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Girlfriend Sees Ghosts, I Heard Things


My girlfriend had first mentioned her abilities to me when she said her grandma's house was haunted and she would see ghosts and have very strange dreams while there. Then a couple months afterward she told me that she actually sees ghosts often, sometimes they follow her and interact with her, sometimes she sees them in the same place every time we pass that spot. I have every intention of believing her, but there are times I have my doubts, and it's more of a seeing believing thing. She says her mother has the same experiences, and she also mention that she has deja vu often. She can fully communicate with some of these apparitions, and has even mentioned communicating through thought. Her whole situation has me very intrigued and has led me to a lot of research on the subject, and I would really appreciate any help or advice for her or myself.

Now as for my experiences they are somewhat different and very limited and less reliable. But when I was young I could hear voices before I went to bed, or when I was laying down and relaxed. These voices didn't come every night by any means, some weeks I would hear them almost every night sometimes it would be six months to a year before I heard them again. Almost every time I hear them, I just hear an uncountable amount of people saying my name and different volumes and emotional tones, or I will be unable to understand what the voices are saying. I would like to mention, that I'm hearing these voices in my head, not as if there is someone next to me talking. It's as if I'm zone out and listening to them.

Anyways, I hadn't heard them for a while, until yesterday, when I laid down in my room after work at about 6:45 pm. It was extremely quiet and I was very relaxed, and it started out with a feeling in my ears, almost a wooshing noise, its really hard to explain, but then I started tuning in to it more with every woosh until I was completely zoned in to these noises. Once zoned in I was hearing planes flying, then I heard a man begin to talk, then a woman responded and a started a conversation. I could tell they were lovers, and they were speaking of a war. After listening to the conversation for a while. The tuned in feeling abruptly stopped, and I was totally back to the eerie quietness of my room, it only felt eerie after listening to the conversation. This whole experience felt like some kind of flash back of someone else's life, I was very confused... THE STRANGEST PART IS, as I was laying there after wards, there was something that compelled me to turn my head to the right, I resisted for about a minute, before giving into the feeling of needing to turn my head... When I did nothing special happened except for the feeling going away, I didn't see anything, just a feeling of relief. I would also like to point out that I can somewhat feel energies from people, just good or bad feelings about them before I meet them and the continuous feelings afterward, I often describe it as their air, but not for sure if its anything. I'm also really in tune to my dreams, I enjoy them immensely, and often feel the need to tell people or write them down, and sometimes experience myself finishing a dream physically for a moment after I wake up.

I realize that for my above experiences it could be a number of things, such as just my mind playing tricks on my, and me just being a people person. But as for her this seems like it's either real or she is needs some extreme medication, but she is one of the more sane people I know, therefore I'm leaning towards the fact that she really can see and communicate with spirits. Any insight would be AMAZING, Thanks!

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loolum (guest)
14 years ago (2010-01-21)
You need to realise, even though you may doubt your girlfriend, that she is being honest. Why would your trusted girlfriend make up these stories? Why? Is she delusional? To tell her friends how gullible you are? Or for a sick sense of self-satisfaction knowing she is good at making up stories?
Even though the doubt may constantly come back, just try to think-- why would she be lying? So, bear with her, and support her, because these things could get overwhelming for her.

I don't know what you should do about these 'voices' you hear. Maybe, which may sound a bit far-fetched, you could do some reasearch on what you heard, and felt.

You have always had a gift, as with me, I have had so many on and off stages, and spending time with your girlfriend has made you more open, more psychically aware.

You are not crazy, or just being silly. So many other people on this site are posting these things, thinking they have something wrong with them, but theyre just having trouble accepting their 'gifts'.

Try to develop these gifts, because not many people have these kind of things. Meditate often, and try to reach a state of mental and emotional harmony, and concentrate, listen. You might just reach a break-through, something that will inspire you to continue developing these ablities.

Hope I helped:)
blueangel777 (2 stories) (23 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-25)
your girlfriend is a psychic medium research it and you will understand more I'm one too, my boyfriend freaks out why? His mother is dead and she comes to me I gave him proof it was her and he was like totaly freaked out by my gift lol. Peace.

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