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I Feel like I Am Going Crazy


For about 30 years now I have been having visual and non-visual contacts with something I don't know. It started back when I bought a home and felt something watching me when I went to clean the house after we settled on that day. Now, so many things have happened over the past 30 years it's hard to explain all of them. My problem is that I don't think it's just one ghost but many. I don't know who they could be or why they have chosen me. I don't even know if they are the same ones following me where I go.

It seems that even if a house is not haunted and I stay there or buy that home, it ends up being haunted. Sometimes it's a good haunting such as someone not out to harm us and sometimes it's a bad haunting with a ghost or evil spirit creating havoc. I feel like I am going crazy and no one believes me but then just when I feel that one of my family members come forward and tell me that they felt something that I had already felt. Not knowing that I felt these things because I don't tell them everything due to not wanting to scare people.

I have 30 years of stories to tell but the ones that are creeping me out are the ones from the past 4 years or so. I went from being paralyzed in my bed and knowing what was going on around me to now, where I hear music and feel someone pushing me over slowly in my bed and holding me. I try not to talk about it with my one son because he does not believe in it, yet without knowing, he comes and tells me the same exact things I felt only they happened to him. My sons are smart and not ones to give in to supernatural things. They are well educated and have good jobs, but they too have had unexplained things happening, like someone walking up and down the attic steps and across the attic floor. This would happen when they came home from work late at night and everyone was sleeping.

Some of them have seen a man and they were little but slept in different areas, woke up, switched places and hadn't even talked yet when they both told me the same story about this man. I asked one of them, "Didn't it occur to you someone might have broken into our house during the night?" and my son said "No Mommy because he didn't look like someone who was going to hurt me!" My son said the same things the other one said and they were so small, they didn't think up things like this.

I had a computer crash right after I spoke to someone about the strange happenings. As I was speaking, everything including the modem, which was new, crashed. The one son who was a troubled young boy with depression, bipolar and such got into a cult group in school. So much happened and I had to remove him because he was being set up to take a rap for a murder they were about to do. The group was mad because he was not allowed to hang with them and in return attempted setting him up and sacrificing his girlfriend by setting her on fire. When I removed him from school that day, they told her mother what they were going to do to her but no one in this town believed us. She ended up moving to another state.

However my one son who hates me now, was then calling upon evil spirits. The site he left behind in my attic was enough to have my home condemned. Now I feel the spirit is angry and when I went to do a prayer and candle light ritual in the attic several attempts were made to stop us. My family still did not believe it was something evil that caused a bed to drop on my head and the same bed smashed my other son's fingers that day before going to the attic. We were in the process of doing this when my husband was re-routed to take a bed apart first. During that time my son's fingers got crushed when he dropped the hospital metal bed and it folded over.

Later after the prayer and candle ritual, that same bed did the same thing but this time came down on my head. During and before the prayer I had gone through about a year of strange things and horrible nightmares. I believe it was because I talked that one son with bipolar into moving to PA. with his friends. I felt they could help him because they were good boys and he would begin to fix his life at 22 years old. I felt someone pushing on my bed, stopping my breathing and climbing on top of me. I would wake up screaming for help and I could hear my husband trying to pull me out of the nightmare but I was paralyzed.

Now since things settled I hear music. I know all the words to the songs because music soothes me. Yet I get upset because I want to sleep and it sounds like there is a party going on in my house but everyone is asleep. Now last week I got upset because the music was loud and I sat up in bed and begged them to stop the music and to go back. I cried and said I was tired and wanted to sleep. All of a sudden the music got lower. I then yelled out that I can still hear it and to turn it off. This part is weird because I love music so I think they are playing it to calm me.

