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Psychic During The Day


For almost a year now I will be doing something during the day when I'll see something or do something and it will foreshadow what's going to happen later in the day. Like one day I saw a car with that had been in a wreck at a friends house then later when I was driving home there had been recently a wreck. When I was still driving home I myself had almost wrecked. Then today I was in the car with my family when I thought our car was going to wreck sometime on the way home and sure enough we almost did. I was closing my eyes when something kept telling me to open them! I didn't cause one time before that I did and nothing happened. Then all of a sudden our car swerved out of the way from a badger and we almost lost control. This hasn't just been happening with wreck but everything else. It happens about 2 to 3 times a day. I have been trying to control this and maybe find out what times of the day I'm getting these hints. Also if I can find out how many people in the world have this. I'm not exactly freaked out. I'm trying to use this as an advantage to maybe help people if I know what's going to happen. If anyone has this same thing happen to them please email me at if you know what this is please contact me at the same email. Also share some of your stories. If we have similar ones then maybe we can help each other. Please respond if you have anything at all. Even if it's only happened once. I need to know. I'm really curious about what's happening, and why it just happened when I'm 17. I've had it happen a few times but now it's happening everyday.

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