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The Tug Of Knowing Whilst Not Knowing


My name is James, and as my name suggests, I'm the descendant of a Clairvoyant (apparently, according to my mother). My mother's side of the family heavily believes in psychic phenomena, with my mother having seen ghosts many times before in her old house (moving chairs flickering lights etc,) and my Great-Grandmother (the Clairvoyant) also did Tarot cards and Ouija boards. Anyway, that was just explaining my background.

I've always been aware that I had this sort of ability. It's not always just the dreams that come true, where say, I have a dream of my friends standing in an area in the library, talking, and a week later, the same thing occurred, standing in the same spot, wearing the same clothes and talking about the same things as I saw in my dream. I asked them, since I felt a sense of deja vù, and asked my friends if we had talked about this before. All of them were firm in saying that we had never talked about that before, ever. I then remembered the dream, and the exactness of it. I have had other dreams which have come true in exactly the manner I saw it, but they hardly ever have significance, and my powers aren't exactly broad. I took the ESP and Sensitivity tests on this site and it said I'm talented, but I could be better, (for example I haven't developed my chakras or my kundalini), but I got a pretty high rating for it.

But other than that, a few other things happen. Sometimes I get a little "Tug" towards something, for need of a better word, and I just react to something that I don't know is going to happen. I don't know how it works or anything. For example, one day I was laughing and talking with friends, and my jumper is on the ground. We're standing on the basketball court with people playing soccer around us. Suddenly I had a compulsion to bend down and pick up my jumper. The moment I did, somebody smashed a soccer ball as hard as they could, missed the goals and it soared just above my head, right where my head had been a millisecond before. I felt the ball brush against my hair even, and I felt how fast it moved, and it was fast and powerful. Would have hurt if it hit I can assure you. But that's not all that happens with this "Tug". I get compulsions, or I'll suddenly react to something that I don't know is happening, whether it be a significant or insignificant thing. Another example is I was waiting for my Dad to pick us up, he said he might be a while, we didn't know how long. Suddenly, I picked up my bag, and my sister's bag, and the moment I took two steps, his car came around the corner (you can't see around the corner, I could have had no real idea he was coming), and he came down the school driveway and picked us up. My sisters have admitted to also having dreams that have come true as well.

I have a few other powers that I'm currently unsure of. I don't think they're strong at the moment, because I haven't meditated or done any developing or anything, but I can see outlines around people (supposedly aura), but only faintly, I can't really see it well, and also when I was younger, even when I was awake and my eyes were open, at night time, I would have images come out of nowhere, fly out from a distance (with colour and everything, I could see it, hear it, almost feel it,) and it would zoom from a distance closely, a few images all coming from the distance, which all had a significance but I can't remember. Sadly that doesn't happen any more, I think I lost strength because I didn't develop the connections or something (like how when you're a child you have millions of possible neuron channels but most of them die off cause you never use them).

There's also another thing, where I think I connect on other people's brainwaves. Sometimes I'll just randomly start thinking of a song, mid song, only to find somebody near me suddenly burst out in song at the exact point I was thinking it, whereas I hadn't even listened to that song in a long, long time. I also sometimes pick up on people's thoughts, only faintly, but it doesn't happen often.

Anyway, I don't really have any strong abilities there, but I know they're there. I just thought I'd share my experiences because I don't really know much about any of it really and whilst it's there it's all insignificant sightings and things really, and I can't control it at my whim, it just happens, and so I'd also like to develop it but I don't really know how. I searched on Google how to develop my Chakras but maybe it's skepticism but most of the things I saw just didn't seem right, somehow. I don't know what it is. Anyway, I'd greatly appreciate some feedback on what you all think and such, because I'm confused but also intrigued at the same time. Thanks, James.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-09)
Yes you can open it! Focus on a particular chakra:see it counter clock wise which exits out, to bring in energy clock wise. You could also look at a large crystal in your mind in a circle see it vibrate energy pulling it into each chakra or into the whole body. I do a few: allow earth energy to form a ball with fall colors, you will fill it vibrate at the inside ctr of soles pull up legs or through root chakra, up through back spine, at top of head, down front of face. (In QiGong it is an energy path flow). Just experiment with what is coming to you. There's plenty of methods. Remember to close, when finished. Picture protection at end (prevents unwanted energy attraction) Blessings
ClairvoyantDescendent (1 stories) (4 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-09)
Thanks for the help and information guys. I read the chakra guide on this site recently and it actually seems I might have a few too open chrakas and some too blocked. But it may be skepticism but I find it hard to imagine just focusing on a colour and a musical note etc will fix my Chakras. I kind of was thinking some sort of visualisation of forcefully changing the block, i.e. Visualising the Chakra point as a gate of that colour and forcing it with your body's strength or something 😕

And if anyone has any ideas about the rest of what's happening to me (because I don't have any real experience) it'd be greatly appreciated. I'm not completely sure about everything that's been happening and all, and are my powers going to develop? What sort of things might they develop into? I didn't post everything I've been feeling on here cause some things I've been unable to describe or remember the feeling. Thanks for the comments guys!
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-08)
These are explained as wheels or centers of energy, they are also connected to spiritual planes one can use to astral travel. Root chakra is associated with earth, and ability to (smell-Clairalience). Third eye- (clairvoyance-seeing spirit/ghost/energy/spiritual imprints=history of past war etc). The reason for meditation is to open the Claires=5 senses, inorder to see psychically in the 6th sense. Google:
People in general report experiencing many psychic experiences. Smelling can identify a family member, with other sensations, if they have passed over. Most people start with guided meditation which can be applied by a Cd or in a group meditation or individual... Hope this helps!
Bhavya (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-08)
well...i read all of them and I am awed... I am actually in distress myself

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