Sometimes I think it's someone from my past that I used to go out with and dancing, etc. The next night I went to bed and again I could hear music but this time it was the one song I choose to dance to with someone I loved. I don't think he is dead but this song has caused me to win music quizzes and contests a few times. "Hold Me, Kiss Me, Thrill Me by Mel Carter". No one knows who wrote it when it comes on the radio contest because it was Mel's only hit song. I always win but most important is I danced to this song at least 50 times during my younger years. I then began to feel a calm and relaxed feeling inside as I listened to the song. I didn't get upset and cry or yell out this time. All of a sudden I feel something sliding me towards the middle of my bed and putting its arms around my waste. I then said, "its' okay to hold me just tell me who you are. If you're my daughter or someone I loved please show me who you are". That was the end until this morning when my son was asking me to help him.

He is having trouble sleeping. He said he hears voices and someone touching him. I really got upset at this because I don't know what is going on. When I speak with other family members about the music now they too tell me they hear music but they brush it off as if it was just one of the other members in the family playing the Television but we all know that is not so. I am not crazy and even though no one believes in spirits or ghosts they too have the same stories but try to push it off like it's nothing. However my 20 year old who was born one year almost to the time his sister died is now hearing and feeling what I have been feeling lately and needs help to get to sleep.

He just told me about this today and has no idea what has been happening with me the past two weeks. He will be 21 in 6 days and in 6 days and 1.15 hours from that time he was born; his sister will be dead 22 years. Does anyone out here know anything about what I am saying because if I tell the doctor this they will surely put me away with my son?

I was recently at my niece's house when my son's best friend died in a car accident this August. My son was devastated by this and while talking about it over the phone to my husband, I saw a blue light. I was 150 miles away from home and the blue light shinned on the basement wall where I was and then on my air bed and bounced over to another wall and left. I did call my son then and told him I believed Jordan was okay and in Heaven and he needed to trust that his friend was okay. I didn't tell him what I saw because even though he does not believe in spirits or ghosts, it still scares him.

My husband who is a non believer also hears music but says he turns over to his other side and it stops. Another resident of my home sees things and hears music and may believe that there is some other force in this house but is not afraid. Please anyone out there that can help me sort this out write back to me. Thank you.

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-21)
My friend! If you've tried everything and nothing works, please listen to me. I guarantee you peace of mind, for FREE! With no demonic side effects. First, you and your family have to close all doors you've opened to demonic influence: stop living in sin, gradually, with Jesus' help. Stop all occult practices like, comunicating with/channeling spirits, don't visit psychic mediums, or tarot card readers, (and pay them thousands of your dollars,) etc. Invite a greek or russian orthodox christian priest, to sprinkle your house and family with holy water, TELL HIM YOUR PROBLEMS, he'll be glad to help and pray for you, because he CAN! You have nothing to lose! Pray, and fast from meat and dairy whenever you can. Read the bible and psalms. PRACTICE the bible. It's as simple as that! I've posted this same advice so many times, LOL, (you might think i'm a religious NUT!)... But i've seen it WORKS, on people/families with demonic or spiritual problems like yours. I feel people should know this information! PLEASE LISTEN! I have nothing to gain, exept the blessings of Jesus... What more do I want! My phone: +61416412185. My email has been disabled, hope to restore it soon: timfaraos [at] Also, visit website: 'real life angel and demon encounters'. See ya! God bless!
Katie (guest)
17 years ago (2007-09-20)
everyone feels like that jasmine not just you you will get a job it just maybe hard its hard for my ex boyfriend to get one don't worry. If you don't get one like in a few months do a course somewhere
Help (guest)
17 years ago (2007-09-20)
my name is jasmine I'm 16 I feel like I'm never going to get a job and that everybody is against me behind my back... Would tha tbe true?
Krabbie (guest)
17 years ago (2007-09-20)
Hey I was just wonderin if you could tell me if this kane guy is joking or not... Lking me and everything
asepodonet (3 stories) (12 posts)
17 years ago (2007-09-07)
Lady you are very powerful in a positive way and something is trying to stop you from being happy and using your gifts. Calamity like yours struck my mother a lot when she was younger, but she stayed strong and learned to control her powers and overcome the negative influences surrounding her. Read the book "White Light" by Diane Alquist, you can find it at your local psychic bookstore, it will show you every protection technique you will need. You will also learn how to flush your aura, and surround yourself and loved ones with White Light.

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