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Mysterious Song


This happened a long time ago, around 1995. By then, I was still in university and working part-time. The PlayStation 1 was my video game of choice, and I had just one game to play with: Dark Stalkers. I enjoyed it very much and used to play everyday at least a little. The console was placed right below my TV-set in my bedroom, where I slept alone.

One night, I had just arrived home from a date. It was about 2 AM. I wasn't particularly tired, nor had had alcohol (nor drugs) so I decided to give the PS1 a go. I turned on the TV (which was already tuned to channel 3 - video game!), turned on the video game and went to the bathroom. The door was right beside the TV-set, so I waited to hear the usual music the PS1 plays while starting up. But, to my surprise, what came to my ears wasn't music, but in fact a song!

I returned to my room to check the TV. Instead of the PS1/Sony logo screen, the TV had black screen with that song going on. There were bass, guitar, drums, lead and back vocals. I can't recall it very well but it very nice, soft-paced. It was unlike any song I knew or had ever heard by then. I could not understand the lyrics, though it sounded like English.

The song kept playing, so I started checking what could be wrong. The PS1 was on alright, and I could hear the CD spinning inside. The TV was also on and tuned to channel 3. I even tried switching channels back and forth (causing the song to stop), but no other channels were playing that song. Back to channel 3, song kept playing on.

All there was left to check was the CD INSIDE the PS1. But, to do so, I'd have to open its lid, and it would probably cause the song to stop playing - maybe for good. I thought about it twice and finally hit the open-lid button. The song stopped and I could see that the Dark Stalkers CD was actually there.

Then I closed the lid and restarted to PS1. The PS1/Sony logo showed up, along with the ordinary music. I restarted it several times but it behaved as normal - no song. I was very puzzled because there are no voiced songs in the Dark Stalkers CD for PS1. Not even as a hidden feature (tried both google and gamefaqs).

I still have this CD although I doubt the song had really come from it.

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daniloeuclides (1 stories) (1 posts)
17 years ago (2007-10-01)
Thank you for the reply.

Well, the song was coming really from the TV speakers as changing channels would make the song to stop playing.
I have read about EVP and instrumental transcommunication. I think it would be possible to interphere in an ANALOG signal, but I doubt anyone would be able to do it with the DIGITAL signal of the PSX. 😕
Katie (guest)
17 years ago (2007-09-27)
WOW that's really freaky and strange. What was that playing that song! That's amazing that though I would of been going every where to find where it was coming from. You should read my stories I have been through strange things as well. 😊 I heard a little girls voice last week didn't know where she was coming from.

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