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They Think I'm Crazy - Am I?


I have had a number of experiences that I need now need to talk about. It started off two years ago when we had an extension built on our house - I had a games room put in which has a bar, TV poker table etc - your normal 'blokey' kind of room. One night I stayed up drinking after everyone had gone to bed - it is at this point I had better point out that I am a Company Director and have been for over 6 years and have never had any mental breakdowns or problems before. So I stayed up during all night, drinking. I need to point out as well which is critical this happens only when I have been drinking (visually) however I can 'sense' it when stone cold sober or in bed still. I will keep this simple as this is my first entry.

I sit in my room and can see dark shadows of people initially out of the corner of my eye but now I can see more clearly. It started with one or two but as recent as last weekend I had up to five present. I can communicate but only through thought they never talk back I can just sense there story and what has happened to them. In my experience to date they are previous 'live' beings - but are not ghosts. Just a shadow. Am I going insane? They do not scare me? I have tried to talk to people about this but due to the 'alcohol' the story seems like hallucinations. I can only really 'connect' when relaxed and sat drinking but once I do connect I stay up all night.

They usually disperse at first light and underneath my poker table but recently have been using a small window as well. It now seems more and more appear when I connect. Some other weirder stuff has happened but this I'm sure is difficult enough to explain. I am thinking of going to see a doctor or something as it is so vivid and clear and I am an intelligent rational guy that this doesn't make sense. I have managed once and only once to get interaction with one, I sat throwing single playing cards vertically in front of me and one flew across the room whilst up in the air across to the wall (about 10') my problem is I am starting to question myself and if I am some what beginning to go insane or crazy. Would love to hear any thoughts even if it is to confirm I am mad as a hatter. The connection seems to be down to me and the clearest points I can add is they appear initially out of the corner of my eye, they are pure black silhouettes. I have to get the dog out of the room and all the lights must be off else I cannot connect or see them - Its so vivid it questions reality. I am sorry if I have made little sense but this is the first ever time I have really spilled my heart out about this.

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Qbro618 (4 posts)
11 years ago (2010-02-05)
am I manifesting psychic abilities if this is true than compare to me you are normal here is my story - I have experiences where I start levitating and some sort of possesion occurs if it is something paranormal then the specter that calls himsef tyler A tall man that is hot to the touch has helped me with control of levitation never has tried to do any thing bad to me but I don't think he controls the levitation. Please help me if you know any thing to do about it. I also have been able to control wind and fire
Winter_Lilly (12 stories) (86 posts)
11 years ago (2009-11-19)
You are most definitely not crazy. You're abilities are manifesting and the alcohol may have taken down the barriers. I'm not saying you should drink everytime you want to see ghosts/spirits/shadow people (they are completely different by the way). You either embrace it and flourish in your new and manifesting ability or drop it by ignoring it and thinking you do not want it. I'd say flourish. Read information, learn new skills. I taught myself to be a medium and taugh myself to see auras, though I have not been able to see mine, but only people around me. So you could teach yourself to control your ability or abilities (you never know, more may be emerging) and flourish greatly.

Meditate a little bit. It'll balance your chakras and help you focus and don't believe that it will clear your mind. Our minds are great things and should not be wasted. Broaden your horizons and experience and flourish your ability or abilties. You will control it and you will love it.

Think positive,

Winter_Lilly 😊
Psionic (3 stories) (70 posts)
11 years ago (2009-11-18)
You are most definately not going insane, I feel that your powers are starting to manifest. If you can see these shadows and connect and communicate with them, then you are a medium, you can make contact with spirits. They may be lurking in the shadows, because of what happened to them when they were alive.
And if you can connect with them without moving your lips, then that means you are telepathic, you can link your minds to others and read their thoughts. You have psychic powers, you are not going insane.
If any body else says that you are insane, then ignore them. They do not understand you at this moment. I think it would be wise to talk to someone else who is in your situation. You will feel more secure and comfortable talking to others who are in the same situation.
Your powers are nothing to be scared of, emvrase them and develop them. It is well worth it. I hope this helps.:)
dream (2 stories) (9 posts)
11 years ago (2009-11-18)
First off I would like to say you are not crazy. I too, am fairly new to this but I think I may be able to help. You mentioned early in the entry that it started about the time you had renovations done on your house, maybe you should do some research on your house or something to see who lived there, but the fact you can communicate with them may say something, though I'm not sure if you may have some ability or perhaps this is just an interation.

-hope I help clear up some confusion-

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