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Shadow People And Ghost Investigators


So as the title of Story states, I am quite puzzled by my experiences as of late. My story starts off with: I'm a wife and a mother of an amazing child and from what I understand through speaking with a psychic medium is a very "gifted" child in the way of psychic abilities. From what I have learned, my child gets his abilities from me. Since I can remember I have always seen the 'unseen" and able to forecast the future for myself and others. So, I suppose it's only natural that my child would inherit these gifts from me. I have "predicted" some horrifying things - to which are way too personal for me to share with the world, so let's just say that they were devastating not only to the persons whom I made such predictions about or too, but truly devastating to myself as I was left with enormous guilt for not speaking up and possibly in some way fending off the inevitable. Since having my child, my "radar" as I call it has been off the charts and I have no explanation for this. I've been told that it's because now that my child is here I am encased in this super awareness of my surroundings and of course my child's surroundings. My child is five years old and he has been through a lot in his life - health wise and the amount of guilt that I have for "predicting" his illnesses has caused me great sadness and fear. I almost convinced myself that I was the cause because I thought negatively in some way, but the truth is, I didn't. In no way would I ever wish the serious health conditions my child suffers from on my own child or anyone for that matter, it is what it is and we live through it every day and the fact is, is that I could not have done anything to stop the illnesses, I could not have done anything to cause the illnesses, so for me to say that I caused them is, well rather stupid of me. So I live with the fact that yes, I predicted them, and thank God that I did, otherwise I wouldn't have been so knowledgeable as to what to do to save my child's life when the illnesses that will forever be with my child came about.

The meat to this story however takes a turn, and the ride is that of the scariest roller-coaster and there's no emergency STOP button. When my child reached speaking age, my child would (what my husband and I thought was one heck of an entertaining, yet kind of scary imagination) talk incessantly about "the people talking and walking so loudly in his bedroom that he couldn't sleep". He would wake us up every night around 3:00 a.m. Complaining that the people would not allow him to sleep. It became some what of a nuisance and we would pass it off as an overactive imagination and comfort him enough to go back to sleep. Every night we would promise that there was nothing and no one in his room and even reverted to using our own imagination game to get him back to sleep. However, when his experiences began coinciding with mine, is when I finally realized that maybe he was in fact seeing what he said he was. Never once did I share my experiences with him - after all he is a child and as any mother I would never subject my child to such. The only person I shared my experiences with was my husband, to which found out about my abilities after I realized that my son could be interacting with the paranormal. It was a shock to my husband, because we had been together for 8 years and he never knew.

After about a year going through this with my son and myself, I began to look for ways to ease him and myself. I contacted for the very first time in my life a team of investigators to come in and solidify that what he and I were seeing, hearing and experiencing were real, and I wasn't going crazy and my son wasn't going crazy. I arranged for my son to spend the weekend with my sister so that he could remain clueless as to what I was doing and clueless to the fact that we had "ghost hunters" in our house. During their time at our home I kept saying to myself, they're not going to find anything, but boy oh boy was I wrong. They were very nice and very thorough in their "investigation" they also brought along a psychic medium that validated my own psychic abilities and my sons. What they caught was shocking, alarming and to say the least disturbing. No sooner than them arriving toys in my son's room began going off, shadows were being seen, noises were being heard and I must say that it was one of the most active times in our home. While trying to comfort my husband (who was having a heart attack due to all the paranormal events going on in our home) the investigators were getting their fill of the paranormal. They themselves were shocked and even a little scared I think. Three weeks passed and we had the investigators back to our home to share what they caught on video and EVP. You could hear children talking, you could hear men yelling, you could see shadows of people and what the psychic medium and investigators called a "portal" all in my son's bedroom. We were advised to throw out the toys (which we had done immediately after they left for the first time... We were scared that there was some kind of attachment). The psychic medium told us that our house was not haunted, that I and my son were haunted. We were given the option of having a "blessing" done and we jumped at the offer and they promised us that the activity would subside at least for a little while. Upon the psychic mediums request, she asked to speak with our son, which we allowed as long as my husband and I could be there and she kindly allowed. She talked with our son being cautious not to speak of the "ghosts' per say, and asked him a series of questions which just so happened to coincide with what she had mentioned to us privately. The investigators had us partake in the "blessing" to close the "portal" in our son's room and again assured us that it would keep things quiet for at least a little while.

