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Are These Obe's? And How Should I Continue?


From what I remember, everything started when I was about 2-3 years old. I remember perfectly that back then I almost got drown in the sea. While my body was upside down in the water, I do remember myself standing on foot and watching myself. The next thing I remember is that I was on beach. Being so young, I thought that this memory was a fake one and ignored until about 4 years ago.

I couldn't say how it actually began, but I believe it started in a night of April. When I woke up in the morning that day, I felt really sick and had been vomiting for days without being able to eat something. I went to doctors and they couldn't find something specific, they gave me some pills that helped but since then I never recovered completely. Again, I ignored it and said that it was my fault because I didn't eat healthy. I was about 12 years old when this happened. Since then, my stomach became kind of sensitive to out of ordinary events.

Since that night, strange things happened. I started to have a really strong feeling like I'm being watched, that someone is slipping behind my back. Sometimes it got so powerful that I could feel a breath over my shoulder, or feeling perfectly the steps of something coming into my room. Lately, these feelings got even deeper, feeling like someone is touching my face while still fully awake. In sleep paralysis, it got even further, but I am aware that when in sleep paralysis my mind can fake all the feelings, but I will continue, because it makes, somehow, a sense to me. I felt like someone is coming in bed near me and caress me. It is a bit strange because I thought that in sleep paralysis I should be scared to death, not to feel like someone is taking care of me.

2 years ago, it got almost crazy. There have been lots and lots of coincidences, lots of deja-vu's. I had visions of future events and some of them were so powerful that I remembered them when they were happening and could change it from the way I saw them. Yet again, I said this could have happened to anyone so I should not worry.

A few months later, the event that changed my point of view it was a vision of two persons' death in a car accident. After 2 days, it happened exactly how I saw it in that vision during the dream. Since then, I had another 2 visions of persons' death, but I've been unable to do something about it as I didn't know the exact person that was going to die, but more like some clues that made sense only that person died. One of them was a cousin of my mother that I have never seen it before in my life.

Since these visions, I tried to get further with my "capabilities" and expand them.

I went from normal dreams to lucid ones, and some even turned into out of body experiences. An out of body experience that tends to repeat itself it also made me put some questions: At a certain point during the night, I feel like my physical body is not "synchronized" anymore with the spiritual one. Then, I feel like I am dispatched from my physical body, while still feeling both of them. When this occurs, outside is usually completely dark, but if I look at my hands I can see them clearly, like they are slightly glowing. After walking through walls, or trying to read something I reach the hall, as it makes the connection with all the rooms. There, by the stairs, I see a very bright shape, so bright that I cannot even tell if it had the human shape. When "he" gets in my sight I get a very strong feeling of fear and I am pulled back to my body and wake up. I would say I had about 6-7 out of body experiences that ended this way. Since I got myself involved into this, I have been more attentive on details and discovered some things like: when it is quiet, I start to hear like an echo of a flute, sounding really nice, birds singing, also beautiful, or small kids playing something (I can't tell what they are playing because usually I can only hear their laughs having a good time). Sometimes it turns into something really powerful, like a car smashing (or at least that sounds like it) or an entire building of glass collapsing. Then, when I go to sleep, when I close my eyes, I see something like a shadow running in front of my eyes, but I don't feel it only though my eyes, I can also sense it through some kind of 6th sense.

I always heard slight conversations but I thought they were just in my mind. Sometimes they distracted me and had to ask again a person from real life to tell me again what he/she said because of them. During the dreams, I asked some of the personalities that I did not know if they know they are just a creation inside my dream, and most of them said they are more than just my imagination and now I tend to believe them. Also, I had some experiences with things that are trying to stop me. For example, if I look to an object's shadow, especially during the night, I feel like I would be watching directly the devil's eyes. The feeling is almost overwhelming but I can control it. In the real life I realize that it is just a fake feeling and stop it immediately and inside the dream start to feel like blowing up with light until it gets midday. I believe it shouldn't have been so easy so I started to believe that I have a friend, or a spirit guide, that helps me but I don't even know who it is.

My problem is that only 30% of the time I get in touch with these entities by my own will and they are not willing to tell me sensitive data about them, not even their names. Right now, I reached a point where I can't figure out what is the way that I should continue. Also, I haven't read anything yet related to this subject so a good book is also welcomed.

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Valerian (1 stories) (2 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-07)
The title it has been slightly modified, but it is not only about OBE's. Some of them are happening in real life. For example, the slight conversations and whispers are in real life. Usually the whispers come when I'm talking with someone, and if I let them out of my mouth, the person that I am talking to usually ends with: "Where did you know that from?".
Also, the visions may come during the day, when I'm not even focused on having them.
That would be what kind of disturbs me now: if they were just dreams it would have been easier because, let's say, they were just dreams, but now, what used to be a dream seems like it broke the seal to the real world.

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