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Empath Confused With My Abilities


I am 19 years old now, and ever since I was about 14 I think was when the strange occurrences began to happen. I am confused as I do not know what abilities I possess as they seem to be progressing gradually as I get older. When I was 14, I would stay home alone and my family would go out grocery shopping or something and we had a window in the living room above the garage that you could see the driveway that lead into the garage. I would have a sudden sense or whatever you would call it, to go to the window and I would see them driving up the street.

Within the past two years, I would be sleeping or half awake almost asleep, and I would hear the voice of a woman, if I remember correctly, and I would not be able to move or breathe. I don't know if that has anything to do with the paranormal, but I thought I would share.

Sometimes I am able to guess times when someone will call; I am good at guessing. When I am going to see someone, I will kind of know the day before and sometimes I will just know facts about someone I am thinking about or not thinking about, but it's only people I know or am connected to. I know things without anyone telling me. I have found that I am also empathic; that is for sure. Since I was 13, I was very antisocial and I had trouble doing my schoolwork and I kind of knew I was different but shrugged it off thinking maybe everyone was like me. Haha I didn't really think about it. I would always feel overwhelmed and it was so bad that I would skip school and I ended up failing my 7th and 8th grade year and I decided to drop out. It affected my ability to concentrate. I went back to school but it was the same. I have dropped out and am going to get my GED and hopefully "master" my empathy.

Sometimes it confuses me because I don't know which emotions are my own and which ones are someone else's and it seems its only certain people I'm close to or that I have a connection with that that happens. It's caused me trouble in my relationships at times. Haha That's never good. Also I have seen shadows or figures. I saw a white one when my family and I were coming home passing through the mountains. It looked like a white wolf but then like a fog then vaporized across the road. It confused me. I also saw a black figure that looked male by the tennis courts and there was a skinny tree?...haha and it walked to the tree but never came out on the other de. My girlfriend has also seen them. I would appreciate it if someone could maybe help me identify my abilities and maybe help me to control them?

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Empathsam (3 stories) (109 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-17)
Try to block out everything. My first empathic readings only told me the emotion. I though I was weak empathy. I'm A VERY natural empath and I just now think "Empathy off" and vice versa, and it goes on and off. Scholl isn't so bad. But if I like a girl, I can't tell whos emotions are whose. Some strong ones confuse my mind and I get a little dialating of my focus.
Loralia253 (1 stories) (21 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-14)
Firts off take an hour to your self away from others to identfy your own emotions. Then when you go with a group of others keep focused on you own emotions. (*Your own emotins can be over powering at this time because you are use to picking up sooo many others.*) After you are very very very familiar with your own emotions try picking up one person. Only pick up one persons emotion at a time or it will be overwhelming. As far as the shadows go I'm not sure what they are but I have been attacked by them. The best thing to do is to imagine a brigt protective ball of light protecting and surrounding you.
LightsOut (1 stories) (6 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-14)
Hi Deadkill. It sounds to me as if you have ESP abilities and also, along with the Empath ability, Claircognizance, "Clear Knowing". Information "just comes to you" out of the clear blue; you just know without knowing why you know, it's just there without you having asked for it. Oftentimes I know who's calling me on the phone, and sometimes it's also the way the phone rings that I know. Paranormal abilities are never 100% accurate, which is why I always question myself and never trust for sure that I know something until after it happens. Because of your age, it also sounds like your abilities are coming to the fore; as you mature physically, so are you maturing psychically. You may want to read up on the different abilities as there is a lot of information out there nowadays. It seems to me that if people have at least one ability, there are also other abilities present, but some dominate, and some seem to be "along for the ride" so to speak. I suggest that you try to embrace your gifts and realize that you are not "different" but rather "special", and there is nothing wrong with that!:) There are probably others around you with psychic abilities, but they don't want to stand out either. Ask trusted family members if anyone in your family has psychic abilities, because you may be surprised, and then you won't feel so alone. There is a lot more understanding now about these things, so hang in there! 😁

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