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Dreams Or Am I Seeing Things Happening Around The World?


My names Mandy and for as long as I can remember I have had these very vivid dreams/visions. A bit about me, I am a single mom and a Christian who happens to be psychic basically a fairly grounded person. I get the feeling that I'm seeing things that have or are or will happen in most of the visions. I go to sleep at night and it seems as if when I hit a certain level of sleep I seem to go places and see things to do with people I don't even know. I know this sound s weird but that's the only way I can explain it. Bellow are a few of my many dreams/visions/weird experiences. Please someone help me understand, are these dreams? Or am I seeing things that have actually happened or going to happen or are happening to people?

March 1st 2009

Woke up from another vivid dream. In the dream it was dark an older lady and a younger one rescued a member of there family from an abusive man who was the woman's husband. He had hurt her near death. The older lady had long gray hair and blue eyes, and both women wore old clothing almost like loggers clothing. Pants and old plaid coats made to keep you warm and old boots. They loaded the injured woman into the back of an old wood cart hitched to a horse, the injured woman had long black hair and had a beautiful face despite the bandage across and around the top of her head. They walked the cart as fast as they could down a dark, wooded area, dirt road. Could hear it bumping over the rocks on the road. The old lady turned to the girl be side her saying " its not over yet, he will come after her and try to kill her before she turns 17" they both had a gun at their sides. Next I saw a log wood cabin, very big with a large wood porch and glass pane windows. Everyone was inside, and someone from out side of the house threw something at the house, and the cabin like house cot fire. Next there was gun fire going off and the older lady screamed for everyone to get under the house and under the boat that was under the porch. It was smoky and people were gagging on the smoke and the smell of fire, wood and burned flesh was horridly strong. It was dark and I felt as if I was with them under that boat under the porch, as I could see one person after the next vaguely move in under the boat. Then I woke up to Jayden my son, waking me up.

February 26th

Tonight I had a dream of a woman taking water out of a well in the ground in an odd maybe 3rd world country. The water was not that clean and had stuff floating in it. She walked a ways back to her hut, a small living space made from dirt and clay and hay or grass. A motherly woman said something to her in another language, chiding the young woman for flirting with other men and being easy. Telling her she will get a reputation for it if she's not careful. Then I woke up.

January 08, 2009

Last night I had a few dreams, In the first one I was shown a cannon two rows of mountains, and that's all I remember before my sons night mare woke me up. In the first part of the second dream, I saw a woman that was hurt or something, and taken out of a woman's arms by a doctor or something and put on a exam table, her legs propped up and the doctor or man, had sex with her raping her. The next part of the dream there was a formal dinner going on down the hall. I saw a woman and another woman in a room, the woman was supposed to put a gun some where so that the man of the house could kill the one woman. The woman dose not want the man to kill the other woman so they try to hide the gun in a cupboard. A mans foot steps are heard coming down the hall. The halls were stone and walls were made of a tan colored clay. And both women rush to sit and act normal. The one woman that was going to get killed was the same woman the doctor had his way with and at this point she rushed to the cat just bellow the sofa and started petting the cat to look normal and the other woman sat on the seat near by holding a book. When the man entered the room. Later they with a lot of other people where sitting at the dinner table. There were 12-15 people at the table, and red wine in glasses. One woman politely stood up and made a legit excuse to leave the dinner table. Both women had long dark hair medium skin tone and simple dresses on. A few minute later the other woman who's life is in danger dose the same. The dinner party took place on the top of a building, that was like an outdoor deck. Both women had run down the stairs and out the front door, across the road to a store, it was almost like a Mexican market across the street, a dirt road, some pots and things hanging. Both women met up across the road in a shop that had music, Cd's on sale, they stood there talking about what the man had planned, bonding, and trying to figure a way to both get away. As they stood there, they both turned and looked at the balcony where shouting was coming from, a man on the balcony on top of the building had a gun he had pointed at them. He was shouting in a different language I could not understand. Next he the guy with the gun came down to find them and held the gun up at them in public in the store. These stores were like a market in a foreign country, pots hanging in store fronts, clay walls and dirt roads, crowded streets. The market was right across the street from the house that had a flat roof and balcony on the full expanse of the roof. The market was not modern, very odd, third world country like, there were no glass windows or metal, just clay. The woman who's life was in danger walked straight up to the man with the gun daring him to just go ahead be stupid and shoot her in public.

This morning I woke up from a dream like vision of a woman, I was in her body experiencing her emotions and body movement, as she walked to her front door. It was a small one bedroom apartment, the door bell had rang and someone knocked so she walked to the door and opened it. Two men in black leather jackets and jeans stood there with a baby about 6 to 8 months old who was just in a diaper. The woman welcomed them in and they all walked to the living room that had a sofa and two nice sofa chairs sitting near the balcony door that was a sliding door. The men started talking about something, one had a news paper, the conversation got heated. As they were talking the woman was playing with the baby on the floor. The men started yelling and then the baby took a toy and hit the woman in the nose hard with it. Her nose started bleeding and the man with out the news paper got up was mad and started yelling at the baby. The woman put out her hands to say its okay don't worry about it. Then the woman got up and went to the bathroom to stop the bleeding and she held her nose and splashed water on her face. As she looked in the mirror I could see she had brown short hair, brown eyes and was petite, and wore a purple shirt. But while she was doing this she felt like crying and could hear the man still yelling at the child. She looked in the mirror then and her face reflected horror as she saw the man holding the baby by the feet over the balcony and she screamed as the man dropped the baby from the second story balcony. And heard a thud. She could hardly breath as she stood there in shock as the men walked toward her and said "your not to say a word about this to any one and your leaving to Victoria with us now!" Then I woke up to my son.

