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I'm whitney and I'm 14. Me and my step mom, Bree, were alone at the house one day, and I asked her if she believed in ghost. She said yes. Bree said she has tarot cards and a angel board. I had recently seen her tarot card books laying out. But never asked, we kept on talking and I told her some of my own ghost stories. She asked "do you want to play with the angel board?". I said yes. It is not a ouija board, where you talk to demons, it's a angel board. You talk to angels. She told me to think of a question and I did. We put our hands on the piece and it started moving. I thought she was moving it and didn't believe it. She asked me to close my eyes and I did. It was still moving. I opened my eyes and her hand was gone it was moving all by itself. I was still touching it. But I wasn't moving it. It was awesome. I have played with it ever since and asked it many questions.

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
5 years ago (2015-02-18)
Silly've only yesterday hatched out of your egg, and you want to experience EVERYTHING that's around you... Just like a baby, that wants to put EVERYTHING in its mouth, even if it's dogshiat! Listen to some advice from older people who have 'been there, done that', and narrowly escaped!... (With God's help!) My neibour Julie, did ouija board with some kids, when she was eight. Well, after they had some fun with it, they all took their fingers off the planchette/pointer, which was an upside down drinking glass. And guess what, it rose up in the air by itself, one foot above the board!... All the kids ran out of the room screaming! How many stories on internet, about kids getting possessed after using ouija/angel boards, about demons haunting their house, their families, making their life miserable, hearing voices, seeing demons, etc... BEWARE! Why open a door to unknown spirits, who PRETEND to be your friend in the begining, but later torcher you and haunt you. YES! They are evil spirits, demons! Because a saint or a Holy Angel, is not aloud by God to talk to you on the board, or through tarot/angel cards, or through channeling by a psychic medium. All these occult things ARE FORBIDDEN FROM GOD, FOR OUR OWN GOOD! Jesus NEVER did these things... Are we smarter than Jesus? Jesus PRAYED, when he wanted to comunicate with God His father, or with the angels. We should pray and fast and read the bible. This is a warning! If you want to play with fire, go right ahead, but you will get burnt! BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY! And don't believe salt or sage will protect you from satan, who was God's most powerful angel... And can crush you like a bug if you give him half the chance, by opening a door to him. He hates our guts! Only God and the Holy Angels can protect you from him. Sorry, but that's the truth! Good luck to all you kids! God bless, and stay safe! Another interesting website is: 'real life angel and demon encounters'. See ya! Timfaraos [at]
Luvliphe (1 posts)
7 years ago (2012-12-06)
I must say that I have used an angel board for about 4 years now with many great experiences. It is important to open the board properly and to close it properly and to always use sage to cleanse the board/planchett and yourself. Your intention is what will make or break the session. It helps to state that you use the board for good and may only good come from it as well as the white light of protection as mentioned above.
I have received amazing spiritual guidance and help through using the board and believe that my experience from talking to my guides and angels through it has made my life amazing and full. I do not count on it for everything however and one must know that we have free will to do or don't do as we see fit. I have had countless board sessions with several different good spiritual people and would love to share my experiences should anyone wish to contact me. Loveliphe8 [at]
LeighBJ (1 posts)
9 years ago (2011-03-13)
Whatever kind of board your using, always get the salt out and draw a circle around the area your using it in. If you really want to get technical with it, do the research for magic circles of protection and don't get cheep with the materials or try to do it half way. It's true you are calling spirits to help and advise you and there are no guarantees your going to get an answer from a good spirit. Say I prayer and ask god to send angels to watch over the session. Invite the holy Spirit to be your guide but make no mistakes, once you begin, your calling on the spirit world to send a spirit and there's no promises that a good or bad one will answer.
Remember that it's the psychic power with you that opens the doorway. It's the same doorway that asks god into your life, it just looks different.
Be sure to close the door once your done. Find out how to, again do the research and be prepared to experience something that might change your life. Possessions do happen because people don't use the proper precautions.
Remember this too, a demon can not enter you unless you invite it to do so but it can enter your house if you don't protect yourself (s) first.
Kiokure (3 stories) (37 posts)
10 years ago (2010-05-07)
i you do deside to use your angle board than use DawnieHMc advise to cleanse it. I got a pendulum and I found out that it was a good thing to get instructions on how to cleanse it and to calibrate it (and to stay safe^_^)
Kiokure (3 stories) (37 posts)
10 years ago (2010-05-07)
listen to LightningsHope advice. I personaly wouldn't use it because of it being like the Ouija board. It could most likely be manipulated by demons. Please be careful and close any doors you opened!
DawnieHMc (1 posts)
11 years ago (2009-11-03)
I purchased a hand made Angel Board from an estate sale on eBay. I have been taking Spiritual classes and knew to first, cleanse the board and ALWAYS ask my guides and Angels to put a white light of protection around the board, the room, the house and all the property, each and every time we use the board. We do not allow any darkness, evil or negativity anywhere near ourselves or the board. We have an assigned guide that is our "gatekeeper" that protects us from any energies on the other side as well.

