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Experiences During Pregnancy And Labor


I am a sensitive, at least that is the best way I know how to explain it, and have been from birth, but it is only recently that I have recognized these abilities as gifts and not as something evil. When I was a child, my family was very open to spiritual things, but they became very religious around the time I turned twelve. The beliefs of their church taught that people who could see or communicate with spirits were evil. The church categorized people who could do this as witches and would quote the Bible saying, "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live," and say that if we were not in modern times where things like this were against the law, anyone who was psychic should be put to death. I did my best to suppress most of my abilities for twenty years, unless I could explain my experiences as the gift of discernment as described in Paul's epistles. Because this church taught that all spirits were evil and there were no such thing as a "good spirit" I would only allow myself to see the evil spirits. I did these things almost unconsciously once they became habit.

I now allow myself to see the good spirits as well as the bad and those that are neither - nature spirits, angels, demons, and the dead who are not resting. And I am beginning to realize there is more good in the world than I once thought. Probably since I was blocking all spiritual communication before, I could not see the good spirits - they wouldn't push their company on someone not willing to communicate, while the nasty ones could give a damn about who they disturbed. It's no wonder for so many years I thought the world was an evil, horrible place, and that my gift was evil as well, since the only spirits I saw were the evil ones.

Now that I have been free of this church for a few years, I am trying to understand my gifts more fully. I am very empathic, sometimes to the point of pain, and now that I am allowing myself to use these abilities, I am having some problems keeping other's feelings from flooding my mind. I used to wonder why I hated being in crowds and why it would feel so confusing to have so many people all around me at once, now I understand it's not just a phobia. It's so many emotions coming at me all at once. Of course it's confusing!

My empathic abilities have also grown drastically since I became pregnant with my first child, who is almost a year old now. Maybe becoming a mother has increased the ability to feel for another? My sense of self was greatly diminished while I was in labor, almost like I was more open to everything around me. While I was in labor, I almost felt as if I were two people at the same time - like I was split into two consciousnesses, myself and another female, but that female was not a newborn, she was an old soul. I do not know if this was my baby's soul, or if it was someone else, possibly a female ancestor or guardian come to help me in my time of need?

The only reason I would think it was a guardian was because during my entire pregnancy I only saw one spirit (which was strange, because I usually see them often.) I had even begun to wonder if I had lost my ability to see spirits completely during the time I was pregnant. In a way, it was kind of a relief. But towards the end of my pregnancy one spirit was definitely present. This spirit showed up one night when I was getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. This was at about three in the morning. There was a person sitting on the couch in our living room as I walked to the bathroom. She was very short and had white shoulder length hair. It was only for a split second, and then she were gone. I thought to myself, "Hmmmm. Haven't seen one of those in a while" and went into the bathroom, dismissing it as another wandering soul. But when I came back to bed she was standing in front of the nursery, again, only for a split second. I have seen her a lot since then. I asked my father-in-law about it one day because he had said that he had been feeling a lot of his family's spirits around him lately. He showed me a picture of his mother, and it was the same woman I kept seeing around the house. I have seen her since my daughter was born. I woke up one night to see her standing over her crib watching her sleep. I am pretty sure her spirit guards all of my husband's family members, but I think she has a special connection with my little girl.

I spoke with my brother who also sees spirits if he knew why I hadn't seen anything through the pregnancy, and he said that possibly instead of losing my ability, my grandmother-in-law's spirit had been keeping everything away so that I could have peace during my pregnancy.

Has anyone else experienced something like this while pregnant, or in labor? Who was the spirit that was with/in/part of me while I was in labor? Do others see ghosts in the same flashes that I do? So many questions to ask. It will take many many more posts.

