me so fast I peaceful enough in that instant to simple fall asleep so easily? I would really like clarification, but it's so hard to describe what I felt. It was amazing and overwhelming, and yet so simple words are hard to find. All I can say in closing as that it was something like I had never, ever felt before.

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Imagine_mystery (2 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-11)
Thanks for the feed back maggie 😊
This was the first time it felt really centered, but I do have times as well when I start crying and then it's over as soon as it started. I think it is really hard to detatch from other's emotions, being an empath. I think being an empath makes me want to be very close to people that I know, and it also makes me a 'catcher' I guess you could say for their emotions. I tend to try and take all their problems away, or I feel like I have to put on a brave face no matter what, because I feel like I have to be strong for all of them. It really gets to the point that I just feel taken for granted, even though I rarely share my problems with them, because I don't want them to worry.
maggiemayhem (1 stories) (8 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-08)
"That is because all of a sudden I started crying..."
This happens to me, too! It's so overwhelming and you can't control it. Except for me, I never feel like I'm centering myself; it just ends as abruptly as it started. It usually happens to me when I talk about spirits. It especially hit me when I captured a picture of a spirit (my mom is convinced its an angel) one night. I've never heard of "soul cry", however it sounds very interesting. I believe spirit guides are there to help you and probably put you in a calmer state when these histarics (for lack of better word) happen.
Being an empath is difficult and I still have yet to accomplish blocking out other peoples' emotions/physical feelings. It is suggested to meditate (but my mind is far too busy to do so).

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