We also, very important... CLOSE the board at the end of our session. We close it by stating that the board is now closed to all energies, communications, messages or any other type of spiritual work until we open it again. The Angel Board is simply a piece of wood until we open it again.

By doing this, we have enjoyed many, many hours of enlightenment and enjoyment. We actually began to use the Board to learn more spiritually. We have. An amazing amount. We have met our guides, others that we knew in other lifetimes, those that have passed on in this life time but the most surprising discovery, is that that we are able to help those that have transitioned on. I first thought that souls that have passed on become "just fine" once they were back in the Spiritual realm. We discovered that many of them need to come to us to resolve any issues we might have had with them in a former life or vice versa. To give forgiveness to us, to teach us, to ask us to intervene on their behalf and most surprisingly, to help them do their work.

For instance, just yesterday an amazing experience occurred. An uncle on my mother's side that had passed came to us with much regret that he did not intervene on her behalf. She had a horrible childhood in orphanage, foster homes, etc. He felt enormously guilty and wanted to help her grandchildren now, who are also in a bad situation. (I am completely unable to help and children services has been called repeatedly to no avail. I also live states away and have no interaction with this sibling.) Anyway, this soul wanted more than anything to get these children in a safer environment, but needed us to assist. He asked us to call on the Angels. Most people know that Angels and Guides can NOT intervene unless ASKED. This soul asked us to call on Micheal and in turn, Micheal directed us to call on Uriel as well. We then called on as many Angels as needed to remedy this situation and resolve it for the best for the children. The feeling of amazing power, assertiveness and resolve was felt. We literally could feel the presence of these Angels and their determination to take care of this. We thanked them and POOF, you could feel them leave in mass numbers to go protect these children. It felt so wonderful that I could finally DO something about this situation instead of just being frustrated and sad.

The lesson we learned yesterday was that we can utilize the tools our Higher Power has given us, God has given us Angels at our disposal to assist, protect and lead us. Prayer has power, but we also have more tools we can use such as Angels, Guides, etc.

Obviously, I do not think the Board is evil... Lol Not at all. Anyone can ask their Angels and Guides to protect their house (or anything else) from anything that is dark, fearful, angry, negative, etc. The Board is just a tool, like many other things. It is the user of these tools and their intentions, knowledge and requests that make the difference.
LightningsHope (2 stories) (11 posts)
11 years ago (2009-02-05)
You may like the board indeed, but I'm going to have to agree with most users after having a BAD experience with a Ouija board. Always remember to proetct yourself before playing the board, becuase even demons have the ability to use that if they so pleased.

There really is no difference between the boards as some people have mentioned and sometimes the Ouija board isn't always bad like people think it is. But as always be cautious
Terryann1219 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2009-01-27)
I am the artist and publisher of Guiding Light products. I designed the angel board to allow you to speak with angels or spirit guides. I kept it light to attract a higher energy and metallic gold lettering for protection.

There is no difference between an Angel Board, tarot cards, angel cards, crystal gazing and I ching, they are all just forms of divination. Anything can be misused...