6 months passed and all was quiet... Then my son started speaking of another shadow man, one that I had not seen just yet. The footsteps came back, the knocking returned, the voices returned. And my husband and I felt certain that we had armed ourselves with the knowledge and advice from the team of investigators and passed off the noises and sightings. Which leads me to the title of my story... I am completely puzzled by the latest event... I was in the shower and I looked up to see a shadow man staring back at me. Since when do "ghosts" invade such personal space and what do shadowy figures represent, and what in the world do they want with me? Previously (weeks ago) my son had complained of seeing a shadow man in his room, and although the label "shadow person" scares me, it is still a puzzle to me as to why they come across this way, could this be a demonic presence or simply a manifestation of a human spirit. With all that we have been through I have yet to get a concrete answer as to what or who this is. I know one thing... I certainly did not like the feeling that this gave me, and it is something that will forever remain in my minds eye as forgetting this event is something that I will probably never get to do. If someone can give me some kind of idea as to what to do next it would certainly be greatly appreciated. Thank You for taking the time to read my story and any and all input is again, greatly appreciated.


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Timfaraos (426 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-30)
The poster aberdeen is right: ghost hunters might determine that there are spirits in the house, but they can't help you get rid of them. A medium contacts/channels spirits- which is forbidden to do, by God. She hasn't the supernatural authority to get rid of these spirits either. (I wonder how much money you paid these people...). The only person who has authority by God to help you, is a priest (I recomend a greek or russian orthodox christian priest). Invite him to sprinkle you and your family and your home, with holy water. TELL HIM YOUR PROBLEMS, he'll be glad to help you, because he CAN! I don't know if you're a practicing christian, but my advice-take it or leave it- is: wear a cross around your necks, pray, and fast from meat and dairy whenever you can. Read the bible and psalms- demons hate that!- and PRACTICE the bible. (Of course confession of sins and holy comunion help ALOT!) You won't have to pay a dollar to do these simple things, and you will close the door to unwanted spirits and demons! And you'll open the door to our loving father Jesus, and His powerful Holy Angels, to come into your home and life, to guide, protect, and comfort you! For more info, visit my PROPHILE, and the website: "real life angel and demon encounters". Good luck. God bless!
epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
14 years ago (2009-06-29)
Thank you anneV and revsilverson on posting some comments on my stories. Good day to all=)
candyoftheblood (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-06-27)
I've seen shadow people, but this man that you talk about seems to be more than that. Normally you just see a shadow person on a wall in the shape of a person. You said he was looking at you while you were in the shower. If it was a shadow person you probably couldn't tell if he was facing you or not. You said he was so you must of seen a face meaning he must of been something else, a different type of spirt.
Aberdeen (1 stories) (10 posts)
14 years ago (2009-06-26)
I have seen shadow figures in various forms for the last few years. They have never interfered with me or any of my possesions. I don't know what they are. As far as the sound of footsteps and knocking I believe you may be dealing with more than shadow people. I suggest you have your house blessed and speak to a priest, even if you are not christian. Personally, I believe ghost hunters don't do any good and mediums possibly make things worse.
revsilverson (guest)
14 years ago (2009-06-25)
sometimes when a spirit portal is closed some spirits that came out of the portal are trapped from getting back into the portal. The psychic involved here doesn't impress me. She should have known there were spirits that needed to get back inside the portal and I sense the LAND your house is on is haunted- not you and your son. You are both merely conduits for the manifestation of this spirit energy. A cleansing of the land around the house should have been performed as well for the banishment to have been completely effective. You didn't need a cleansing- you needed a banishment performed.

The only reprieve I can get from spirits is to banish them from my bedroom. I simply TELL them they are not allowed in that room and they comply with my wishes. I also put an unseen spiritual/religious symbol on my bedroom door that I trace with my finger or sacred object. You might try this.

Are you just concerned about this ONE spirit? Or are the many manifestations you had before returning?

Love and Light
MJ1252 (1 stories) (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-06-23)
Hi Anne! Thanks for replying! I have conjured up enough inner momentum to try and communicate with the ones I feel comfortable doing so with... So that has helped some. The interesting thing about where I live is our home is pretty much brand new... So it was very hard for us to believe that it could be the house, and it turns out that it's just my son and I who attract these spirits, more so my son due to his young age -- so we have been told. Either way, it helped some to get the story off my chest! I appreciate your input and you taking the time to read my novel 😜 Take Care! MJ
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
14 years ago (2009-06-23)
Whenever I stay at an old hotel I can almost guarantee I won't get any sleep due to the ghost activity. It's just the price you pay for being sensitive. You and your son will probably endure this for the rest of your life. Just because you've got doors on your bathroom doesn't mean that will stop subtle realm intruders. We may be conductors for this type of activity, but where you live does play some part. The newer homes I stay in are much more "blank" than old homes or buildings. There is no way to avoid leaving imprints on the material plane when it has been frequented by humans. What you can try and do is communicate with these beings and let them know they have passed on and to move beyond the etheric plane. They are probably ignorant that they are dead. If you get get them to move on, you'll probably find peace.

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