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I would like to know what my dreams mean because, it's very frustrating not to know what it means and would be so happy if someone can help me.

Well here it goes, I dreamed on Monday night we were at a family thing, and I was sitting next to my aunt and, she asked me if I were pregnant and I told her yes and was so happy for us that she told the whole family but my mother in law wasn't happy at all.

On Tuesday night I had a dream my husband and I were at a party, and we wanted to go home and two girls just wouldn't take no for an answer when we arrived at our place, they were there and insisted to come in and a was so furious that I actually shouted and chased them away and then when they left they turned around and told me if they didn't know better they will think I'm pregnant.

I know this all seems very weird, but please if someone can help me or give me some advise I'll appreciate it.

Thank you

I have a 5 year old child so its not that I wasn't pregnant before, and we are trying for the past year to fall pregnant, but just won't work is it a sign that is telling me that I am, or that it is time. Maybe but I am going out of my mind and my sister in law is pregnant is it maybe about that is it a sign.

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mysticn (27 posts)
11 years ago (2010-01-28)
to dream that you are pregnant, (and you did confirm to your aunt that this was so in your dream), it can represent the fact that there is something in your personal life that is just beginning. Some sort of project or event that you are starting. It can be a new idea, such as remodeling a room of the house, or just new goals you are setting for yourself.

As far as having an angry mother in law prominent in your dream, may indicate that any disagreements you have/had with her will soon be resolved. It can also indicate that you may be upset by how others around you are acting. Because your aunt also figured prominently in this dream, I'd say this irritation mentioned above will be a result of family beliefs/customs/values.

Because you chased away the two girls, this can indicate that you are trying to overcome something difficult in your life.

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