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Aine (2 stories) (6 posts)
12 years ago (2009-07-16)
Thank you for your comments. Donni, I have also seen orbs around my daughter, and have also heard that they are angels. I know she is well looked after by her guardians. Birth is such an extreme life experience, I am glad I knew that I had help that was present with me. PathR, I have also wondered about children who are born with these abilities, as I was born that way and have had experiences since I can remember. It is interesting that you mention that negative entities can try to intervene as well, and that these children need a guardian. I know I needed mine! I had so many negative spirits trying to influence and terrify me when I was young, especially during times of change, like puberty, and all through my teen years. Thanks again for your comments!
PathR (4 stories) (1268 posts)
12 years ago (2009-07-15)
Anie, may I say that I used eternal soul which should be spirit. I use soul/spirit interchangeably. Problems keeping other feelings out is an individual process. Each of us has to figure out our weakness and the appropriate shielding to protect. Mother and child are a sacred bond, you will experience waking and knowing before anything happens (precognition). This will be an opportunity to use visualization/moving energy/faith to intervene/use Ancestors/guardians. You mentioned you had help in labor. I've had this conversation with my husband many times: seems if we become a hallow bone so to speak we serve as a conduit for spirit to actually move in our physical being to help. Spirit actually moves with and in us (doubling up, "we move as one"!) I've had ancestors move in support and enter my physical being. So this dones occure. Blessings
PathR (4 stories) (1268 posts)
12 years ago (2009-07-14)
Aine, loved your story, you ask some very interesting question! For myself when pregnant 29yrs ago I was aware of protection around myself and the baby. I felt calm and centered, not much psychic activity when pregnant. I can tell you what a fellow student whom was a midwife stated, "at birth she saw the soul of the baby enter soft spot just before birth. The body is the vehicle for our eternal soul it no wonder that Ancestors/family would be around which is what myself/husband saw at the birth of his nephew. My grand daught had a family member visit her in Oregon when she was not yet 1yrs old. Later her eyes opened and she was aware she was not alone and became alarmed because she was older. What happens when we are pregnant is our hormones are receptors for psychic vibrational energy is concentrated on the fetus we carry: in my mind it would be the 3rd eye-for psychic seight, 2nd chakra sacral-creativity, 1st root chakra-physical earth plane (grounding).
Indigenous ceremonies woman are not allowed near during their cycle. Due to the power it carries to actually throw it off/override. I have experienced my ancestors help protect and intervene/support. I agree that your family was there to protect the fetus. The vessel of a physical body requires protection especially if the child has a path to work with spirit. There are also neg energies that are attracted to that body. But as creator would design we have help as you saw. Hope this helps 😊
Donni (24 posts)
12 years ago (2009-07-14)
Feel Blessed that you are so loved that you have these experiences. Mine come in dreams. My Uncle said goodbye to me before he passed from a heart attack. He comes in dreams occasionally and we talk. He told me that he will never leave me. My experiences come in the early morning hours. I heard that this is due to the morning dampness and the electrical energy. It makes it easier for spirits to come through. I saw an orb, a bright round sphere hovering over my daughter around 3A.M. When I looked in on her. It bounced across her bed and went out the window, as if I surprised it. I heard that orbs are Angels. Once in the middle of the night I felt the covers move over my arm, and a strange voice, that was hard to understand, asked if I was warmer. When I looked up I saw the face of a man I knew who committed suicide. He has visited twice. I have also felt a wind blowing over me and have seen a white ethereal figure floating over me. I've asked my husband if he has felt the wind, but he says no, so I'm the only one feeling this. I have had out of body experiences also. My first, that I can remember, was when I was 5yrs. Old. I am a Christian and use to go to church, but my church also thought that spiritual experiences were evil. I since have done considerable reading and have found that I'm not alone. I am now a Gnostic Christian. I investigate and find out answers. God's world has many mysteries. The Bible hasn't told us everything and man has put his own twist to it. When Jesus was asked what the most important thing in life was His reply was that we love one another. Out of anything He could have said, that was it. So cherish your gift and the spirits that are watching over you, for they are all proof of God's love. Remember those that love us don't want to frighten us either. So if they quit appearing often that might be the reason or they're just busy on the Other Side. They aren't just flying around playing harps. That's our permanent home and someday we'll understand everything. May you have a beautiful spiritual life. Love D. ❤

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