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The Most Extraordinary Child


This is the first time I've told my story. I honestly don't know if any one on this side can help us make sense of my son's unusual abilities. I am shaking as I type this - just remembering some of the incidences we have been through with my son. So indisputably genuine, extensive, and yet bizarre are his abilities and the occurrences that seem to follow him, that I've been completely at a loss of who to call for an explanation.

I refuse to take him to seek professional help because as a young toddler he proved without a doubt that what he was seeing was legitimate.

James was born in 1992 and was in every way a normal little boy with one exception - he hated sleeping and being alone. Some may say that sounds pretty normal and I guess he fitted in the difficult baby category, but I couldn't be too hard on him for an unusual reason. He was terrified. In his cot he would scream. We would bring him in with us and he would look around the room with his eyes wide looking at the walls and the roof and hesitantly settling down under my chin face in and sleep for the rest of the night.

At 18 months we bought him a bed. Things got weird. He would wake screaming but wouldn't get out and come to us. Instead we would find him standing on his bed in the corner pointing across the room in the dark distressed and angry. We initially put it down to nightmares until he tried to explain it to us. "A head - A head" he would say then point his finger at one side of the room and trail it across the roof to the other side, then "gone oh! A head! Gone! In the wall!".

So clear and convinced was he about what he had seen we felt rather uneasy; and although common sense told us he was remembering a nightmare, something was off.

Two months later 'I' began to see something and I was not the sort of person to allow myself to believe in such nonsense either. But the cold hard facts were floating directly above my face in the form of a soft misty orb in the pitch black night. I would move, and it stayed right where it was. Not on the roof but floating in the middle of the room. I would half sit up to make sure I was fully awake. I was. I wanted to say I couldn't believe it. But it was without a doubt - there. And a certain little someone woke up one night when I saw it and said "there! You see? You see?" and it would disappear and he would say "oh! Gone!". I felt every inch of my body inside and out CRAWL. This went on for years, and I still have encounters of the crawly kind 17 years on.

The next incident made my father's hair curl. We were visiting Mum and Dad. James was about two. Dad called me into the loungeroom where he was sitting and said "get a look at this" and nudged his head in the direction of the foyer. There's James standing all by himself looking up at - no one - having a full conversation with - no one. He was smiling up at no one and went quiet for a few seconds and answered questions by - no one - intermittently. A very convincing performance actually. Dad said to him "hey James! Who you talking to buddy?" and the answer was "Da man" with a look of dah! On his little face. "What man?". James turned around to point up at 'de man' and said "Oh gone!" His expression was now more of confusion. Then a light glimmered in his eye and he said "Come! I show you!" He took my dad by the hand and dragged him into his bedroom to his side table where a picture of my late grandfather sat and said "That man!" with a smile a mile wide! My father bit back tears.

So that was the beginning. One night when he was about 3, we tucked him in bed and left the back room light on for him and settled down to watch some tele for the evening. We checked a few minutes later and he was out to it. A few minutes later we see James walking past the loungeroom door down the hallway. "That little beggers out of bed" his father said and jumped straight up and chased him down the hall to find - NOTHING. We both saw him pass the doorway, and yet there he was in his bed sound asleep. Hadn't moved. Although we couldn't explain how, it did explain how he knew things in the mornings about the night before even though he was asleep. Things like visitors dropping in or a massive spider on the wall.

It was also at three that 'the most terrifying event' in all his years took place and I can find nothing to even give meaning to it. So if you know something about what you are about to read that can give the slightest bit of symbolism - PLEASE LET ME KNOW! To this day I am scared that there is something more sinister on James plain of communication. He was in the bath playing and singing one night. I ducked around the corner not eight feet from him to stir a pot on the stove. The singing and noise abruptly stopped followed five seconds later by a shrill scream. I almost wore the boiling water in my haste to get to him. When I did he was standing in the bath trying to get out in a frenzy. I grabbed him up and as I asked him what on earth happened - his hair was still dry which discounted slipping under - I noticed five large and long sprawled claw marks - thumb and fingers - etched across his belly much wider than his own hand could spread. They were raised and red and he explained that a white horse with a carriage and a lady with a black cloak came down through the window and the horse reared up and "went cshhhh cssshhhhhh cssshhhhh" and hurt his tummy. The only things within range of the bath were a fabric ball, a rubber duck family, a couple of bath puppet mitts and a cake of soap.


