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Knowing And Feeling. Real Or Coincidence?


I need some help with several recent experiences. I believe that I may have been gifted with two psychic abilities and need some help figuring out exactly what they are and how to develop them further.

The first began a little over a year ago. I had just met someone over the internet who was strongly gifted with telepathy. I would rather not disclose how she came about acquiring this ability. Well, she shared with me some of the source by which she came across it and developed what she referred to as empathy. Basically, I could feel someone's physical pains if they were close to me emotionally. It developed slowly over time and grew each day. Well, I stopped talking to her and it faded slowly until a few months ago I stopped feeling it altogether.

The next started happening somewhat recently. I'm not entirely sure when it started because it doesn't happen often and it isn't obvious when it does. Basically, I "just know things" sometimes. I know this sounds like its coincidence but it happens too much to be that. For example, my mom and I had just cleaned up the kitchen and moved a lot of stuff one day. Later on that day, she asks me to get something for her. Well she had moved them from where they usually were and could have been in several different places. I had not seen her put them away. I went to the kitchen, opened a cabinet and put my hand right on them without much thought. This doesn't happen all the time or when I need it to but it is too often to be coincidence. Sometimes I just know what people are going to say before they say it. My teacher was going to say what time something was going to be taking up and stopped mid-sentence before she said the time, thinking about it, and I whispered "11:30" too low for her to hear and sure enough she said "11:30". There are many other instances but I don't want to make this too drawn out.

I have seen some psychic phenomena but not much, and have not much personal experience in it. I really want to develop theses abilities, if that's what they are, as much as possible. I am open to all suggestions.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-09)
Hi valadus, a good start:group meditation is helpful, you sound more advanced so a psychic development class would open a safe haven to explore your gifts. Ted Andrews has books:How to meet & work with spirit guides/and How to read and see the aura. Has a few good meditations, grounding/protection. This helps us with understanding our own energy expanding Auric field. You are doing the right thing testing the waters with your abilities. Keeping a journal could also give you a track record of any sensations to identify these occurances as they happen. Blessings 😁

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