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Control And Clarification, Please


There are two main things I'd like to talk about:

1) When I think about a person I haven't seen in a while, I see them, or at least talk to them, in the next two or three days, never by my own influence. It can be anyone from a retired teacher to a friend I haven't seen since elementary school.

The weirdest experience I've had that can be related to this was a few months to a year ago. I thought about a man I had never met before in my life nonstop for two days, and then on the third day I found out he hung himself. He had a biological connection with someone I'm very close to, but not really a close emotional connection. Actually, they hadn't seen each other in about six years.

2) I have "deja vu" ALL THE TIME. For a while I could actually track it, and it always happened on certain days at specific times, but I've been too busy lately to think about tracking it. It still happens all the time though, at least two times a week, usually more. I'd like to be able to control it. In some conversations, I know exactly what the person I'm talking to is going to say, but real life happens too fast for me to be able to prove it. It's kind of like when you watch TV and the dubbing is off, the conversation is on a delayed reaction in comparison to my ability.

I read somewhere that having poor memory and attention span may be related to psychic abilities, and I'd like to know if anyone could confirm this. I know I do not have ADD or ADHD or anything like that that would explain it. I often stare into space at unfavorable moments, and I have terrible memory, to the point that it kind of drives my loved ones crazy.

I am a seventeen year old female, and psychic abilities run in my mom's family. My grandfather and my mom both have some abilities, and I'm sure others do I've just never really looked into it. I don't know if this is absolutely relevant or not, but we are of eastern European descent.

Any confirmation that people can offer or training programs I should look into would be greatly appreciated.

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SmokeTooAsh (8 stories) (41 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-03)
As far as the inattention part of it. I've had "ADD" since I can remember. I've taken meds for it and then I haven't. While meds help me not space out. They do nothing for forgetfullness. Deja Vu experiences that I have nor do they effect my issues of transferring and switching words numbers sides at all. Sometimes I'm not sure if it's the right diagnosis or not. I had a Psychiatrist a real dr. Tell me that I was a "sensitive" and that I am just more sensitive to the world around me more receptive. A light may flash on and off for real but most people don't recognize this a person like myself will pay attention to all of my surrounding and senses but then seem like I am spaced out. So psychic stuff of ADD I don't know but I'd be very interested in learning to deal with some of my issues as well. However most learning things I've run into have not been very realistic. Hope this helps 😁

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