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Memoirs Of The Past: A Psychic Story


My story started when I was very young. I once came up to my mom and said our grandpa would die when I was in Sixth grade and I was in third grade then. My mom remembered this and he passed away when I was in sixth grade. I would say certain things and they would happen. Slowly that ended and I began to see pictures when I met people.

They were strange pictures full of emotions and information from their life. When I was in 8 grade I told this aunt of mine that she did not have to feel sorry about her mother in law who made life a little difficult for her. She was stunned and then I went on to tell her a lot.

This happened more than often and I would go to theaters and I would meet people and I could see their life history and their emotions so clearly and I would tell them and leave them aghast. I started working and I remember I told something to this boy and he was so scared of me that he asked the company to change his cab (our company provided cabs for employees) to a different one so that he would not have to come with me. Later I started reading tarot cards and it helped people and they came and said what information you gave us helped us a lot.

I do not wish to tell about what all I did rather about the emotions associated with seeing things from the past. All these come in a flow. A flurry of pictures, emotions strong emotions with different phases about the persons life. Pictures of their homes the people they are close to and everything about them. Names and people they are closest to, their pictures. This varies from person to person and something I get a lot of information while at other times I am wrong too.

Now people come and say read us. Come on I am not a computer or a machine. It happens when it happens. When it happens, Its strange and I get into this mode where I am a personal database of the other person and know things about them which they would not have told anyone. Its strange.

The other strange part about me is I influence electronics around me. Like I was really upset and I was writing a letter to a friend crying all the time. I soon realized the keyboard was not typing the letters properly and some keys stopped working and the letter came like I skipped certain words and the space bar did not work. So words were stuck. Its like when you cry and tell someone something. The letter looked like that. This happened today only and I was stuck by the strangeness of the incident.

My computer freezes when I am in a bad mood and I have to chill and talk to it. I keep getting electric currents when I touch metal its scary.

I just wish to help people in any way with this energy, power what ever you call it. I try and help them understand their life situation and give answers through tarot card reading but I have a long way to go. I just wish to grow this power. I have read meditation really helps. I have to try it, and be regular about it. Right now I am not.

Initially I thought it only happened to me only to realize I am not the only one, which was a big relief.


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Targ_Collective (1 stories) (49 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-27)
Oh, gods. Tell me about it. Since I made the decision to offer my guidance to people on this site every night before I go to sleep I have to endure a 'hall of faces' of sorts. I figure these are all people I'm going to meet and help, heal, or maybe endure. They aren't very clear images and they come in a veritable blizzard but believe me, it's freaky!

What you're doing is receiving messages and passing them on to people. It's okay, it's one of the more common psychic experiences - it would seem you're very good at it.

Well, email me and I can help you develop this. If it's right that you should receive something it's right; if it's not, you won't. Do yourself a favour and chill out about it.
air_air_air (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-20)
you should realy tr to ground yourself. It realy helps. I do it often enough that I can control my abilities. All you have to do is imagin that there are roots in the souls of your eet htat go all yhe way to the center of the earth and wit them they are carrying all your negative energy.

As for controling electronic, try controling them when your not stressed it could come in handdy sometime.

Laur-Lee 🤔
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-19)
Amy4friend you described a few things.
One your nature abilities to read intuitively,psychically,clairvoyantly past/present.

As with all of us it takes years to become skilled. Meditation is helpful, but if you can incorporate it so that it is fun and relaxing not a job. You will find it enjoyable. Meditation serves to ground and also creates an environment for us to collect information from our guides/helpers/angels.
It also serves so that we become accustomed to monitoring/balancing our own energy.

You described that computers react. For myself this has happened when I am stressed, or ungrounded because of interaction with work or situations around me.

With any type of tool even the Tarot. You may already be clearing the Tarot after reading and the area. It is also a good idea to use the figure of an Eight. One loop goes around yourself and the other around the person. Doing this whenever you open up to receive information will serve to cut the connection plus keeping your own energy clear. Plus shielding.

Google: Oracle101 user name.
He just put out a post Dec 14th. His original post he has many suggestions for exercises plus tips contacting your guides,shielding.

PS its ok to tell people immediately that you do not guarantee anything. Allow yourself to be human and not have to mass produce information.


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