Say a prayer before using the angel board and ask to speak with your angels. Do NOT let people scare you... It's not evil at all. And it's beautiful!

We have sold thousands and I have never heard of anything negative with our board... But people who buy them want to soeak with their angels or spirit guides. There is nothing wrong with the board. The Ouija was given a bad wrap because it was sold as a game and mis used.

I think it is a wonderful tool to use to speak with your angels. ~ the best prices are on ebay!
isisevangeline (3 stories) (172 posts)
11 years ago (2009-01-21)
A Ouija board and Angel board are not the same. Do not buy into buying those boards you find in stores that say their angel boards. Their just trying to re-sell the Ouija board. After years of bad rumors that its the gates of hell speaking.

Ouija board the key with the "eye" is a communication board that allows for you to talk to ghosts,spirits,and more. Beyond what you expect, dark beings, even demons.
When communicating to use them your heart and body will feel heavy. The board just allows you to create a wavelength connection to contact spirits from other realms or even are own realm.

Angel board is made by the communicator itself for its safer that way. You never use something flat to move around the board. You use an object that has important value to the user one that fills you with light,hope, and makes you feel safe. Turn it into a pendulum that swings above the board. Be prepared to always end up using that same pendulum for safe reasons. Same rules would apply somewhat. But the pendulum swings like a divining rod instead. And when you want to speak to light beings or heaven itself you ask for your protector to guide you.
When using it (be warned for even an hour get headaches) you should feel lightheaded all over your body. Like your "floating", "being lifted", as if your helium or something. And you will get headaches longer you use it. Angel board is a communication device that allows you to connect to heaven or limbo.

I've had experience in both. But likely its safer to use the Angel board if you don't know what your doing with the Ouija board. Those with gifted abilities, high sensitivity, extreme empathe, or high psychic abilities, or certain karma should use extreme caution when handling the Ouija board. For you can be influenced, possesed, manipulated, or even harmed by a demon or something from darkness. Or if not shielded they can "take" something from you. Drain you of your energies. Or even change the frequency in your own abilities. Should never use either boards without using aura shields. Or you will feel drained, depending by what you call to contact you. Another warning is to make certain no matter what your "emotions" are under control when using either board. Especially anger, miscevious curiosity with Ouija. And overwhelming emotions with Angel. If wish to contact heaven and get answers its important to have "pure" energy when speaking to them, otherwise it'll annoy them to answer you. Because than your forcing them to cleanse the atmosphere of "vibes" from your emotions that do not have to do with hope,faith,love.
ryanc617 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2008-12-09)
I have owned both a Ouija board and an Angel Board. Both are the same thing! I actually had worse results with the angel board. I could not get this certain 'spirit' to leave. 'He' told me my Papa would die with in 7 days and that I would kill my daughter. I'd say it's the same thing as a Ouija board, if not worse...
luvwatersports (2 stories) (16 posts)
12 years ago (2008-11-16)
Oh the stories I have read on the ouji board almost all of them say evil. I also read you bring in people on the other side that are like you. My mom just told me last night about her friend use to use a ouji board and she wasn't evil and she use to help people. Angel board makes since to talk to angels. The medium I saw the other day asked how come used tarror cards instead of angel cards or if their were any difference? She told me angle cards you bring angel stuff so why would the board be any different. I am a huge believer in Jesus, God and angels and I'm always asking for guidence and for them to watch over me. So I guess it would be any different then using a board. If it is evil I guess it won't work for me because I only want to help people and be with "the light". ❤
mztry (2 posts)
12 years ago (2008-07-04)

DO NOT TOUCH another angel, Ouija of "psychic circle" board without understanding this;

You are speaking to DEMONS!

I speak from experience... Don't sell your soul!
mztry (2 posts)
12 years ago (2008-07-04)
Angel boards ARE Ouija boards.

Putting a picture of an angel on the thing does NOT mean you are talking to angels.

I cannot BELIEVE people are buying into it.

