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I Feel It Before It Happens


When I was a little girl my mother died, I don't remember anything before a few days prior to her death. My older brother and I had been visiting her and my younger sister for the holidays. I was five or six years old at the time. We had all been playing outside in the parking lot of the motel she was living in. I had fallen and scraped my knees and she came outside after hearing my cry. She took me inside and cleaned up my cuts.

For some reason this strange feeling came over me and I had a longing to be closer to her. A that time I thought nothing of it until a few days later when she was leaving, I knew when she walked out that door something was wrong. I looked for her out of the bathroom window and couldn't sleep, then her boyfriend came and that's when this strange feeling of panic came over me and I was demanding to see my mother... My brother and sister awoke at this point and he took us to where she was at. She came to the window of the car and all seemed well but I could feel like something was wrong but I didn't know what... I told her that I loved her and she gave me hugs and kisses and left and, as we drove away, I knew that I would never get anymore hug or kisses from my mother again.

The next day my uncles came and took us to our play aunt's house somewhere close by and we spent the night there. When night came, I sat staring out the window and at the end of the street I saw my mother standing there staring at me. I told my brother and sister that she was dead. At this point we didn't know where our mother was and or even that she was dead for that matter, so when I told them this, they accused me of lying and and were upset but I knew she was, because I had seen her ghost and I realized why I had been feelings the way I was feelings for the past few days.

The next day our uncles returned and took us home and that's when our grandmother told us what had happened. My brothers and sister broke out in tears but I didn't cry, because I had already knew and already accepted this before she told me. I had told her why I wasn't breaking down like the others after she stared at me curiously for several moments.

After that I had other experiences. They stopped being just feelings that something was wrong. I would get images in my head. When my best friend's grandma (who she lived with and was like a grandma to me) died, several months beforehand, I dreamt of her laying in a casket with pale greenish skin and then in other dreams, I would see her just sitting on the couch... After my dreams started, my friend told me that her grandma was starting to get sick and that they didn't think she was going to live very long. I never told her about my dreams and I didn't even go to the funeral service. She told me that her grandma died on the living room sofa and that no one knew, they all assumed she was just sleeping, and that even though they tried to apply make up to her and make her look nice in death, her skin was a palish green and she looked horrible. This scared me.

But it doesn't even stop there. I remember these same things happening to me about a woman I consider to be my mother, my older cousin who died of liver cancer and my grandfather after my grandpa died for several year, this feelings and images stopped. I think perhaps these feelings and images stopped because when my grandpa died I felt as if I had finally lost one of the last important people in my life. All I had left was my grandmother who is still alive. I thought perhaps I could only see the deaths of people who I really cared for and loved and held close to me.

For about four or so years they stopped until I meet my boyfriend and his entire family was so warm and so welcoming and I took them all in as my brothers and sister and niece and his mother as a mother figure and I grew close with all of them and they accepted me. I remember being at my cousin's house for about a week and for a few days I was really depressed again and I couldn't figure out why. I would occasionally think of jordan's grandma and the last time I had saw her and then one day right before I got in the shower, they called me and told me she had passed and after that, tammy, my boyfriend's mother, and I were sitting in the living of the new house they were in.

At this point I had started having images again. These were different though they weren't sharp clear images with just one person, its was blurred and there were multiple people and different scenes, three to be exact. I would see my sister and then my dad and then jordan and all his brothers they all seemed to have known that they were in danger and I couldn't take it anymore. It was starting to take over my thoughts when I was awake, I couldn't think of anything else, all I could think about were these images, so while tammy and I were sitting watching NOTHING on tv once again, here the images came. I couldn't keep it to myself anymore I told Tammy that I had been getting this feelings and images and that someone close to me was going to be hurt maybe even die. She told me not to worry about it I'm just stressed about the things that were going on, so I did.

I returned home two days later and that following weekend I was dreaming that I was with julian's jordan youngest brother and we were all at a party. It was still unclear but I knew it was julian who I was with and that it was a party we were at. I don't remember everything except that got a phone call at 4 that morning and it was jordan. His brother julian had been shot twice in the head leaving a party. My heart dropped. He told me that they didn't think that he was going to make it actually, that there was no one he would make it but if he did she would be a vegetable. I didn't cry I just prayed that he would be okay and make it out normal and I called everyone I knew and asked them to pray, my aunts and cousin in other states, my friends on myspace. I put the word out there and asked everyone to pray and Julian made it.