I had another dream/vision tonight very vivid, I was like a ghost /observer, looking on and I saw a girl in her teens, she had gone to a church, although I can't recall what the name of it was. She had blue eyes and blondish brown hair, jeans, sandals like flip flops. Another woman had kidnapped this girl and pulled her into an elevator, with old paneling, while holding a gun to her head. While other people on the elevator coward on the floor scared Then forced her out. Next I saw this girl in an apartment or hotel room, her kidnapper had fallen asleep with the gun near by. The teen pulled her cell phone out of her hiding place and took a picture of her kidnapper and of the address 295, and the ally out the window then put the phone away again. Then things flashed and next I saw the teen running for her life down the ally toward an underground shopping parking lot, where she saw a woman in a green van with kids in the back. She ran up to her and begged her to take the phone and to give it to the police that there are pictures on it that will help them find her as she's been kidnapped. The woman told the girl to get into the van as the kidnapper came closer shooting. But the teen looked at the kids in the back seat and begged the woman to just go, and the teen ran off. Then I woke up.

This morning I woke up from a vision that greatly disturbed me and lead me to search on line to see if I could make sense of who the man was that I saw. I was almost like a ghost in a dark room I saw a man with long gray hair and rotten teeth that had a wife beater shirt on. He had a baby who was maybe 7 months old that he was molesting, the baby's lips were blue and there was bruise and a lot of blood, I could tell the child was dead. The evil look on his face I will never forget, I woke up and cried and asked God why.

These are just a few of my experiences please someone help me understand why and how and what is happening?

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jcrouch (2 posts)
14 years ago (2009-04-24)
How do I get help understanding my dreams? Why is it I know when some one close to me is going to get cancer? Why do I feel peoples pain and suffering? Why do I see ora's or colors around certain people? This is just a few examples of what I go through and I'd like help understanding this. If anyone has god advice on this I'd sure listen. Thanks a lot.
MandyDeshay (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-04)
Imogena thanks so much that makes more sense and I feel a little better knowing a bit more now.:) I will for sure do that.
Imogena (1 stories) (16 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-04)

Sometimes while we sleep or meditate, our spirits leave our bodies (yes, they always snap back. As I understand it, we are literally connected to our bodies; it's nothing to be afraid of). It just sounds like you have an active spirit. It'll take practice to focus. Before you sleep/meditate, imagine yourself surrounded by a shining white light of love and protection, then ask for focus to help. Like I said, without knowing where you even are going, you can't help. Pay attention to anything that could indicate places/dates/times/who these people are. If it's in the past, you are just viewing the charts of other people; but if it's future, maybe you can do some research and figure out some way to help. Scary and frustrating, but remember you are viewing these experiences, not the victim. You are strong:)

Read some Sylvia Browne, she's helped me understand a lot.
MandyDeshay (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-03)
Hi there yes they are in full color and don't feel like normal dreams at all. Its as if I was a ghost and their just watching and listening, smelling and seeing the things these people saw and smelled. Imogena so you mean that it is possable that I travel in my sleep and see things about people that are in danger? Wow that's what I thought I just don't understand how this is possable or how it works. And most of all want to help these people but don't know how yet. And yes they are very scary and the first while of having them was very hard for me to digest. Loralia253 thanks I will try to meditate on them. I just hope I can come to understand how this works and just understand things more in general.
Loralia253 (1 stories) (21 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-02)
I find your dreams interesting and kind of scary because I have been having very similar dreams. 😲The description of the charters are slightly different. If you meditate on them it usually helps clarify if there is a different meaning.
Imogena (1 stories) (16 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-02)
Are these in full color? Usually "dreams" that happen in sequence and in color come attached with the ability that you are unaware of... Remote vision. Just a feeling I got. I interpret dreams and these don't really feel like dreams; more like remote viewing. They all involve people in danger... You have been given a mission. Dreams in which you are trying to tell your self something, always have symbols. They are not so literal. Before you go to sleep, you may want to ask for the Universe to provide you with a way to aid in what you are seeing, or to please stop you from traveling. There is no real symbolism, just events. Some of them could be past lives, as well as you accessing other peoples "charts". There are various ways you view charts; reading, as on a TV, or merging/experiencing. I see the latter two in your post. You probably need to stop traveling. Ask the Universe and your Guides to help you to help these people, or to help you not travel. Having "dreams" without being able to help doesn't do anyone any good. Good luck, and keep us posted. This could be a gift, really:) You just need to figure out how to help those involved. Try to remember street names and anything that will indicate dates.

~ Imogena
MandyDeshay (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-02)
:) thanks well seems like we both are looking for answers then. I have to understand things so I'm striving to figure this out. Its unbeleivable how vivid and real these visions or dreams what ever they are, are.
jadaboo18 (5 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-02)
ive had stuff like that happen too me brfore but I never exactly new what it was or new what was going on I'm 15 and so I just ignore my dreams now basically because I take it there just dreams or something

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