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Aura Induced Panic Attack


I am a high school sophomore with sensitivity to auras. The auras I see/feel manifest themselves in a sort of static around a person; like the visual snow you get off of a TV that has poor reception. I can't control my abilities very well and I'm easily overwhelmed by other people's auras, so I prefer to avoid group situations.

Today I was in Chorus and I had to sing a solo. The song we were singing was hallelujah and everyone was so emotional that I started shaking as I walked up to sing. While I was singing I was trying to use my abilities to my advantage by filtering everyone's emotions into my voice, however I tend to be most vulnerable to auras while singing. Needless to say, allowing auras into me while vulnerable was a bad idea- a very bad idea. My spiritual center, my upper chest, started feeling hot from all of the auras. My heart began thudding, I started trembling everywhere, and the heat on my chest rose from bathwater to blowtorch in about 8 seconds.

I was halfway through the second verse when I was overwhelmed and I had a panic attack. I fell over trembling in front of everyone. Trying to explain my sudden attack to my teachers and family was difficult because I had to omit the metaphysical part, since they're all cynics. This just happened an hour ago.

It was so scary, because I've never sung a solo in front of so many people before. (About 70 are in the class.) I've done public speaking and I've sung solos in front of small groups (20-30), but being so shaken by auras has never happened before.

It makes me wonder if other psychics have had this problem. If you have any advice please share, I don't want my powers to interfere with my life like this.

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Tessalovesmusic (3 stories) (72 posts)
14 years ago (2009-09-28)
Oh honey, I feel for you. I'm not that sensitive but I understand. Dont try to filter other peoples feelings. That's very bad for your heart and solar plexus chakras. There the love and power chakras. I have tried to heal people by filtering there emotions through me but don't get far before that pain hits. Visualize a wall or bubble between your self and them. You do NOT filter people or use there energy for your own use with out asking. I'm not trying to lecture you its just bad to do, try to not do it again. For you try chakra meditation, I say that to everyone, truth be told. But it works to help controlling your abilities and visualization. I'm so sorry your so sensitive but its also a gift, use it wisely.

Blessed Be,
Tess ❤

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