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At Night Spirits Pick On Me


I'm beginning to believe that I have this ability to come in contact with spirits. I can't tell if they are demons or every day spirits. It's not like I have a choice either, believe me I would rather be left alone. Before I get into the most recent story I want to share a few others first.

I started to hear, feel, and sense things around 9 years old. Now I know at this age, the mind can play tricks and if it gets you it'll continue to swallow you down beyond your breaking point of fear.

My room than was pitch black dark. The only light that was coming in my room was the light illuminated by the moon. And if it was cloudy, my room would be pitch black. I was lying down. Finally when I was half asleep, I felt something grab my right foot so fast with a squeeze that got tighter. It immediately let go once I began to scream. I stopped screaming once my mom got there. At that time, she thought I had a bad nightmare. I was defiantly not asleep and I kept trying to tell her that.

As I got a little bit older, same room and house, I was watching tv on low volume at night. Awake and not even sleepy since it was only 11PM, out of the blue I began to hear noises right behind my head. Noises that I have never heard before. Imagine someone making a strange, short creepy gargle sound. I was scared to turn around to face it fearing I might see something. So I quickly covered myself under my sheets. I thought it would stop, but it continued for a long period of time. I got out of my sheets and faced towards sound. I could not see anything, but the sound stopped briefly. As I tried to go to sleep, the sound came back. This happened more than once after it first happened.

This was strange. During the day, on a Saturday afternoon, my parents were doing yard work and getting things done around the house. My dad had to run out to Home Depot for a few things. My mom was doing things around the house. She asked if I could take care of the kitty litter for her. The kitty litter was down the basement. As I was cleaning the litter, washing it, and filling it with new litter, I heard my mom call me. A very faint, clear and settled shout out "Chris!" I replied "Yea?" Thinking she would shout back. "What?" No answer still. I head upstairs into the kitchen and continue to yell out what. I couldn't find my mom at all. Finally she heard me, but she was all the way upstairs, no where near where I was. I asked her if she called me and she said no.

Once I moved out of that house in 2004, strange things stopped happening. At least they did for couple of years. The stories above this paragraph all happened in the house I grew up in. I don't think living on a Indian grave yard helped either.

Around 2006, in a house that I have only lived in a little bit over a year. Things started back up, but why all of a sudden? I was sleeping in my bed. Just thought it was another night. I woke up, but kept my eyes closed to see if I could fall asleep again. As I was waiting, all of a sudden I felt a presence and it didn't feel friendly at all. As I kept my eyes closed, something way darker then darkness creped over me. Imagine being in a cave at night with no light, that's how dark it got all of a sudden. Again I didn't want to open my eyes in case something was there. A tremendous feeling of fear started to over whelm me. I tried to shake it off. The next thing that happened did not make any sense to me because I didn't want to believe it. My bed sheet was being tugged away from me. Felt three firm tugs. Right after the first tug, I grabbed on to it and pulled back. I had to physically put some strength into it. My last pull, I gave out an angry grunt noise. I did that to give out a "cut it out!" Once morning came I was still shocked on what just happened.

Here's the story I really want to share. Same house, most recent encounter. I've noticed whatever is disturbing me at night has been taking advantage of it. This one has a twist. I'm lying down on my back, my head on the pillow with my head slightly turned to the left. I fall in and out of sleep, than all of a sudden I'm awake. Looking at my closed eye lids I hear a very HIGH pitched screeching sound that fades in and out. Right away I'm disabled from moving. This sound gets higher and louder. I can't move my body, can't move my mouth to scream out "STOP!", can't even get up. After that trama of fear eating at me, I fall into a dream. This is where I see myself as if I'm AWAKE hiding underneath my sheet. Now that the screeching noise is gone. (At that time I thought I was awake for re al) I get up and see my room as if I would normally see it with no light at night. I open my door and I see my dog at the bottom of the stairs. As I start walking downstairs, I fall and tumble to the ground. That is where I knew right away this was a dream based on feeling no pain. I get up and crawl to my futon coach. Looking exactly through my eyes and sitting in the dark living room, time went very slow. My dog kept me company. At that moment I felt trapped. I wondered how long this will take. As the dream faded, the crazy part is how I woke up. Exactly in the same position I fell asleep in. Slowly my eyes open and I hear myself say "What the bleep?"

