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Blue Light


When I was about four years old, I almost drowned in a lake. My parents told me my brother pulled me out and saved me, but I know for a fact I would have been dead had it not been for the "light" I saw that day. I say light because I'm not sure what it is that I saw that day. Because after I started going under, and before I lost consciousness, I felt a warmth and was suddenly engulfed in a blue light. After this incident, I didn't see the blue light again until I was about 12, when I got a random thought, more like I heard a voice in my mind telling me to go and try to see them again. I don't know really my thought process afterwards but I immediately went downstairs from my room and went out the door to my backyard and made my way to a very large stone well in my bavkyard. There was a large cap over the well so I just climbed onto it and sat down. After this I began to meditate, and while I kept my eyes closed, I was able to see lights around me, like I could sense my location and the things surrounding me. And I suddenly saw the same blue light from when I was four. I could tell this was the same light because I felt a sense of connection and familiarity with that light compared to the other lights around me. Then it felt as if it was communicating with me, and I began to talk to it.

We "talked" for a few hour just outside until I went back inside my house and slept. In my sleep, I was walking in the woods in my backyard until I came across a bridge leading to an old house with a window in the attic. I don't know what but it felt as if a force was pulling me in. And when I walked in I saw a large group of white winged people, and when they saw me they welcomed me and told me that they had missed me because I had been away a long time. When I asked who thy were they told me that they were my family but my physical family. They then led me to the attic where I saw the blue light again. But this time instead of being in the form of an orb, it was a person, and he had wings too but his were lightly tinted the same blue color as when he was in light form. He then rejoiced in having me see him again in that form and hugged me. After this I suddenly was jolted awake by some force, and I sensed a second presence in my room, not the blue light, but a somewhat malicious presence which quickly faded away.

After this all I remember feeling was a sadness that I was torn apart from these beings, who I really did feel a deep connection to, and especially the blue light, because I felt that we were very close to each other bit he never had the time to explain what it was or why all of them suddenly appeared before me in this life. And now to this day whenever I sense the presence of that light, I experience a sad and deep longing in myself for reasons I know not of.

If anyone else has experienced or understands any of this, please help because I have been left wondering all this time.

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Zin (guest)
10 years ago (2014-06-10)
I would say Sunshinegirl3275 makes a good point about what the blue light was. And I believe I can explain what the malicious presence is, that it was spirit at all, but your own uncertainty about it, as such things can occur when astral projecting.
Sunshinegirl3275 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-05)
Hi Kami,

I've had the blue light experience since I was 16. It happens at random times and sometimes it's a blue line in my vision and other times it's an orb. It's nothing to be afraid of, it just means that your spirit guides are trying to contact you. I have premonition dreams and usually they occur around the same time. Try to write down your dreams when you wake up every morning - it might give you insight.
Restless (1 stories) (19 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-30)
Hmmmm... The malicious presence part is what I'm going to explain first. Many spirits and daemons (proper name for demons comes from greek daimon meaning the evil ones that feel) walk the earth. Not all are evil, as you have experienced, but some are. You can normally just ignore a presence and it will fade but with daemons and high class daiva you need to be extra careful. Imagine a psychic timebomb. There's a daiva. If you make a wrong move, it strikes. With force. If you calm it then you may be able to speak reason to it. (Contrary to popular belief not all daemons are male there is a class called the Succubus that is a female demon created to sway young males) if it is a Succubus consider yourself lucky. If it's a high ranking daiva your down a river without a paddle. Most daiva are even immune to Christian objects such as crosses and holy water because they predate the creation of them. These daiva have a strong, old, and powerful presence that makes you realize that if it wanted to it could move a mountain. Whether it's a daiva a Succubus or just a regular daemon stay calm around them as they all eat fear.

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