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My Winter Car Accident


I was 19 when this happened to me. There are times I still can't believe that I'm not in a hospital unconscious or dead. I was in a hurry and it was near christmas time. There was no ice or snow. I've never driven in snow before. As I was getting ready to leave and pick up my mother from work, I was saying goodbye to my co-workers. But I had just remembered that I needed to go to the mall and do my christmas shopping since it was only 7:30pm. I thought "Hmm I have some time. Before I need to pick up mom." and that's when I heard it, a voice telling me "Don't go stay just a little bit longer. Otherwise you'll be harmed."

You may think I'm stupid. But believe me, I'm not. I've just dealt with things as a daily basis in my life that I've been warned time and again, and have confronted and survived.

So I told this voice which was probably one of my guides "Don't worry. I'll be fine. I won't let anything dangerous happen to me."

That's when I felt the chill run down my spine. My subconscious warning me to listen. But I had been so exhausted and tired of my work and spiritual occurrences around me that I felt overconfident and annoyed at him. That's when he gave me a vision. Outside of my work's house the dark street and headlights of the cars going by. I didn't quite understand what that meant. But told him and myself "If it happens, it happens, tell them than I'll just take it as a lesson. To see if I am truly strong enough to overcome their will to take me away from my destiny." I was talking about the dark forces.

I felt the coldness from the room leave and I knew he went to give Them the message. So I mentally prepared whatever it was that was waiting for me. I held my breathe, built my shields at a higher level into a force field around me, and centered my energy around my heart, and let it flow through out my body as a second shield.

The next minute later my mind turned into a frenzy of "hurry, hurry". I knew than I was being pulled. I couldn't stop the overwhelming emotions. I got inside the car and turned onto the driveway road towards the dark street in my vision. "So that's the test. Huh. Using my feelings. I will overcome." I waited and waited for the two way street as the cars passed me by. Overwhelmed by the pull. My mind raced "If we don't hurry the mall will close. Than what will we do, we won't make it?" And even more similar ones began to fill my head. I tried to shake the thoughts from my head, knowing they most likely weren't my own but that they were someone else's trying to control me.

I couldn't stop the adrenaline in my body as I felt the pull overwhelm me and I turned left to try to get around the car. As a driver was going 55 miles an hour drove in front of me when the speed limit was 50 mile. I knew she was going to hit me, but I couldn't react fast enough to turn the wheel.

All I could think was "Don't faint." repeatedly. In that second afterwards, I could feel a shadow of a presence push me away from the door side. And than we slammed into each other, my car spun in a circle and stopped. The airbag exploded knocking my glasses off my face. I could hear the car alarms exploding loudly in my ears from both cars. But I could only concentrate in thinking "Don't faint. Cannot faint. Get out of the car." I heard a woman screaming frantically outside the car. It hit me, the other driver. "Gotta get out gotta check on that woman. I gotta make sure she's ok." I grabbed my purse and cell phone, but dropped it. I tried to get out from the driver's side but it wouldn't budge. So I unbuckled myself slowly crawling over out to the passenger side.

My head was fuzzy, my vision was starting to see black and than some fuzzy orange lights. That's when I felt the wind blow near my face trying to reassure me everything would be ok. But I wasn't listening. I was worried about the woman. I stood up walking up to her asking her if she was okay and that I was sorry. She screamed, yelled, and than took a look at my face and started to ask as I held my head in my hands, if I was alright.

I told her yes and to call the police. I could feel it. I was starting to become drowsy. And shook my head "I can't faint. I mustn't sleep. I won't." I just knew with an instinct if I did I'd be unconscious in a hospital for a few months.

I don't have time to waste. I can't do that to either of my family. "Stay awake." yelling at myself.

I felt my control rise and I walked to the car knowing if I focus on the information of how much damage was to my mother's car I could focus a bit more. In the dark this is what I saw. I believed just the front end of the bumper on the left side was damaged and a bit of the car door side was also bent inwards. I relaxed thinking it was fixable. Using my brain I started to realize my focus was becoming clearer but I could feel the pull of wanting to sleep.

Then a man in a dark uniform walked up to me and asked me if I was alright. I told him yes. He walked me up to the car since I told him I needed to sit down. So he opened the driver's car door for me sitting down, focusing on the car alarm, alerting my mind to stay awake. I pulled my cell phone from where I left it and dialed my sister, remembering my mom. She asked if I was hurt. I told her no and she asked where I was. I told her where and she said "I'll get M and come pick you up. Don't worry about mom. I'll call her and let her know what happened."

