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Freaking Myself Out


I don't know what to do. Maybe I'm just freaking myself out for no reason. I just want to know if all this is true or not... I have a load of dejavu experiences all of the time. Sometimes I've seen something play out previously in a dream as well. It's just strange.

I normally don't remember my dreams unless they occur. Not only that I get visions. They normally just come on there own and it just happens so quickly that it doesn't even interrupt what I'm doing. I can force them too. My friend wanted to test me once so she asked me for a vision. I told her that she was going to be kissing someone within the next month leaning back over against a dark blue or black car, but that I wasn't really sure of the color because it was dark out. The only light was from the house. She stared at me like I was crazy but then two weeks later it came true. It freaked me out I told her that I was never searching for her again. It was just too weird.

Not only do I see the future but the present and the past as well. Once I was just hanging with my friend and for a two week period I kept getting a vision of her being intimate with some guy I'd never seen before. It grossed me out to say the least. I just ignored it.

This years (that was last year) she told me that she had been pregnant about a year ago and that she had had a miscarriage. I was stunned. I had been right. My mind had tried to force me to make the connection so that I could help her. I wasn't quick enough.

I'm afraid to hear about what's happened to people because when I do I see or experience it as if I was there. It's creepy and it takes longer then when I see the future of the present. I have never been wrong when I see any of these. It scares me. I feel like nothing matters because it's all preplanned. It's already set to happen. What does anything matter?

Sorry I'm really down today. My entire family is sad so I'm really feeding off of it. I don't get it. Everything that everyone does affects me. My aunts mad= I suddenly want to punch something. My friend is sad= I want to scream and cry. I also get feelings about things. I just know when someone is lying to me or when they're sad and feigning happiness. I just know. I can tell. I just don't get it.

I just want to be normal and live my life. Every time one of theses things happen everything changes.

I'm sorry that this jumps around so much. I'm just trying to make sense of it all and I'm having a difficult time explaining properly. If someone could explain to me what's going on I would be so happy. I just want to understand.

SO what do you think? Am I crazy... Or what?

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Lady_V_ (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-21)
You are most definitely not crazy, and there isn't anything wrong with you. Our abilities are neither good or bad, they just are. I am empathic since childhood, so it is second nature for me to not touch anyone. I would not even realize that I didn't touch anyone until someone touched me and then I knew exactly what they wanted or was thinking of. Yes, you get emotions and sometimes it is very strong, but you need to realize that it is not all you. People broadcast as well and sometimes, so strongly that they leave impressions of the feeling behind.
But I have found that the gift is not one-sided. Two strong emotions cannot really exist in the same space at the exact same time and love is stronger than any feeling. Tap into a memory that fills you up with love and send the love to the source of the original emotion. I can just summon the feeling now, but that is because I have had much practice. If you do not know how to send it via energy or concentration, a hug would do it. The person feels better and so do you. A lot of people think I am crazy because I hug people a lot now, but they don't complain. You get back what you send out, so it is all good.
Secondly, not every feeling of deja vu has merit. Sometimes our lives take on a lot of similar routines. Then again, empaths can pick up a lot more than emotions from people, we sense things about them and in some cases, if you are like me, before you meet them. I dream people before I meet them sometimes and when I meet them, they almost always think they have known me or saw me before as well. I once spent an entire afternoon with a co-worker, trying to figure out where we could have met before. I was assigned to be her instructor and we both felt as though we met before, we have yet to figure it out as she spent most of her life in another country.
AlphaMale (77 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-21)
Call 911.
See your psychiatrist first before concluding that you are experiencing supernatural phenomenon.
Extreme dejavu could be a sign of mental disorder.

If you want to be healed, then you should develop a deeper relationship with God and serve Him with all your heart and soul.:)

Light of Jesus [+]
pegs_deborah (3 stories) (112 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-20)
It sound as if you have empathic abilities and clairvoyant and precognitive abilities.

I have had similar experiences. I dream things before they happen. It really used to frustrate me dreaming things before they happen because I wasn't sure what to do with the information. I'm still not always sure what to do with the information I see but I am learning to enjoy the experience more.

A lot of times, by the way, when I have precognitive dreams, I see the future through another person's eyes - not always mine. In other words, it is like I become someone else. As an example, a couple of years ago, I dreamt I was married and 6 - 8 wks pregnant and had to give up one of the classes I was teaching because I was just too sick to teach that many. In the dream, I was sitting in a departmental meeting. Yesterday, I was sitting in a departmental meeting and the woman sitting two rows up from me contacted me directly afterward and asked me to take her class because she is 6-8 wks pregnant and just cannot take on this heavy a load.
It's weird experiencing someone else's reality through their eyes and thoughts and feelings. Yet, it's always nice to be able to understand and experience just how many different kinds of people there are and how different our energies are from each other and yet how similar we can be to each other in so many ways. It's hard to describe this experience.

I understand that it is hard coping with empathic abilities. It is difficult because we take on other people's emotions. I, a lot of times, really have to take stock of what I'm feeling and ask myself if what I'm feeling belongs to me or someone else. Usually, if I have to ask that of myself, I realize that the feelings don't belong to me and then I just know who they belong to. Believe it or not, just this simple act of taking stock and questioning what I'm experiencing has helped me to cope and push out unwanted energies or feelings, etc.

I once read of this technique to cope with empathic abilities and I'll write it here. Maybe it will help you. The information I read said that if you are feeling overwhelmed or overloaded with feelings/energy and you don't think or are not sure if it belongs to you then try to center yourself using the following techniques. Go somewhere you can be alone even if you have to go to the bathroom or outside. Question yourself about your likes and dislikes (I like the color_______, I don't like it when ______, My favorite TV show is __________, When _________ happened last ________, it made me laugh really hard. And so and so on). It sounds weird and silly I know but according to the information part of the problem with being overloaded with empathic feelings/energies is that we've lost sight/centering/grounding of who we are. We need to take stock of who we are so we can push what is unwanted or overwhelming outside of us.

I hope this helps and if not I hope someone else can provide you with more or clearer exercises. My other suggestion would be (apart from speaking with people who have had similar experiences and abilities such as those you can find on this website) is to read up as much literature as you can about empathic abilities and psychic ablities / experiences. Knowledge is power.

Good Luck to you!
i-believe-in-love (7 stories) (36 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-20)
You are most definately not crazy, and you're lucky to have found a website like this, everyone is so helpful and nice. I hope you find whatever information you are looking to find in this community.

God Bless,
❤ Lauren

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