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Since I was little, I've been artistic, creative and a constant dreamer. Sometimes those dreams become reality. I've even kept a dream diary and began analyzing them to discover their meanings/warnings. Someone once told me that they thought me to be an empath. I always knew I was a sensitive being, but never understood why. Now I am looking into it as it is getting stronger and stronger. I can't even watch movies or commercials or whatever without deep feelings.

Very recently my boyfriend was in the hospital and didn't tell me. That very morning I woke up in horrible mood and feeling sick. The whole day I felt sick and moody and had to fight back tears. I couldn't sleep that night, I was hot and cold and just didn't feel well at all. I didn't want to get up the next morning but as the day crept on, I started to feel slightly better. He called me this same day and said he had gone to the hospital and ended up spending the night there with blood pressure issues. I was speechless.

I also remember a time when a co-worker lost a son. People came to the office to tell her. I was so overwhelmed with grief that I could not stop crying. People in the office I know thought I was being fake, but I was not. I just could not get that feeling to go away. It was like I had just gotten the news about my own son.

People wonder why I often withdraw from crowds. It's because I just can't handle being in large crowds of people. It makes me crazy.

I can walk into a room or just be around someone and feel what mood they are in and adjust my mood accordingly. It's weird. It is also very draining at times because I know I have no reason to feel sad or depressed, but I somehow can't bring myself out of it. I start to get worse and actually think about depressing aspects of my own life, making the matter worse yet!

I've always believed in/studied magic, spells, mythical creatures, people with gifts, etc. I saw things no one else could as a child. It's real, no matter who says differently. I think I have passed this on to my daughter as well. The signs are there.


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Shakra (15 posts)
10 years ago (2009-11-02)
IF you feel horrible around crowds or certain situations, It's a big problem. This isn't your fault. You need to listen to your heart when you feel these overwhelming emotions.
You need to learn how to filter these emotions to smaller quantities.

It may seem like a gift to be able to feel these strong emotions. It should not be felt as a gift. You need to be able to control these feelings accordingly.

Look at people as objects. If you can do that, then you can look at people neutrally. Do not look at them as pure emotion, rather look at them as you would treat an object. When you look at an object, you don't look at the emotions of the object. When you look at people, you probably see them as very emotional and are very in tune with it. You need to block that out and ignore their emotions by looking at the emotions like those of an object.
clara (guest)
12 years ago (2007-12-07)
hi my name is clara can someone help me iam always feeling sick all my life I go from happy to sad and depressed when a crowed of people come tomy house I don't function well and can't wait for them to leave that is so sad for me some times I don't even want to leave my own house the days that my hubby is home iam more angry I don't know if iam picking up his feelins or what can someone help
Tharin (guest)
12 years ago (2007-11-29)
what are these 10 character traits?, I have just found out what I have and am trying to learn how to control it.
nkwong (guest)
12 years ago (2007-09-12)
I am very sensitive to others' emotions. When I go to a restaurant, I can sense the mood of the waiter or waitress. Right away I would evaluate their service and courtesy and determine how much I would tip. Even without them saying anything, I would notice something is wrong or something is going on. I am afraid sometimes to go to parties with people I do not know.
Dr. Mesich listed 10 character traits of an empath and I have all of them. Before today, I did not even know what empathy is or who empaths are.
semadhshin (2 stories) (9 posts)
12 years ago (2007-06-11)
Well, my entire family's from Louisiana, they're all from places near New Orleans, I'm from Metairie myself. But I haven't been able to ask my grandmother about . . . It. I guess it's possible my mom's a skip.
azanakamili (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2007-06-01)
Well, my mother told me stories of things that hinted at a family legacy. Plus, my family originated in Mississippi which is one of the states that are known for things of this sort and more, and is mixed with Indian and African (and some rumored Jamaican) peoples. Maybe your mother was skipped, or maybe it's something that she's uncomfortable with? Some people refuse to believe in themselves and tend to "logically" explain things when they happen.
If neither of the above applies, then hey, you're truly blessed! Maybe you can start the passing!
semadhshin (2 stories) (9 posts)
12 years ago (2007-05-30)
I have a question: where do these abilities come from? I've heard they're passed down, usually mother to daughter, but my mom doesn't have any of these . . . Experiences. Maybe she was skipped . . .

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