Since then its been mental telepathy, talking to relatives who have passed, passing on messages that have been received with utter disbelief but relief, hearing voices - many, many all at once and often. He sees a black cat disappearing around a corner a lot lately and unsuccessfully tries to drown out the voices with his earphones. He can't sleep because they won't leave him alone. He hates mirrors because he 'knows' he sees things as he turns around and there not there when he looks again. He feels a dark presence; he feels like something bad is happening or going to. He watches himself sleep! - in this state he is across the room from his sleeping self, has no physical feelings or weight, no thoughts no senses, no breath - he's just - there.

We both have a strong telepathic bond with each other. And up until recently he refused to talk about any of it for years for fear of being thought of as a freak or different or just trying to get attention. Now he's begging me to help him find out why and how to make it stop.

He remembers all the heads in the wall incidents and most profoundly the bath incident. From when he was little. He said they were as real as me standing here. He's seen massive fireballs converging just above tree tops at the end of our street from his bedroom window, and God knows what else he won't tell me. It brakes my heart when he asks me "Mum? Do you think I'm crazy?" I always tell him "Absolutely no way do I believe that honey. But I do think the rest of the world is".

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
6 years ago (2015-04-03)
View my PROPHILE for some advice, and the website: 'real life angel and demon encounters'. My cousin, before she was 2 years old, would lie in her cott, and look at spirits (angels?) moving about the room, in the air... Her eyes would dart here and there, and she would smile and coo. When her mum asked her what she was looking at, she pointed her finger to the ceiling, and said "friends!"... God bless the children!
Timfaraos (426 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-12)
He's not crazy. Some people can see spirits, especially children, and some can't. Give him a cross, to wear around his neck, tell him to pray to Jesus and His Angels, and read the bible. God bless!
HaVeN (guest)
11 years ago (2010-06-18)
Yur son is not crazy. He has a wonderful gift. Also, it seems he does astral projection. It is like his soul could leave his body and then come back. I also hear voices alot. Tell him not to yell at the voices. If he does from personal experience you get hurt. Also I too recently been seeing black cats too. I usally wake up with bite marks on my cheek or my arms. The bite marks are really hard to see. You can't notice them. You have to like exam me to see it. I know what your son is going through you kind of sound really worried. My mom is worried about me but I tell her I can handle it. WHen I am in school it gets destracting when spirts talk to me when I am in school. I deal with it though. Your son will be fine. I am fine and I have had experiences almost exactly like his. If the voices really annoy him tell him to ask them to leave him alone. Dont say it too loud or angry. Say it with a authoritive tone. Worked for me.

Hope this helps HaVeN 😁 ❤ 😁
Lasker2 (5 stories) (89 posts)
11 years ago (2010-05-09)
I know this is an old story, but I new data on the matter:

It seems that when a body "dies" and comes back to life, that body can then see both the "living" and "spirit" realm, and this basic line of thought explains why the people who post here can see spirits - we've all in some way touched the spirit realm enough to be put in constant contact with it.

Thus my previous suggestions about crystal work and protecting the crown energy may not work in such extreme cases.

Ask your son if he can see crosses that others can't - this is, the crucifix of Western faiths. I at one time could see what your son sees, but then some kind of spell trap sealed part of my vision - it's not a permanent thing though, as I've heard of people whose vision comes and goes.

Thus there is a way to seal at least the vision of the other realm, but you can still be attacked by it, sadly.
PathR (4 stories) (1266 posts)
12 years ago (2009-12-23)
majica he sounds wired like my husband.
My husband is more gifted than most people whom peddle their wears. He has used them to help people and since we've been together he has helps discarnate spirits move on. There are blessings and down falls for the seight, I call it!
I can tell you he will use his gift and it does not dwindle with time but can be rusty.

I have a daughter whom see's and she want's no part of it at 29yrs of age. Hopefully in her time she will use it. As a parent we can only educate ourselfs and be of aid when called upon when they hit their teens.
But I've had the privilege of sharing how it works with her from time to time.

The key for me was not to be intimidated by my husbands gift and just keep learning and practicing which has paid off.