Watch The Exorsist. THAT is what you are talking to.
Alison (guest)
12 years ago (2008-01-03)
Hi There,
I am new to this stuff, but very keen to hear other's experiences. I purchased a psychic circle board and opened a circle with a friend. It was amazing. We were contacted by three spirits. The plancet just kind of glided over the board, some of it was really difficult to figure out. Our session lasted for a few hours. I am keen to try again.
amanda (guest)
12 years ago (2007-12-06)
i have done an angel board I have done it many times it is adictive to me as I want to know my friends and family and animals are ok. We/i do say a chant before starting the board to protect our self its an amazing thing some people believe and some people don't but that's up to urselfs and I think everyone should try it to experience the overwelming experience
Tiff (guest)
13 years ago (2007-11-21)
My girlfriend and I made our own angel board this weekend. It's amazing. But, I wanted to say this. You do need to protect yourself. We placed a circle of salt around us and the board. We burned sage around all the doors and windows (to burn away bad energies). We also prayed around the board to God to protect us and that we were only calling on good spirits. We have used it twice and have had no major problems.
krissy (guest)
13 years ago (2007-10-02)
even if one is called a ouija board and the other is called an angel board, it's the same thing... That doesn't protect you from talking to bad spirits and demons. If you do decide to ignore everyone's comments about the boards and keep playing with them then at least try to put a magic circle around you while you do it. It will help protect you from the bad spirits. [oh-and I'm kind of interested in everyone's storys about the ouija board so if you feel like sharing them email me please. (pinkmoonlust [at]]be careful though, whitney.
Mike (guest)
13 years ago (2007-09-25)
Angel board / Ouija board are the same thing. Giving it a different name doesn't change the fact that you're opening yourself to all sorts-of bad spirits when you call like that.
Angels don't need boards to answer your questions.
Katie (guest)
13 years ago (2007-09-13)
why use them they bring demons but I guess you want to have near to death experiences sorry but the ghosts and spirits will come to you don't contact them they can do harm to you because your annoying them if you have the gift then you will one day see them I don't know why people buy those things there dangerous and they give you the creeps. Its save to play on the on line ones.
Saxana (guest)
13 years ago (2007-08-14)
Hello, I have bought recently a quija board, did research online and found many scary stories, so I took it back to the store and exchange it for the anjel board. It is just amazing, how it works. It is moving so fast and with a huge force, you can feel the power. My dearest dad had died recently, so I asked him to talk to me through the board and he came. I was crying, he told me many things, why he had to die and that he loves me very much. Can't wait to talk to him tonight again. You can buy the angel board at Psychic eye book shop, or online. Have a good readings my friends! :-)
whitney dampier (guest)
13 years ago (2007-05-22)
hey I wrote this story please email me if you need me to comment you back-- winny_whit [at]
CV (guest)
13 years ago (2007-04-19)
dude! I bought the game for 40 bucks and it ain't working... How exactly does it work?
david (1 posts)
13 years ago (2007-04-16)
The future is unpredictable. I’m always the High Priestess, when reading cards, when having them read…and here too. As a new student, learning about Tarot, you should focus on the elements and concepts associated with each of the four Tarot card sets.
Athena (99 posts)
13 years ago (2007-03-17)
Dear Whitney, I agree with Tiy, Angel board or Ouija board, sounds like a spirit board to me. Be cautious. Without proper protection and intent, an open door without boundaries is also an open invitation to any entity be it angels, guides, or negative spirits of unknown origin. Use protection and caution. Use common sense.
Tiy (guest)
13 years ago (2007-03-17)
From what I can figure out angel boards are pretty much the same as ouija boards in design and layout (except the obvious picture of an angel on the angel board) The blurb says they are for use in contacting your guides and angels... But what's to say it can't be used exactly the same as a good old fashioned ouija board? I mean it's layout is pratcically the same as some ouija boards I've seen...

In my opinion it's the same as a ouija board... They just cover it in pretty pictures and are pushing it using the "love and light" connection to make it sound more user friendly... If you know what I mean.
andrew (guest)
13 years ago (2007-02-17)
hmm that is intersting I have never heard of an angel board. I was only aware of the Ouija board. I have had some bad experiences with those, where would you be able to find one? Can you comment back on these?

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