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My story is about the dreams I have had involving a long lost love. I grew up in England, and when I was 16, I fell madly in love with a girl who meant everything to me. We were together for a few years and shared every available moment together.

I once dreamed that we were splitting up and I remember waking up actually crying. Well when I was 18 we did split and I regretted it ever since.

I lost contact with her, and we had not spoke to one another for over 15 years. I managed to find her on Friends Reunited and wrote to her. I never received a reply, but I kept trying for two years, writing many messages. I would dream of her often, and would write the content of the dream. In these dreams I saw that she wanted to speak with me. She worked in a school. She had a son named Sam. She lived near unspoiled hills/mountains. Well, my father passed away recently, and suddenly I received a message from her. She explained that she didn't know why she checked the site, but felt she had to. It was then she read all the messages I had sent her. She wrote back, and told me that she does in fact work in a school, she lives near the peak district in England. She had a son named Samuel in 2006.

I asked her if she was joking around as I had written this in my messages to her, she confirmed it to be true. I believe that she visits me in my dreams. They are so strong, that I wake up having to adjust to take in the real surroundings. I am so happy when I wake up, it feels like I was actually in her presence.

I love her still. My feelings for her have never changed. The only problem I seem to be experiencing is a feeling of dread. She is married with two young children, and though I have not dreamed it, I get the strong sensation that her husband is cheating, there is an untruth which I cannot pin point. I have visions that she will be alone. I am afraid that my feelings for her are somehow clouding my perception and fooling my mind into seeing what I may secretly desire. I do not want her to be sad or alone, and want her to be happy. I can't help it though, I can't seem to shake off this dreaded sensation. I have not dreamed of her since we began writing to each other. I know she visits me in my dream state. We are 6 thousand miles apart, and it has been nearly 20 years since I last saw her, but I feel the connection is still there. I feel she feels it too, but she is hesitant to express her deepest feelings about me. I think she is afraid to let her true feelings come to the surface. I actually want to be wrong about my sensing that her husband is cheating on her, I do not want her heart broken. I cannot tell her either.

What do you believe, do you feel my love for her is clouding my perception and I harbor a secret desire for her to be single again? Is it this desire which is making me feel false sensations?

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31CalmBeforeTheStorm13 (2 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-23)
First of all, thankyou for writing this. I thought I was alone in this category. Your story is almost exactly like mine. I was madly in love with this girl when I was younger. We ended up splitting up, and my dreams haunted me. I knew things about her. Most of the dreams were circled around devastations in her life, whether small or large. I always knew. After 5 of so of these I would call and ask her if she was ok, and she would tell me the news. This is the only person I am like that with. I think it's because I love her unconditionally and I open myself up enough to recieve everything she puts off. As for your questions, I can only state how I feel about my own situation. I always did wish to be with her, I longed for her affection, but I think the more important thing is that I wanted what was best for her regardless if that was me or not. I don't think what you have is false. I think it's very true and real. I know the only way you have it is because you would do anything for her. It's a beautiful thing. It's also very sad. It hurts sometimes not being able to show this incredible love that you have. I often think that me and girl will end up together although there is no way of knowing. What good is it too have this for someone and not be able to show it?
Bella4511 (10 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-22)
Wow. You two sound like you were meant for each other, and maybe these dreams were just signs?
MiBeloved (2 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-20)
The body we use in dreams is impulsive operated. It is driven to act and desire mostly by memories and unresolved relationships.
First of all don't blame yourself for everything that body commits. Rather, try to understand how that body operates and then try to regulate it. For instance the physical body has a need to pass waste. This is something no one can stop but at the same time we try to regulate it. You wouldn't agree if someone ask you to take full responsibility for the waste system of the body, because you know that much of it is controlled involuntarily. In the same way, the subtle body has a way about it which causes it to pursue unresolved issues, especially emotion ones.
In fact even if you became determined to stop yourself from thinking of a certain person, you might fail at the endeavor if your dream body has a strong attachment to that person. So the best thing is to study its actions objectively and then try to regulate it.
In the type of situation you are in, the subtle body usually harbors a desire to be with the person again, to be fulfilled with that person, to continue that relationship and to develop it. Thus the subtle body will want that person to be single and to relocate for physical availability.
This subtle body is not concerned with morality or with distances, because it can cross distances at the speed of light as is sometimes experienced consciously in astral projections and lucid dreams. But the subtle body, so long as it is connected to a physical form, will desire that the physical form be relocated to finalize what takes place on the dream planes.
The best thing to do is to realize that it is not practical unless the other person separates from that spouse and that would entail emotional trauma as well. Either way you look at it there will be emotional trauma. So better let things be for the time being.
Train yourself to be fulfilled with the dream contact so that the dream body no longer feels that it has to consummate everything on the physical level. And know that sometime in the future in this life or some other, you will again meet that person and will be given the opportunity to pursue the relationship, even though even then that relationship might not turn out to be what you think it will be.
The key is to train yourself to be satisfied with the dream experiences and to see that as being just as substantial as a physical experience and that it does not need to be completed on the physical plane. We can resolve emotional attachments on the astral planes without those relationships having to manifest on the physical level. We can get full satisfaction on the dream level without having to replay that on the physical plane.

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