All will be as it should be. Your a supportive mom and that is better than a full armory of psychic knowledge. "See you are accepting of him". So he feels secure, that is a number one in my book.
majica (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2009-12-10)
Thankyou for your replies; it helps to know we're not alone. Alady asked to speak with us after hearing our story and she turned out to be a spiritual healer. She wanted to let James know he is gifted and more poweful than most mediums, and that he can control it. All went well until she started talking about chakras and energy and got him to march on the spot because she "felt" he wasn't in his body properly. James said after "I know when someones yankin my chain and she is not the full quid. ". I suggested that I felt she was right about him though, but he scoffed. Maybe one day he'll be more openinded. I don't get him.
energy-trainer (1 posts)
12 years ago (2009-12-01)
Believe me your child is very strong in energetic terms and he should develop hes or hers skills 😊
Psionic (3 stories) (70 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-30)
Your son is a medium. IT IS A GIFT, NOT A CURSE. I think he is afraid of what he sees, because he hasn't learnt how it can help others. Trust me, I am a medium as well, and I remember when I was young, hiding myself under my covers, because I could sence someone in my room, that wasn't there. It was only later in life, that I learnt what I could do and fully understnad how it works, and how it should be used.
I think, try to find a local medium, and ask them about being a medium and how he can learn to develop and nuture his gift. It is a blessing trust me, and his telepathy is a bonus. Don't be afraid. There are others like you, your son and me who understand us and want to help.
I hope this helps. Good luck and thanks for sharing.:)
Sunspotter (6 stories) (109 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-26)
This sounds like your son is one powerful medium. Sorry that this post won't be very long, I'm just about to fall asleep and felt like I needed to check up on this site. As for the tub incident, that's some scary stuff. I've only caught glimpses of figures out of the corner of my eye. Seeing them in full view is one thing, and physical contact is another, let alone negative phsyical contact. Your son is powerful, and he should watch out as sometimes spirits aren't in favor of particularly powerful individuals.
PathR (4 stories) (1266 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-25)
majica you can check around for a spiritualist church. This will help with your son's in training since he see's as a medium seeing and communicates with spirits.

The heads he saw has to do with the energy that occured in peoples deaths.
Capital punishment in Australia.

Orbs are energy which can be ancestors, deceased persons, guides, angels, some believe devine helpers are the catagories.
For you described at 2 he described your fathers dad that he chatted with.

At 3 years old your dad viewed your son as he astral projected. You and your dad viewed your sons Etheric double.

The bath with marks on him indicates a lot of activity of the past with the present which turned into a portal area at your dads hm. Usually this happens on the astral plane when people get marks.

My husband has seen since 5yrs old now a middle aged man and has strong will and is able to turn off the voices and see. He only has problems if there is a hot spot of spirits as portals.
But we live in a place where dead are buried from the plague in England and he is able to block them out with no help. So there is hope for your son. I believe your son is an old soul. Take him to a good spiritualist church. You may have to look around.

cyopathic (5 stories) (513 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-25)
Well I am back just letting every one know I am okay. I have not been able to help a lot of people and I feel very guilty not being able to reply after I might be able to help. But back to your son majica, it seems to me like your son has some real time trouble with spirts. Well I will try and help you with what I know. You say you are from Australia, it scares me alittle about that spot on the map with the tribes that lived there that where said to be related to europe but let's not get to techy right now I might get carried away but your son is strong and this is kind of similar to what all psychics go through or well I should not say "all" but the next step is your family history to see if your family might have had any psychic-
Experences or psychics but samething right but I feel like I am spaming or getting in the way you have a lot to deal with send me a e-mail so I can help.

Sincerly- Cyopathic
JVALLE24 (guest)
12 years ago (2009-11-25)
You son is powerful and I know that everything will be ok for him. My advise is, its ok to inform yourself of one day what your son will become. But it would be a good idea to relax it a bit. One thing that is very inprtant is that you are not alone. You have and angle an your son does to. God is with you and he talks all you have to do is listen. Lol

Here is my email for more help ok

Jaklin_valle [at]

Don't be afraid that nothing bad will happen to your son. He has a great desteny a head of him and he is well protected. 😳 ❤
Lasker (5 stories) (48 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-24)

My theory on very specific figures is that the variety of spiritual beings depicted in paintings and art across cultures actually exist, and at one time belonged to living people.