He lived through it and turned out not to be a vegetable. The doctors at the hospital which just so happens to be one of the BEST and most ADVANCED called him "The Miracle Boy" and it doesn't even seem as if he was ever shot. Although he still has one bullet in his head. His scars have actually faded, there used to be bold spots where the bullets entered and the one exited but they are covered now by his hair and she can read and count better than before and walks fine and is still the goofball that he was before.

Does anyone have these experiences or know anyone who does?

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pj (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-20)
I have the same thing were I would have dreams and theycwould happen but they arnt really bad. And I have another kind were what ever I say would happen it dosent matter if I talk about my self or someone else I can't controle it I'm trying go thoe but if I say something without thinking it would happen even to people not close to me 😲
mozelee7 (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-04)
This happens to me as well. They come to me without any warning really. In fact, I found this site because I am getting that eerie feeling that something is wrong right now. No visions though. I'm rather fearful of this one however, because the night before I had a dream of my mother dieing. It was disturbingly realistic actually, and she is planning a weekend trip with her new boyfriend soon. I'm hoping that dream was nothing more than a dream because this feeling has happened before. Sometimes, I get visions, or random thoughts. Sometimes they are just flashes every once in a while. Then the eerie feeling follows soon after. After that is when I get a phone call or someone coming to my house to tell me someone has died. Right now I would like to know how to channel into whatever causes this to happen so I can better understand what is going to happen so I could possibly prevent it if possible.
The thing is, I'm not a negative person. My glass is always half full and I smile all the time. Why have I been given this "gift" (if you can call it that)? I hate seeing death and feeling a spiritual like pain deep in my heart. Having to grieve death before it even happens.
Jrmusante (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-10-08)
Hello I have a feeling that no one will read this but whatever. When I was about 6 I had this dog my hole life and I woke up the night before Christmas eve at my moms house. The dog is at my dads house like 5 miles away. So I woke up and ran into my moms room and I told her that my dog had died and that he got hit by a car on the road right in frount of my house. So I didn't really tell anyone else about that. But on the Christmas day I went to my dads house and my dog wasn't there and I said dad I want my dog and he told me that he wasn't her right now. Then I had knew what had happen and I told my dad what had happened. He said to me that my dog was hit by a car on the road that I had said at just about the same time that I had woken up to tell my mom. So I have basicly just put that behind me. I have had no one or nothing close die lately. And I have had many near death experences and never had dreams about them before they happened. About a year ago I started having very bad night mares. I never sweat not even when I run a 5k in 90 degree weather. But these night mares would wake me up sweating. Most of them were just sad and empty. I am not scared of many things other then the unknown and things that I have no control over. But after a while the dreams stopes. But tonight like a year later from my last night mare it had happened again. I do not understand why. Today was just a normal boring day in the country, well my mom got a new job but that was it. So I had 2 night mares they were between 1am and 4 am the first one was that my mom stayed at the frount gate to wait for something and my and my sister just walled back to our house and after about 30 minutes I thought that it had been to long so I grabbed a huge kinfe next to my bed and ran to the frount of my proptry where my mom had been but she wasn't there. Instead of her and her truch there were 2 cars one grey and the other I do not remember. So I ran back to my house and on my way I saw my moms f250 parked where it is always parked. No one was in the truck and the roof of it had been tourn off. So I ran inside to call the cops and my phone line was disconnected and my cell phone was gone and I couldn't get any help on the Internet. And that was the end of that dream. I don't know why I had it because I haven't seen any scary movies or somethig like that. The seccond dream was of my grandpa he is still alive and he is 84 years old. In my dream I was with him and were trying to fix his old car and he was mad at him self because he is not as strong as he use to be. That was all that I remember in that dream other then I had a feeling that his time on earth was limited and that no one could do anything about it. Some things that always worrie we are that there is so much hate in this world. I just know that like any day soon there is going to be some missle launched from somewhere. And I know that the Usa being as cockie as we are would declare a nuclear war on them. And there is just so much bad stuff happening around the world that it is hard for me to fall asleep at night. The one thing that bothers me the most is that my life sucks. Both of my parents are poor and I live In a trailer. I go to a school with people that are so rich that it's just unbelivable. And when I'm just siting down doing nothing at my pos house I always think of what all the rich people my age are doing. Like how can life he so unfair that some people can be born into poverty and. Know that there are a lot more people that are a lot worse off then me. But there are those rich kids that don't even realize how lucky they are, and every thing is just given to them. I know that I got off topic but maybe that has to do something with my dreams but idk. All I know for sure is that by life kind of blows.
YTCD (1 posts)
16 years ago (2008-11-19)
I have these same experiences. I'm able to see anything bad that happens to ME before it happens. I will say something that will contredict what happens in the future.

