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Someone In The Room We Couldn't See, 1750's Farmhouse


I have had times where I get the distinct feeling that someone is looking at me, only to look about a room, or turn on a light and find that nothing or no one is there. It's the same feeling when a person is truly looking at you, and you can feel it. I feel like everyone has those moments and that mine are nothing out of the ordinary.

However, my boyfriend is the first person I have truly believed to be aware of a presence that is not within our realm of understanding. A few nights ago, we were lying in bed. I was sleeping and he was restless. All of a sudden, our dog, (an old dog and sound sleeper that never gets agitated about anything) woke up and started pacing. My boyfriend sat bolt upright, and turned on his cell phone to create some light. I woke up to this, and asked what was wrong, only to have him tell me to go back to sleep. Chris stayed up for minutes, just staring around the room and not saying a word. My boyfriend is not easily shaken, and will rarely admit it even if he is.

The next morning, he told me that he KNEW there was someone in the room with us. We live in a 1750's farm house in Maine, and it isn't that much of a stretch to believe him. He has these feelings all the time, and sometimes he catches glimpses of them in reflective surfaces. This has been happening to him since he was a child, and I don't think it frightens so much as bothers him, but I really would like help understanding this. I get some feelings of unease and sometimes feel like someone is watching, but I have never felt it this strong before, especially with our calm old dog getting all bothered at 3am.

I really want to understand why this happens to people, and if there is a way that he might be able to get past it? This is something that comes up at least every week, and it is something that really bothers him. Does anyone else have an opinion?

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