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Talking To Two Spirits In My Dream


I had a dream that meant so much to me. In the dream I was me exactly to the touch. It like if I was investigating something I was in there trying to find some answers. I remember that I was in a old house my parents own. It was very odd to dream of that house when all the evil happened to me to the house right next to it. That part was confusing. I was walking in deeper in the apartment (1st floor) I was in the kitchen the door to the porch was open. I remember that I saw two kids and they looked normal to me but I new something was strange. Like something wasn't right there were a lot of emotions that I haven't felt ever since I let there. So I talked to the kids and the boy was really mean to me but the little girl was kind. I just said hi! And smiled. They didn't reply, so I asked them if they lived there (of course I already new they were deceased). My little brother walked in and looked at the boy normally and started playing with him. The little an I were connected psychic ability. I asked her when was her birthday? She said February (my month too) I smile and then I asked her when was she born? She told me 1972. I paused for a moment, and then I told her so do you no that you have passed? She said yes and then I asked them if they new me as a child she said all the way. Then I asked what happened to me? And then she said, I can show if you allow me? I had so much trust in her that I said of course. She touched me and I walked back in to the past but with her inside of me explaining why things happened. I had it in my mind that what ever happened to me as a child was pure evil. It was not all completely true. I started to change when my mother was paying attention to other people and singling me out. In front of me she would do that. I felt that she did not care for me at that moment. I felt strange, alone that made me weak and unhappy. I started to be very negative about life. It was so amazing looking at my self so young and in pain. The little girl that was guiding me trough this was explaining how I was being hurt my mother. I was amazed of how my mom looked and how young I was all the sad emotion. But I still can't figure it out. When I woke up I told my sister without thinking someone big was here tonight. I woke up and went back to bed. I still need to sit on it for a while I still haven't figured it out yet.

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