Instead of it being death related, I see anything that happens to me and it is usually with operating something like a vehicle. A few not operating related but mainly something vehicle.

I started beliveing in the supernatural when I was 16 and I was driving a maxima and I had a black cat cross in front of me and I said "watch something bad happen to me" well the day after that I had a rock out of no where hit my windshield and crack it (literaly no where I was driving and there were corn fields on my left and right and no cars in front of me, and a rock came out of no where), then my tire went flat, and then I crashed my car all in the same week.

I've had several similar experiences, there's this road that never has any cops ever, and in my entire life at the moment I had never seen a cop on that road, well I was on my way to work in a rush and I got the feeling that there was a cop up ahead and I brushed it off because I had never seen a cop before on that road, and what do you know a cop was running radar 1/4 up the road.

I have stuff like this happen all the time.

I work at Dominos as a delivery driver, and all of a sudden these past few days I've had really bad luck. My sign fell off my car that was connected by 4 huge magnets, I had several terrible orders that night (wrong address put in by the order employees), and other very stupid things that happened. That night on the way home from work I accidently spun tires in a church and said to my self watch something bad happen. Next morning (today) on the way to get a hole bunch of things done and to go to work after that my tire blows out and miss doing all of the things I needed to do and barely make it to work on time. Then tonight at dominos the manager didn't want me putting a sign on my car and neither did I because it costs 150 dollars for each one and one of the other drivers wanted me to have one and got pissed and went with me to go put it on my car even though I said I don't want one until I talked to the owner. Well that same delivery I was going out for I go to an address and then to a church leave the church and was coming around the curve and all of a sudden my car goes jolting off the side of the road hits the straight up enbankment (about a foot away from the road) and flips because the tires ran on hard root.

Now I find myself wondering why am I able to predict all of these things (I didn't go into much detail on how I predict it before it happens but its either little things that present itself and I just say in my head something that ends up happening or I just think right before it happens something that has something to do with what happens and what I say in my head what will happen almost always has something to do with what happens.

I come here tonight trying to find what this is, I even thought that maybe God gave some people a little something superpowerish or something that is quite amazing and on the same line/stretch of the universe some people terrible traits.

I think its wierd that somebody else in here hasn't ever had a nightmare ever. I never can recall a nightmare and know I never have had one. Even when I was little my brothers showed me horror movies because I begged them and told me I'll have night mares. I got quite frightened by some of the things but never had a nightmare. The closest thing I've came to a nightmare is like in a fight where I'm winning and instead of addrennilen I wake up with my heart racing and me sweating. Nothing scary or bad but just the same feeling you get when your heart drops or something bad happens to you like a car wreck, etc. And I only have those maybe every 7 years.

I would love to hear more about this from the people that/anybody that has experiences like the thread starter, me, any of the posters, or anything similar.

Contact me a YTCD1111 [at]
Good (12 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-10)
The church that I go to teaches about a the Holy Ghost, and how it is a companion throughout life that has no body, but is in spirit form, and who's presence/spirit can be felt by anyone or everyone at the same time, for the purpose of helping us to know good from evil, and protecting us... And so forth, and teaching us truth from falseness, and helping us to decipher if someone is good or bad, or if something is good or bad...anyway...

