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Ability Growth Instead Of Decay


As a child I would always have dreams about future, which were usually little glimpses of usually non important things of the future. But as a child I thought this was cool that I was able to do this and tell my friends about it. But apparently they all brushed it off and said they were all able to do the same thing. And I talked to some adults about it too, and they said that a lot of children had the same ability as me and that as I grew out of childhood my ability would fade until I didn't have it anymore. So I grew up with the idea that some time in the near future I would lose my ability, and I more or less just had to accept this fact.

But as I hit middle school, the Precognitions that I thought would be leaving me never did, but instead, they just became larger and more important, relevant to my life at least. I thought nothing of it, thinking that this was the last surge of this power in me. And I was truly wrong, because these precognitions became increasingly frequent and important, and I even began to have premonitions at this point, which also started out small as my precognitions were. I was really confused at this point because I am well out of my childhood years and experiencing a larger amount of precognitions and premonitions.

And it's even branching out to another thing, because now it's almost as if I can sense a little of the past in certain places, but only rarely and very weakly. But just all of these things have me so confused because I don't know how all of these things could just randomly manifest themselves within me. So please if anyone has any idea about what's going on with me, please do share with a comment.

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AmberEyes (2 stories) (116 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-02)
I don't think there are specific ages where everyone gains or loses abilities. I believe we have abilities for a reason and so when we have purpose for them in life we can use them and when we don't, they go or sit on the back burner for a bit. As we grow and change as people, life pulls us in different directions and I think this also has some kind of affect on our abilities. Maybe there are a lot more people out there with abilities but they don't believe in this kind of stuff so they don't realize they have them...

For example, as a child I used to get very strong and accurate premonition feelings. Now that I have grown I do not get these any longer but I get precognitive dreams. Sometimes they are accurate down to the finest detail, other times they take more interpretation. I also have developed more of an interest and aptitude for healing. As a child, I don't think I would have been mature enough to manage healing capacities but now I am more so. What I'm trying to say is nothing is constant, some people always have abilities, some have them then lose them, some only 'awaken' when they are middle aged or older. Its neither bad or good, it just happens. I like to believe its for a purpose. 😊
PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-28)
Same thing happened to me I posted my story "Its Getting Stronger" but it effects my WHOLE clavivoint abilities (seeing ghosts,auras,futer,etc.) I know what you mean you think your at the peak and you are not
Best wishes PsychicJR
ProfKelly (38 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-27)
Children often grow out of their precognitive abilities unless they continue to have a "need to know" the future. This could be because they have become somewhat dependent on the information received to aid in adaptation, understanding, or decision-making. In these cases, the child hits "psychic puberty" and the ability grows rather than fades away. What you may be experiencing is a "branching out," where your once precognitive-only experiences are now branching out into other areas of Clairvoyance (e.g. The past or Postcognition).

I recommend reading the following information on Clairvoyance. It may help you better understand your experiences and help you put them into words. The information that seems to apply to you most is Clairvoyant Cognition in the form of Precognition and Postcognition. Other branching may include Remote Viewing/Sensing and Mediumship later on down the road, but not necessarily.


Best of luck!
starrylights (7 stories) (4 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-27)
Ugh, I wish I was you. I have had precognition since I was very young too. But as I got older, the dreams of little non important things went away almost all together. I still get my precognitive dreams every once in a while but it is no where close to as often as I used to get them (I used to get them 3 times a week at least.)

But I would say that you are growing and so are your powers. Its a good thing and I would be grateful and embrace it because one day you might not even have it.

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