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Ouija Board Haunting


I am a believer of the Ouija board, and my friends started to use it with me. We were in the closet on the floor with our knees touching and the Ouija board in our laps. I wasn't aware of the fact that my friends were just doing this to laugh at me and prove me wrong. Suddenly it got freezing cold and the closet door was slammed shut. My friends screamed but I tried to welcome the ghost. We still had our hands on the Ouija board when our hands that were on the piece became freezing. The piece started MOVING by itself! I looked up at my friend and she swore it wasn't her. It spelled out a name: Dylan. I was excited and I asked many questions. When the ghost didn't answer for a while I decided to do yes or no questions. When I asked "Do you mind that we are children" The piece moved to No. I was a little scared then and my friends turned on the light and went out of the closet. Then the cold spot seemed to MOVE. I had the Ouija board in my lap and I was staring ahead, dazed. Suddenly a man appeared in front of me. I was scared so badly I couldn't move! My eyes were locked frozen on the man who was on the floor no more than two feet away from me! His eyes were wild and crazy and his hair was everywhere surrounding his face. He was wearing old filthy, torn clothes. He was staring at me with a locked gaze that terrified me! The man disappeared after two moments and I fell over onto my side, shaking. The man was crazy and I knew it.

I thought I was going to be haunted by this man forever and was beginning to get a bit hysteric. My friends believed me because they said they'd been calling me but I hadn't heard them or responded. My older friend, Cristy, had warned me about the Ouija board and had seen me frozen. A few days later she came back telling me that Dylan would not leave her alone. I had not seen him again so I asked what happened. She said she'd seen him and our descriptions MATCHED. Another night when all the same friends were over except for Cristy, we contacted another ghost. Not so much as contact, but I SAW her. She won't leave me alone! She's a little girl who will stand in one of the corners of my room but she won't respond when I call to her. I think she is afraid of me. I don't know how to get rid of a ghost! SOMEONE HELP ME!

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AmaNazra (2 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-21)
Hello Revsilverson,

My first thought is 'poor little girl'. Even the dead sometimes seek comfort with the living, trouble is they also seek our energy. They are attracted to us because we share the same issues and beliefs as they do. When we change our lives, or viewpoints, in a way that doesn't work for them anymore, they will often move on. Sometimes they will try and influence us back into negative behaviours, such as an alcoholic choosing not to drink anymore, if s/he has an attaching spirit it will increase the desire to go and get drunk again.

What I would ask of you is this. Please bring the lady's face to mind, or whatever you remember best about her... And then ask your angels (whether you believe in them or not) to reach out to her, to FIND her, and to take her into healing. She needs to find peace and love again, not take it in bits and pieces from those people she chooses to visit for a while.

Thank you.
Love & Light
AmaNazra (2 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-21)
Hello FF,

A couple of answers to your questions.

The reason the room became cold is because the ghosts (lost souls) you had attracted were drawing energy from the room itself, and from you and all your friends. They do this to feed and to communicate.

The entity had to be very powerful to be telekinetic, that usually means s/he been dead for a very long time.

The door was slammed to make you frightened, which is good energy to feed on for lost souls who like to create fear in their victims. Also the ghost didn't answer you, which created frustration in you, another good source of energy for them to take.

Of course it wouldn't mind if you were kids, hopefully adults would choose to disconnect from the board more quickly... Though some don't.

The cold spot moving was the ghost moving. The 'piece' (if its a triangular plastic thing with an clear piece in the middle its called a planchette) became cold because the ghost had its hand over yours.

Dylan appears to be the name of the man, from what you wrote... And he is haunting your friend Cristy. And the little girl is hanging around. If you will contact me at ghostwalker [at] I will clear both of the ghosts. They both deserve to find peace and healing, and you both deserve not to be haunted anymore.

Look me up My name is Ama and I am a spirit rescuer, among other things.

I hope to hear from you soon,
Love & Light
telekineticice (1 stories) (19 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-14)
Wow! That sounds pretty exciting yet scary. I'm kind of scared now because I just got a Ouija board a month ago and I tried to use it with my mom, but it didn't work. That was probably because she really doesn't believe in ghost that much but a little. Anyway, a way you could get the ghost out is try to talk to it. If the ghost harms you in any way then pray to god to get them away and protect you. Good luck!
revsilverson (guest)
12 years ago (2010-01-13)
first off, I hope you are asking only positive energy spirits to join you when you ouija otherwise you might get something much more than you bargained for.

The cold spot indicates to me you were in a vortex of spirit energy and that this energy followed you out of the closet makes sense. Dylan however is not the man in rags on the floor. Dylan may have something to do with this man but dylan is younger.

I know it is unsettling to have a ghost around- at least until you understand the spirit world but if it isn't doing you any harm why can't she stay? She must like it there for whatever reason so don't be in such a hurry to usher her out.

However if she starts doing things to upset you, then simply ask her to leave. Spirits usually respond to this request and leave.

I had a female spirit stand in the corner of my dining room for a couple of months. Never spoke to me just kept her head lowered with her bangs covering her eyes. One night she came and sat next to me on my couch and we watched TV. In the middle of the simpsons (yes I admit I love the simpson's!) marge suddenly began speaking spanish. I thought it was part of the show and laughed. But when the commercial came on and it was in spanish I knew my ghost had changed the language selection from english to spanish. I looked at her and she laughed and laughed. The next day she was gone. Why she was there she never told me but it wasn't an unpleasant or scary experience for me. Just part of life.

Love and Light... Always

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