I've tried this... To become more intune with this sense, pray to God... Or Reflect upon this thought... Help me Father, to recognize the Promptings of the Holy Ghost when they come, so that I don't dismiss them as nothing, and when I do recognize the promptings, please help me to have the strength to listen to them, and then to act on those impressions, and please help me that I will be able to do this and become more in-tune with the SPIRIT so that I will be able to be kept safe, and etc... And whatever else - the reason you desire it... And this will help you to personally reflect upon this unseen force/gift that can be yours, if you but take time to kneel down (this let's your body and mind know you are not going anywhere, so it will stop thinking of things like such), and then fold your arms (so that the limbs of your body are united back to the body and close together as one), and close your eyes, (so that you are not distracted my movement and etc... Becaue you will be distraced by the thoughts that come through viewing, and you will not be able to focus on that one thought of yours), and then begin to Pray, (Reflect inwards, in order to viually see yourself portrayed in life, and begin to feel the big picture, as you as part of it, and not it, and begin to really see and understand how you correspond with yourself in your life, reflect upon what you've done, what you wish to change, pray with reall intent that you might be able to change, and pray for the desire to become who you visualize yourself as becoming (and it should be something good,wholesome, and worth while, and important to you)'s worked for me, and I've become closer to gaining knowledge and truth from a void it would seem, that lends it's wisdom, wisdom that you didn't know was there, and sometimes you wonder how you could acquire such a treasure... It works, people have been out of tune with this sense/ gift/'s just like anything else in your life that you have strived for, and have succeeded in accomplishing... You just have to try, you don't have to know how, but you will need to have faith in yourself... It is very important, and if you don't, then acquiring that confience in yourself, is a step that could be useful... Good luck!
Good (12 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-10)
TO go along with the whole death thing, recently, like within the last month, I had a dream I don't normally have! I don't have nightmares... And when I do, they aren't considered nightmares, they are another form of dream that isn't really a this nightmare, probably the only one I've had for years, woke me up, and my heart was beating out of place, and I was breathing hard... Not normal for me...actually, never happened, I drempt...well, I found myself in my dream in the dark... Imagine that, you are already asleep, and it's dark in your room right, and then subconsciousely, your dream takes place in the dark... So at first, my mind did not notice it... Until I started to feel something... It got my minds attention... I was now half awake, but didn't know it... Then I heard some weird scuffs and breathing, but still, I didn't know what to make of it... Until finally, it felt like there was an animal nearby - the impression being, not a very good animal... Like a bear or something... Then I started paying attention... But my mind still thought it was reall, so then I got the sensation that my body was numb... The beast was already upon me, and I could feel little impulses as if it were bighting into me and pulling at me with it's teeth... So then, it started to freak me out a little... I then wanted to get away from it... I believe I was laying on the ground next to a car at night - in the dream... And so, finally, I woke up and was breathing pretty hard, and I got the impression that I should pray for someone, then the thoght of who I should pray for came to mind, my sister, Holly...but, then I had another friend named Holly, and so I decided to pray for Those who need help...
...So, that was pretty freaky...
Good (12 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-10)
I also had another experience, where I was driving the family car, with the whole family in it, a big responsibility, since their lives are in your hands... And while I was driving, suddenly my whole attention went to a car, waiting to cross the highway up, that was definately an impression... So I watched the car, and prepped myself for what I would do if it pulled out in front of me, also, I noticed, there was a bar nearby the car, and as I got closer-driving down the highway, I noticed that the car in front of me, was blocking me from the view of The Car, waiting to cross the highway up ahead of us... That is not good I knew, so as we drew nearer, I checked my mirrors, and sure enough, as I was passing by, the car, decided to pull out into my lane... If they were looking, they would have seen me, I believe, but they weren't, to avoid an accident altogether, I swerved over into the other lane, instantaneousely... The car pulled out a 1/4 of the way into my lane, if I weren't paying attention, it could have been bad...also, who knows how I would have reacted, and who knows anything... So yes, I thank God for that one!
Good (12 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-10)
Also, I've woken up before, and have seen the faint outline of a person sitting on the edge of my bed during the night, and they faintly lit up the room, but only like 5%, and they were almost like a holographic image, white and a very faint blue, but they were not very bright. The person was just sitting on my bed, looking at me, and I can't remember, but I think there was another person by the doorway, it was almost as if, the person on my bed was there to watch over me.
Good (12 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-10)
I had an experience where I was driving down the road, and for some reason I had the impression come over me, that I wanted to look further down the road, and so I found myself looking down the road, and not knowing why, but looking, and so I continued to look, and as I did, I noticed a person, walking in black clothes, on a dark night, on a black road, was walking in front of me, and if I had not noticed, by time I had gotten up to speed, and also because I was listening to music, I would probably have hit the person... And I can also remember thinking upon this idea many times before, "what if there was a person just sitting out in the middle of the road, do I ever pay attention enough to notice if there were a person, even though I don't expect it?" and I've had that thought 3 times in the previouse months...interesting, huhhh? I'm glad I had the impression to look, because I do believe I would have hit the person and not even have noticed.
dreamweaver (2 stories) (11 posts)
17 years ago (2007-10-20)
You have a very strong gift here. There are many times that this has happened to me. When I was just a teenager I had the feeling that my grandmother was going to die months before it happened. It was actually around the time that I started to notice that I had "odd experiences". I was especially close to my grandmother and was devistated, but I didn't immediately break down into tears because I had been feeling that it would be soon. I get that feeling a lot with people. The day my Granddaddy died, I felt morrose and depressed most of the day and then when I got back to my apartment I had a message to call my dad. I knew what it was, I knew he was gone. My husband's grandparents were all living when we got married. They have now all passed away. A month or more before each of their deaths all I would have to do was get near my husbands parents and would just have a thought pop into my head "it's time to go see them, it's going to be soon..." I never really said anything to anyone, until the last few years. I always was afraid that people would think I was wierd or crazy, but too many things like this, as well as other things have happened to me now that I just can't ignore this any longer. Keep your mind open and there are people on this site that may be able to help you control these experiences you have a little better.
TheSecret (guest)
17 years ago (2007-09-06)
This has happened to me in the past; most notably the evening before WTC. I found myself running through every emotion there is for three hours; anger, rage, fear, sadness... And I had no reason or explanation. I could not understand why I was so upset. I felt as if I were going through an emotional overload. This had never happened to me before nor since. Eventually I was so drained I fell asleep a little past midnight. The next day, it all made sense to me. I wish I could have interpreted my feelings at the time, but there was no way for me to know what I was experiencing because it was a first. I know that if there is a next time, I will do more to understand what I'm feeling.

