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Spirit Guides Telling Me Of The Future?


It's been awhile since I posted some stories on this site. I have a question about Spirit guides or Angels. I was wondering if they could tell a person of their future and get them ready for it. My experiences began 3 years ago. I got interested in Angels and tried talking to them. I also began meditating. I had so many strange experiences over the past few years and now they have stopped. I have heard voices tell me something, I heard a specific song I like and relate to a person I'd like to meet (I had a confirmation of the music too, that could be another story), I had an OBE, I saw energy fields which were beautiful colors all around me (when I was reading the Celestine Prophecy), and I would get confirmation of certain things when I asked for answers. Its all too strange to explain fully. I have gotten used to it to a degree. But so many times I would ask if I am supposed to meet this person and have a relationship in the future and I would get confirmation of this. I still haven't connected with this person. But I think I was being prepared to do so. Any thoughts would be appreciated because it all seems to have stopped now. Maybe I reached the point of change and learning that was required. What do you think?

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-15)
We all get glimpses of the future, or at least a premonition or two, in our life. Jesus and His Angels give them to us. (and even the devil, sometimes-but he can't predict far into the future, he just wants us to trust him, by making EDUCATED GUESSES about the NEAR FUTURE. LOL!). But if we do get these, it doesn't mean we are's just a GIFT from God, and can easily be taken away! But NEVER visit tarot card readers or fortune tellers. Because they have a demon with them, and when they predict your future, that demon leaves the fortune teller, and attaches itself to YOU, and follows you home... And it makes sure that what the fortune teller told you, comes true! LOL! (I found this on the website of a very powerful EX SATANIST/WITCH, who for 25 years, associated intimately with demonic spirits, and knows occult practices like the back of his hand!). His website is: 'John' His bestselling autobiographical book is: 'OUT OF THE DEVIL'S COULDRON' by John Ramirez. Happy reading. God bless! See my prophile for more info.
IwanttoHelp (1 stories) (68 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-07)
I believe that it indeed were your spirit guides telling you of the future. Try to meditate to contact them

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