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Curious About My Dreams Coming True


I started dreaming things and they came true. They don't happen often just every couple months or a year. The first one I had when I was 16. It was about me being in the hospital and this women in a bed across the room asked mom what I was in for. It came true 7 or 8 months after. After that one I had one when I was 17 1/2. This one didn't all come true, only part of it. Then I had no more until a few months ago.

I am now 20. The last dream I had that came true was 2 or 3 weeks ago. I dreamt I was helping mom wrap up a gift for someone, and when it was all wrapped she told me to be careful not to tear it on the side. Friday it came true. We were wrapping a gift up for my aunt and when it was wrapped she told me to be careful not to tear it on the side. What does this mean? And I don't remember the dream until it happens. It's like deja vu.

Lately, I seem to be having them more frequently. Nothing major, just simple things. Before the one about the present I had a dream I was going to be mad at my boyfriend and I would ignore his message on msn. The dream came true 2 weeks ago. What does this all mean? I'm very curious. Also I'm realizing that when these dreams happen I feel my bed shake a little or I hear whispers.

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Hopkirk90 (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-15)
I have also had dreams that have come true. Whilst they are few and far between, they have a powerful effect on me. At first, I just encountered parts of the dream, like a deja vu. One dream I recorded was of being in a classroom I had never been in before at college, with a teacher I had never met. I was taking a subject I had no interest in. In my dream, I had an asthma inhaler (which was odd because I was not asthmatic).
This dream happened in February 2007. In December 2007, I found that I had a major deja vu. I was sat in exactly the same place, in the same room, with the same teacher, doing the same lesson. I looked down and I had a blue asthma inhaler in my bag (just like in the dream) because I had been diagnosed with asthma recently and had been having problems with it all year. I assume this was a vision.

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