A reason why your son was attacked might be that in a past life his soul fought with the Higher Form that attacked him - I say Higher Form because the thing you described was more developed than the usual wisp spirits.

Indigo children often describe memories that they could not have had (because they're kids) implying that all people born with high level psychic abilities have the soul of a psychic from a different body, and even from a different time.

When psychics were known as wizards, they used their powers to fight each other. Thus when a child is attacked by a Higher Form, they may be mistaken for the psychic's past life form.

And the crystal method does work, though belief is central to success with this method.

Kids may not believe it will work, though perhaps if he thought of it as magic he would be more likely to succeed?

Is he a Harry Potter fan by any chance? Those books actually hold a lot of methods for psychic defense, disguised as fiction.

Just make sure to run the crystal under cool water to remove previous energy - or just consult with a crystal merchant that would know about energy practices.
epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-24)
When I was young I always saw shadow people attacking or disturbing me while I am sleeping at night specially when lights had been turned off. I experienced being cursed by black dwarfs living on trees because I happen to destroy their home which is like an ant home under a big old tree. I asked for a faith healer (albularyo in filipino words) who understand on this kind of field. An old woman who is an albularyo told me that I had made the beings that was living in an old tree mad that cannot be seein by an ordinary eye. She said to offer prayers and chicken blood to the trees so that my strange illness goes away. And after weeks the pain was gone. 😊
majica (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-24)
Thank you for your responses. I will attempt to get him to give the chrystal thing a go, though can you believe him? He's sceptical! The kid sees a horse coming through a window at him but doesn't see how a chunk of rock can help him! It's got to be the age... And Anne - yes I have always felt he was suppose to be somebody great; with a very special calling in life, but I could be biased 😉.Does any body know "anything" about the damn horse? If it physically hurt him as a baby, what else could it do to him? I never felt any closure on the incident and so it still feels like he's open to more. What kind of spirit would hurt a child? Maybe one trying to nip him in the bud? Isn't there a white horse in revelations? I can't find anything and I have researched this for years. I also can't help thinking that the build up will come to a head in the near future. Is my mentioning 2012 a little pie in the sky? Maybe I'm the crazy one. This doesn't fit in with who we are. I want it to go away and be normal.
Lasker (5 stories) (48 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-24)
The spirit world ignores most people, but when you're psychic you see it, and it sees you.

This ranges from astral walking to attracting spirits, "demons," and other higher forms.

A theory I have is that people have always protected themselves from spirits by wearing hats over their crown point - a couple religions have this type of cap that only covers the top of the head.

For your son, he might try wearing a baseball cap or a hat he likes and placing copper or silver along the top of it, in the style of a helmet, so that it covers all of his skull area - thus if it's a casual looking hat he can wear in public without anyone knowing what's underneath. This might be able to block his psychic brainwaves, which could prevent spirits from finding him.

And if he can output energy from either hand, he can combine that energy with willpower to fight off spirits, and to program items he holds in his hand to be guarded from spirits - psychics use crystals, clear quartz is popular.

How he would do this is hold the crystal in his dominant hand, and think really hard about being protected from spirits. He should feel his energy enter the crystal. When it's done, the crystal can be carried in a pocket and will do what it was programmed to do.

I'm working on a wordpress blog if you want more specific defense guides:

AnneV (4 stories) (1063 posts) mod
12 years ago (2009-11-24)
Your child has an extra thin veil between this world and the next. That is indeed stressful, especially for one so young. I agree with you that your child is sane and the world is crazy. It's unfortunate that he's lived with so much fear and not being able to share more of this due to the criticism he'd surely receive. Luckily, he's got you for a parent.

I've yet to run into anyone who can shut this off without the use of drugs and I doubt you want to go there.

As your child grows into adulthood, it will become more apparent why this karmic lesson is his to own. He is probably here to help people in some capacity and needs these experiences early on to build the spiritual strength to be a leader. Hopefully this can all turn out positively. I know it must feel like a curse in many regards but it can also be a gift. When you feel the maturity is there, you might want to begin some basic sharing of information on chakras, auras, etc. The more we know, the better we can control what happens to us.


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