Has anyone gone through something like this. Or maybe had something similar happen?

The reason I picked this one is because I believe or at least starting to believe spirits and possibly demons are starting to attack me in my sleep in a negative way. May sound crazy, but I can't figure it out. It happens random and in an unpredictable manner. Even my past I have encountered some strange things even when I'm fully awake. In 2005 up until now, dreams where I'm awake and alert have been a common place for me to encounter uninvited presence.

If anyone can help me out to understand what I'm experiencing and maybe why? What could I do when it happens? Any advice I would greatly appreciate it. I do have one story that's hard to explain, but I'll share that with everyone on another post.

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lelani (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-08-29)

I completely understand what you are going through... I live in a college dormitory, and lately I have been getting attacked in my sleep as well. It first starts when I am in a state of sleep, however, I am half awake... I am Christian in faith, and usually say prayers through out these attacks... Lately these attacks turn into dreams, where these demons/spirits are standing over me, or peering at me from accross the room. I have found that If I sleep with a cross they cannot and do not attack me... They are very afraid of Godly instruments... They quickly stop attacking me when I say prayers with force or bind them in the name of "Jesus", they hate it, but they are not stronger than the Lord. I hear them all the time, but lately it has gotten far worst as far as the sleep attacks. I have had a spiritual ear all of my life, I now hear peoples thoughts as well. They love to imitate the voices of your family members, be careful not to answer them, they thrive on trickery, and love to make us aggrivated. Do everything you can before you go to sleep, Light a white prayer candle, call on your Guardian Angles, Cover yourself with the blood of Jesus if you are Christian in faith, and sleep with a CROSS near by. Light inscense to cleanse your room such as Sage, Lavender, Frankincense and Murr. Demons/negative spirits don't like cleanliness.
cyopathic (5 stories) (513 posts)
15 years ago (2009-08-04)
Hmm that does sound like a spirt he or she can sometimes say something for me they whispear my name and sometimes I might here phone numbers or adresses I quickly shake and ask if someone said my name from far away or tried to scream it I think your place in new jersey might have a child ghost or spirt they are allways mean or nice and very weird sometimes but be happy you have a good one that dosent want to harm you try some evps get a recorder or if your computer has a recorder built in or labtop record it for the whole intire night and then get a dj free software to see if you found any high pitched breathing usaly this is very soft they might say something try asking your ghost some questions and if he or she is nice set some ground rules.
OsNights (1 stories) (3 posts)
15 years ago (2009-08-04)
The sound that I heard that disabled, whish it could have cut out my hearing, was extreme. The noise sounded like all most like white noise you would get from a tv, but high pitched and loud. Thanks guys for sharing.:)
OsNights (1 stories) (3 posts)
15 years ago (2009-08-04)
Gah! I would have yelled at the spirit and said "That's not funny! Now let me sleep!" lol Out of all the strange thing I have encountered, I would have thought by now I would start hearing them. *Knock on wood* First I need to understand this more
cyopathic (5 stories) (513 posts)
15 years ago (2009-08-04)
Sounds like you have a child ghost on your hands xxalyssaxx he or she is here let me make a example: Its almost like a little brother or sister they want to push your buttons or try something new. 🤔
xxalyssaxx (1 stories) (7 posts)
15 years ago (2009-08-04)
i remember one night I was sleeping and I woke up because some jerk punched my pillow really hard and there's no way it could have been anyone else on the house.
And the other nightnwhile I was im-ing my boyfriend I hear loud stomping in the hallway and a few minutes after I heard some lady talking with a soft voice.
And uhh jeeze I could have sworn to have heard an amateur violinist play horribly.
As if someone picked up my violin in my room and played the g string, D string (which sounded miserably out of tune) and the e string (that high pitch annoying note) constantly
Ok going to try this again
*please send*
Spriteoz (1 stories) (17 posts)
15 years ago (2009-08-04)
i had something happen to me last night... I was laying there trying to get sleep when I felt a sharp pain in my leg like I was getting stabbed, I tried to ignore it expecting a spirit just wanted my attention and then all of the suddin. WACk I was hit in the neck. I knew it was a spirit because my head was face down in the pillow and there was only like and inch between my neck and the bed <_< I jumped so bad I heard what every hit me laughing...

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