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I Feel Guilty And Confused Because Of Seeing Fire?


I have been having dreams for ages and I seem to remember them afterwards. Sometimes they are really vivid and I am part of the dream, but sometimes I see it like I am watching it through a TV screen. Anyway, two days ago I had a dream. It was all black and I heard all these children screaming, then women joined in screaming. Blood curdling screams were coming from the darkness. All of a sudden there was a blazing fire, it was all I could see. I actually felt wind blowing and I could feel like I was right next to those people that were screaming. I woke up straight after it happened. I told my mum what happened in case I forgot, but I didn't.

The day after I had the dream, I watched the news. There was a story about all these women and children being killed in a fire. I was so shocked, because I saw fire and children and women screaming.

Is there any way I could be psychic? I mean I've had dreams before about things and they happen in life, but never something this real. I'm only 14, so could I just be over reacting. I don't understand how I could see it so vividly. Then for the story to be on the news. I feel guilty for not doing anything about it now I know all those kids and mums died, but I didn't think it would come to anything. My mum told me I should write down every dream I get now, should i?, and does anyone think I am seeing glimpses of the future?

Any help is really appreciated!

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revsilverson (guest)
12 years ago (2009-08-19)
yes you experienced a very vivid form of precognizance- the ability to see the future. I think a journal is an excellent idea. You may never be able to do much about these visions as in warn someone. You might warn a family member if you see them getting hurt in a car wreck etc. But don't fell badly about it. Being psychic is mostly like being a detective- we get pieces of the puzzle and have to make sense out of it. Sometimes the pieces are specific but usually they aren't and this is why no psychic can be 100% accurate.

A journal will help you see if your visions are local (meaning in your town etc.) or widespread (which most of them are). Look for time of year- winter, spring, summer,fall- clothing people wear. Also plants in the area- cactus is going to be southwest or palm trees subtropical climate etc.

Have fun with it and know that if the divine spirit wants you to come forward with the warnings in your visions- you will be motivated to do so.

Love and Light
cyopathic (5 stories) (513 posts)
12 years ago (2009-08-18)
Well I will not be sarcastic but sounds like clyronse I want you to go to the main menu of this site and you will find your answers ❤ 😲

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