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I've known I was psychic since I was kid. I have encountered ghosts several times. I have seen images a ghost projected to me and interpreted its story with 100% accuracy. I have had dreams that seemed more like out of body experiences. When this happens I have foretold future events to 100% accuracy.

I have determined the sex of my ex-wife's child, and the fact she cheated on me. Both experiences were out of body while I was "asleep". I saw the child's face as if it was in front of me. I saw the child later, and I was right. I also saw her have sex with another man. Soon after that I found out she was cheating on me, and ended up marrying that person.

I've always felt like I never belonged. Sometimes I think I'm crazy.

I've heard that people can control their abilities, but I don't do that. I always remain open. It always takes a lot of self control to contain it, so I just don't bother anymore. Maybe I feel more like myself if I remain open.

I can detect people's true nature. I know when someone is good or bad. I can see auras to a limited degree, but I also haven't pursued that ability.

I guess I felt like I should share my experiences with other people here because I know everyone here would understand me. I've been told by other psychics that I am psychic without them even knowing me. I believe I have decent abilities, but nothing that would make me Hollywood per say.

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Komodo (6 stories) (23 posts)
11 years ago (2009-11-27)
I always feel like I don't belong. And even though no one knows I'm psychic except myself, everyone still labels me as a freak but that's mainly because I act and look like one and the weird thing is it doesn't bother me that people call me a freak but it would bother me if people knew and called me a freak.:S So I'm about as confused as any other psychic. So I just enjoy my psychic powers to the max and try to convince my self that its normal I've just got a natural talent (I'm honestly not full of myself by the way 😁)
epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
11 years ago (2009-11-26)
Always use your gifts for the good of humanity and in times of danger. Good day 😊
BEHOLDER192875 (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2009-11-25)
I do carry on with my normal life, and the only people that do know I'm psychic are family. I hide this fact from regular people because they have the misconception that a psychic reads minds, or sees things that don't exist. I'd rather not be labeled as crazy by the normal people.
Lumirel (10 posts)
11 years ago (2009-11-24)
It seems that your subconsciousness makes you have OoBE - Out of Body Experience - when it comes to important things that you should know. (you might switch word subconsciousness for a God, or whatever you believe in)

Another ones seem to be empathy and aura-sight.

Your feeling that you do not belong here is actualy wrong. You do belong here for a reason and the reason is "The Thing" you have to figure out. That might lead to another questions and then you will have to find another answers.

Till now, I am not quite sure myself if life is prison, training ground, heaven or your own observatory of yourself.

Most psychics do feel that they do not belong here for one reason, they do feel, sense and experience things that most of others do not and that is reason why you might feel alone, strange, not belonging or sometimes even crazy.

Answers for main questions like "Why?" will give you confidence and control more than wondering. You just need to go deeper into it while at same time carrying on with your normal life and find balance, which I guess you have or at least I do hope.

I hope it helped at least a bit. And thanks for letting me know that you are around. It does not sound I mean it, but I do. At least we know we are not truly alone.

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