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I Need Help, Lost And Confused?


I been having dreams since I was little that always warned me of the future, it didn't tell me people would die but it would kill people off in my life, I have come to realize and analyze that someone dying in your dream does not mean they are dying, it is always an emotional battle for me, when I see a friends face and dream of rats around them I know that they can't be trusted, and I am usually right when I find out the horrible things they did behind my back. I slowly stopped thinking my dreams are nonsense and have embraced them.

I find it getting harder to sleep every time I embrace this. I see things in my dream about my fiance that has bothered me, recent dream he contacts his ex girl friend and shows her naked pictures of me and him, he didn't cheat on me in my dream but he showed something very private of ours... I can't figure out what it means my best guess was he is sharing a secret about us and not telling me. I also had a dream last week that my pastor was shot from a catholic vrs christians, he told me everything will be okay in 100 days, which is the exact days until my birthday.

It is so hard analyzing yourself, I am 19 years old and trying to figure out what I want to do in life, my biggest issue lately is me debating whether I want to live with my fiance once he comes back from the military (which is 8 months).

Or do I go solo and do what I want to get out of my system... I want to join the military, I want to travel, I only want a relationship with my fiance but he already got that out of his system. I recent found god in y life been thinking a lot about religion. My only guess from that dream is the battles I am struggling today before I hit 20, I am hoping that I will find an answer to what I want to do with out making a mistake I might regret. Spiritually and mentally. If anyone has advice feel free to give it

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soulcarnival (6 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-16)
well, certainly you can change your life for the better. Be trusting and faifthful to god, he's always listening even though it doesn't seem like it. There's a reason why you have that gift, so it's very good you embraced it. I'm still young since 16 isn't actually independance, but it might seem like things are rushing in your life. Calm your feelings and clear your head, and you'll see what's best for you. 😉
Lumirel (10 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-19)
Life might be hard at all times, specialy when you live "several lifes" at once. We dream, there we live in nightmares or dreams, we might have even visions there from past or future lifes. We often are quite different due to adaptation at work, near family members etc.

Your struggling with what to do might look big, you can pray to "God", or focus on your inner "You"... Whatever way you choose, do it without pressure, try to relax and let the wind guide you. The best 1st answer is the one you give yourself when you ask laudly, think just about the question, but do not try to answer anyway. Answer will come itself, maybe exactly at the moment when you ask, maybe later when you stop focusing.

If you are trying to find peace and optimism, read something about buddhism, that quite helps and it has many ways. Meditations might help you, aswell as just observing your life for a while without making any big desitions.

Anyway, good luck on your travels.
Hidden_Girl (2 stories) (8 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-18)
Truly I understant. I can not give you advise on life. But I stuggled and tried to find my way. The one thing I have learned is trust in god. It is great that he is with you as he is with me. I would tell you to pray to him and let him help you for he has helped me with my life and choices. Sometimes I think every thing is going so wrong but it always turns right all thanks to god. Just put your faith in god let him help you find the way your looking for and all your confused thoughts. Sometimes it hard for me to just let god lead me but it is worth it in the end. Since everything I have been through and he has helped so much.
I wish you the best luck with life.

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