"Oh she's going to be mad at me."

My sister fumed "Don't worry about that. Worry about yourself. Your the one who's in the accident."

"K, I'll be sitting inside the car. Oh and the police officer is here. He's really nice."

He came back to ask me some questions. Ask me if I needed to go to the hospital and told him no. Told him that my sister was coming to pick me up. He looked calm but I could tell he was worried because he kept glancing at me and than the car. I didn't think of it until afterwards. His voice was gentle and he told me "Your a brave girl, you know that. Most people would of fainted." I smiled. Than asked "Can I ask you a question." he nodded. "How is the woman? Is she alright? I tried asking but she wouldn't answer me. I just feel terrible that this happened to her. Please tell me the truth." looking pleadingly into his eyes.

He looked at me and told me "She's alright. Trust me she really is. She's more worried about you. And so am I." he said.

I panicked and than reminded myself to calm down or I would pass out "Ahh. Please tell her I'm fine. Really. Even if you think that I'm not, sir. Please tell her for me that I really am. You see not a scratch on me." I lifted my arms up and a bit of my shirt to show him my back. To give him proof to the lady.

He wanted to comment to that but he let it go. I didn't know at the time that I had a little cut on top of the bridge of my nose. But I was pleased that he did as I asked.

He than came back and told me he wasn't going to give me a ticket. Instead a temporary one where if I showed up at my court date he'd revoke it. He told me I had been through enough tonight. He didn't know why he felt that I was a good girl and that I should focus on getting through my life and not trying so hard not to rely on others. To see this as a lesson and move on. Grateful, but confused, I decided to listen to him. Because I was still focusing on not passing out, he had me stay inside the back of the police car. (I didn't refuse for I could feel him have this philanthropist action to help me.) Inside I called my sister and than my two friends letting them know that if I called them to keep me awake, and if I ever stopped talking and they didn't hear anything from me, to call the ambulance. They agreed.

Thirty minutes later my sister and her husband showed up in their truck. She warily watched me after glancing at my mother's damaged car. M carefully helped me inside the back seat. They were starting to freak me out with all their fragile notions. So I told them it wasn't so bad as they thought. Just that I needed to stay focus and awake. (My family and friends had a thing in trusting me with my health because they knew through out the years that I'm more capable of knowing if there is something really wrong with me, they know that I would tell them that I need help.)

As my sister discussed with her husband their plan I tested my mind making certain there wasn't anything missing. I did the ABC's, counted backwards, recalled my name, and few other things.

My sister said goodbye to her husband. They decided it was best for him to pick up mom and that I go with her. We got into her car and she gave me my glasses which I was relieved weren't broken. Noticing the cut on my nose she took me to Target and we got band-aids and Neosporin. We walked around Target for couple hours as I chatted on my cell phone. Than my phone died, my sister immediately gave me her cell phone.

My sister asked the same thing my friends did as I spoke to them.

"Are there any injuries besides not wanting to pass out?"

So I told them no, except for the bridge of my nose.

T "Klutz" she joked, to make me feel better.

"Yeah I know." I laughed.

N "Call me day, or even later night. Just don't fall asleep on me." she worried.

"He he. Alright." I felt myself get too excited, told them to give me a minute to calm down, did this several times during the night and they were patient with me.

My sister asked "Did you get a look at the car?"

I looked "Huh. Yeah. I saw it. Not too bad huh."

My sister looked shock "Not too bad. Did you really see the car?"


My sister sighed "You know you almost gave me a heart attack. I'm just glad your alright. But I guess that's because I don't have a normal sister who doesn't know how to think right, for herself." she fumed.

I could feel she was frustrated and worried. So I reassured her, I was fine. She gave me a quick hug. Than my sister called our brother to call a pick up truck and than to take me to see the car myself in the morning. After that she called M to make certain he picked up are mom.

I stayed up mostly through out the whole night talking on my recharged cell phone and home phone. I knew if I could pass 15 hours of staying awake, at least, my mind would be fine. That likely I just had a minor concussion or mild one. I didn't really know the difference.

My brother and mother also checked up on me as well through the night.

The next day my brother took me to where the car lot was. We gave the guy the papers and paid him. My brother asked him if I could take a look at the car before we left. He said yes. Giving me an odd look.

In the daylight I was in complete shock of the destruction. I hadn't imagined and would have never guessed. It seemed my eyesight was still kind of blurry when I went to take a look at it in the dark.

The windshield was cracked, the left headlights broken and bumper smashed.