If you feel things, explore them inside your own self to find the source, and if you can uncover it in time, try to do something to change it. If you can't, don't be upset about it. Life washes over us in waves, some good, some bad, and we need the lows to enjoy the highs.
golight (1 stories) (2 posts)
17 years ago (2007-09-06)
Its interesting that you really pick up on high emotional content. I had a number of similar experiences in my late teens and early twenties. Although the events scared me , life was quite busy at the time I did not spend a lot of time investigating or trying to understand or manage / develop this ability, and through to my late thirties I would still pick up on high emotional content events (funerals, acidents of relations in particular). Then as my attitide to life in general changed I started picking up on a vast array of things even simple things like who I would meet and where I would be during the weekend (not yet planned). Then only a number of weeks ago through a story I posted on this site, and taking on the advice in the respones I have literally found a whole new world. Its hard to describe, but through reading a number of books and doing some simple meditations I find my self energised and in a sense "in control" not afraid any more. I firmly believe that I can also have a positive influence , maybe not on the event but certainly in the proactive support of people.

Cherish this abilty and it will serve you well...
iseedoors (1 stories) (10 posts)
17 years ago (2007-09-01)
Wow you really do have a good abillity there, I can understand why it doesent really make you happy though. Like you can probably tell from my name, I only see doors that have been covered up. But anyway trust your instincs and don't think anyone's going to think your weird. We don't on this site and we've never even met you. No real friends would ever think that you are weird. If they do theyre not very good friends are they? Because friends stick with you through everything, theyre who you call when somthings troubling you, and you never know mabey they'll reveal they have a special ability as well!
rebecca (guest)
17 years ago (2007-08-31)
wow, that's pretty full blown psychic stuff there. Recently I had a dream about my husband's Grandma dying. We had no idea she was unwell - infact one could say she was fit as a fiddle. But around the same time I had this dream, she was told she had three weeks left to live. She did pull through but then in May this year I said to my Husband that he should go up to Brittany to see her if he wanted to see her one last time. She died the day after he left. It was pretty moving and I don't know why some of us can sense these things. I've always felt a bit weird about 'knowing' or dreaming stuff - like I didn't want to admit it to anyone incase they thought I was a weirdo. All I can say is that I am now at the age of 33 finally starting to accept that I have a small gift, but am determined only to use it for good.
Best of luck to you and I am pleased to hear about Julien's outcome.
From South West France,

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