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I Need Help With My Psychic Abilities


I'm Christopher I am a 13 year old psychic. When I turned about seven, I realized weird stuff was happening to me, I would have dreams and daydreams about stuff. And they would come true I wasn't scared but confused,

I started talking to my mom about it and she told me she could do the same. At first I thought she was messing with me because she thought I making it up. A week later I had a premonition about my mom having to go the hospital. I told her about it and I said I wasn't making it up. She said she knows I wasn't. I asked her how? Though she said she could do the same, then I started to believe her she said she said I inherited it from her like she did my grandmother she explained everything to me about premonitions.

So then a year went by and I lost my abilities, I didn't tell my mom because I thought she wouldn't worry. But when I turned 9 years old I started to get them back but when I had my premonitions it was in my dreams,

I would just freak out! So I told my mom I had a premonition she said what about? I told that it was a dream from spirits; the ocean calm, a full moon, a star, a dock and an anchor. She told me it was a good premonition as it meant I m really calm. A year later I turned 10 years old. I started to feel and read other people's personalities. I didn't understand them at first. I got the hang of it from my aunt Misty. She told me that she is like me and she can read others auras so I knew I wasn't alone. As I started to practice my powers on others, I had spirits call out to me even though I could not make contact with them

I wanted to but I couldn't but when I turned 13 years of age my powers were stronger than ever. I could see spirit's auras but I could not see them. But it doesn't bother me any. But two nights ago I saw a light around me and I realized it was one of my guardian angels. I was most amazed because I've always wanted to see my guardian angel, but since then I m still learning. And if anyone could help me out or give me some advice it would be most helpful.

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AliceMarie (2 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-27)
Hey I'm Shelly and I sorta experiance the visions in dreams thing. I also want to know how to strengthen my abilities because it might help some of my friends who I believe to be in danger. Um... Can someone like e-mail me how to do that. And also the vision ability can be passed down to daughter and son if the mother has the ability. This is the case with me.

But still can anyone e-mail me on how to strengthen my ablities? My e-mail is on my profile ❤ 😁
SpiritCouncil (23 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-23)
seeing the future is something that can be passed down... No one in my family can do it but I can... I also talk 2 spirits and ask them questions... But they are telling you in your dreams they are stronger... Some dreams can be past to... Spirits are trying to tell you something or they really want the best for you...
bumblebee16 (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-23)
Hi, my name is KaSondra I'm 16 years old and I have seen spirits since I was 8. It's gotten so bad I cry it scares me so bad the spirits are starting to scare me more amd more each day. They are starting to turn on lights, bang on the walls, foot steps, humming, voices, opening doors, and babies crying. Its scary I wish they would leave me alone.
academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-19)
Aisling, Hi,
We would all love to be able to go "yeah just tell me, so I know, and don't even have to pick up a book or do any research or NOTHING!" (smile)...

But it aint like that! Sorry, there is no hard and fast rule for forming your learning, you have to follow your own (sometimes lonely) path, and be lead away (it may seem) to sometimes irrelevant lessons, remember though, there is no such thing as coincidence, and however unneccassary a piece of the puzzle may seem, it will MEAN SOMETHING.

You already "see" the spirits, stop panicking... You have got a loooong life ahead of you after all... Your "seeing" it appears is in symbols, "the moon, the anchor, the star, the dock " etc... You are already clairvoyant. I want to see too!

However, The UNDERSTANDING of what you have got, does not come "over night" so chill... You are young, go with it and follow your own decisive path, above all learn and HAVE FUN!

Lin x

Domo (17 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-19)
"thank you I at least no I'm not alone but there's somthing I want to do I want to beable to make contact with spirits and see the do you think there's a way for me"

For this question I would get help from teachers, ask your guides to find one for you.
And If you have not met your guides/angels that protect you I would start with meditation to do so, they are wonderful beings:)
And remember it is never good to get into things to fast, it could do more damage then help you.
Domo (17 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-19)
Dear Christopher,

I wasn't as open as you at that age, I am at my peak today, at age 30. But I new always that I had something. What I did was I went to the libarary and read everyting I could in this area, about angels, Psychic ability's "ghost story's" etc. Talk to people in the same field, never be afraid and ask your guides for protection. And one more never let anyone put you down for this, you know what is right:-)
Good luck, and keep asking and questioning everyting, there is a lot of crap out there and people exploiding other people.
In time you will be handed out teacher as has happened for me 2 times.
Aisling (1 stories) (5 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-18)
thank you I at least no I'm not alone but there's somthing I want to do I want to beable to make contact with spirits and see the do you think there's a way for me 😁
RareBreed (2 stories) (22 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-18)
Hello, Christopher. I'm glad you shared this story with us. You're at the point in your life when your powers will come to you at full throttle. If you want to continue advancement at this time, don't deny access of those abilities. When I was 13, I was at the peak of my own abilities, seeing things every day and really feeling the people around me. I shut it out for a long time afterward and am now regretting it.

Another suggestion for you, is as you get older, consider a serious study of the paranormal unknown. There are secrets of our universe that are meant for people like you and I hope you find the path that takes you there. Never deny any experiences that will advance your mind or your soul.

For the time being, it would be best to keep a journal of the happenings in physical reality and a dream journal. This way you can keep track of the things you are doing and seeing.

Peace and Light.

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