The whole left side on the driver's side had been bent inward toward the back seat. Only the driver's seat was pushed half way in and wasn't bent inward. I circled the car looking at every piece of damage. Opened the right side of the car and climbed in to take a better look.

Quickly estimating into my mind the impact of the accident I was in the night before confirmed, if it hadn't been that spirit that pushed me away from the car door I would of been in the hospital; laying unconscious for few months. My side and back would of been damaged. Or if I had been unlucky. I would of been dead. My brother looked at me and than away. He started dialing on his cell phone. My guess was he was calling are sister.

Afterwards we got into my brother's car

"Now I know why mom said she can't fix her car." I sighed.

He replied "You should be lucky your not dead."

"Yeah I should be, shouldn't I." mentally I thanked my guide, knowing it was probably him that took the damage for me.

I heard voices say "You passed. Do you feel lucky."

I wasn't, but knew they were being sarcastic.

So I told them at least I knew how strong I am. But that I would heed their warning more carefully from now on.

I felt their silent agreement as we left the car lot.

But they told me their voices from faraway "You have proven your worth and your determination and loyalty to your cause and path, we will allow it."

They had meant that I refused to give into the predicted vision of me being in a hospital bed. I felt elated. And they showed me that half the reason was not just because of my guide but my will and shields.

When we got home that morning I apologized to a lot of people.

And they forgave me for my ignorance.

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isisevangeline (3 stories) (172 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-10)
Shields are not that hard. As a quick guide I'd tell you its
Basically about forming your energy around you. The best place to try is
A personal spot for you. What your doing to contact them is by just summoning their name and thinking of them out loud to create a connection.

A psiball is a telekinesis thing kinda. Its more of a mental-will energy
Ball. I'm not certain if that was the one you were referring to though.

Yes I was definitely being protected by one of my guides and you
Possibly were too.

Thank you for your comment, I'm glad your able to do shields too.

It's true that I'm going to have a great one but I'm not so certain
About special. To me its normal in my spiritual life.

To answer your Q that is a yes. I was told when I was 7yrs old.
All you have to do is form it into a solid and add more energy to it.

To everyone thanks for your comments
If any of you would like a better explanation of the things you have asked me here's a e-mail address can reach me jadeofthegreendrag [at]
aribx3 (1 stories) (11 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-10)
Wow that might just about be the best and coolest thing I have ever heard of! This is so amazing to me!
BlindWind (2 stories) (35 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-08)
You know about the dark forces. So they've attacked you too. I like your way of shielding. Mine always seem to shatter just when I need them the most. I really think that you and I have a lot to talk about. It's not every day that you come across someone who knows about the dark forces. I'm going to ask you a kind of wierd question, but please just give me an honest answer. Were you called upon to fight for the future?
mystery (1 stories) (10 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-08)
Whoa that's awesome! Always listen to your gut feeling and do not let anyone tell you that you are crazy. You have a great and special future that not everyone can have!
laurenge (3 stories) (46 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-07)
that is very amazing!
I can do shields as well.

I don't think I have any guides though.
That is so amazing that you were okay and barely harmed! Wow!
XtjrX (7 stories) (300 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-07)
I can relate, in December my car just lost control and I swirved across 4 lanes of inter-state highway and hit the protective rail going 75 miles per hour head on. My car was completely destroyed, and I got out without even a scratch... I felt like I should have died. I should have crashed through that rail and plunged into an icy lake. "No one should have survived a crash like that" is all I can say; clearly I was protected, looking back I've always been protected... Perhaps you are too:)
NotaPysicbutVeryInterestedInit (16 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-05)
This is extremely interesting and you are very brave although I don't personaly have any physcic abilities I am trying to learn how to see auras which I can see them in a matter of seconds on non living things now and I am trying to find out how to make a psi ball, and was wondering if anyone knows how.
girlygirl89 (guest)
15 years ago (2009-04-05)
I guess you were trying to prove to yourself and to your guides that not everything is set in stone and that you are in charge of your destiny and you can decide what path you want to take because you have free will. I think it is an amazing thing to prove that to yourself and to your guides and thank goodness you got out alive. Also, I think it was a way for your guides to show you that "hey look we're here to help you and we just wanted to show you what was going to happen in order to protect you." Its a good thing that you can contact your spirit guides. I just wanted to ask you how you protected yourself... Like is there a technique and how do you do it? Also, I don't know if I have ever consciously contacted my spirit guide (s) (If that makes sense) and was wondering how you do it? (oh and a final note: I am the exact same age you were when this happened to you and I don't think that its a coincidence that I read your story today... It was sort of uplifting to me!) ❤ 😁

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