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I am posting my experiences because I need some input. I really am trying to figure out if what I am feeling is really in my head or real.

Since I was a child I have had what some people have described as medium type dreams, I dreamed about ghost or spirits in homes or anywhere. I have had so many dreams and so many experiences in these dreams with information that I could have never known. Sometimes I get these dreams and I warn whoever I had the dream about. Because one time I did not. I had a dream about a co worker getting hit in the parking lot I saw it all so clearly. I failed to tell this co worker and that day she was hit in the parking lot only suffered very minor injuries. I felt bad for not telling her so after that I started to tell people who have been in my dreams where something bad happened.

Most of the time I dream of strangers. For example, I woke up from a dream a couple months ago about a drug deal! I was dreaming of a drug deal and then the drug bust and I knew all the details yet I did not know where it was. I have also had dreams of this women being stabbed on a street corner yet in my dream I get no indication or where she is or who she is. It seems I cannot get that information for some reason or another.

On many occasions as a young child I would often see my grandparent's dog that had been put to sleep I would try to tell my grandmother but she would laugh and pass it off as my imagination. I really had seen that dog after it had been put to sleep countless times I do not know why though. In high school I would have dreams that would come true sometimes it would be stupid things I would dream about a random conversation's with someone I did not even associate with or things in class that would happen the next day. In my head I was just like weird but passed if off.

Sometimes I see a person that no one else sees for example the other night I was on my book porch with the dog looking into the field next to our house I saw a person it was dark but I could see this person my dog could even see them. My fiance saw nobody my sister saw anybody but I knew they were there and my dog really confirmed that.

I have these feelings sometimes that I cannot shake me almost feel like I can sense how people are feeling what they are thinking. Sometimes it is bad for me because I react to them before they speak because I know what they are going to say or how they feel. I have a hard time going to doctor's offices and even hospitals because of the rush of emotions I get. I have passed out at the doctor's office because there were so many things going through my head.

The other day I had to attend a training seminar which was held in an auditorium in the hospital and I just felt such a heavy feeling almost to the point of being sick. I did not want to be there because of that. Sometimes I just can see something so clearly in my head for example the other night at about 1 am I could not sleep I just kept getting this picture in my head of my dad crying. Now this seems so weird because I have never seen my dad cry but I just keep getting this feeling he was. So when I saw him after that I had feeling I asked him randomly were you crying the other night. It was so random for me to ask him that my mom was looking at me like I was CRAZY but he said yes he had been crying about midnight or 1 am that night he was crying because he had all these emotions about his mothers passing coming back to him. I just thought it was so weird that I picked up on that because my grandmother passed away almost ten years ago.

There was also an incident where my mother has a pregnant co worker ever since she told me she was pregnant I had this feeling of dread of something bad happening. I do not know why so my mom said the co worker called and said she was very sick and she might be going into labor she's not due until April. It just freaked me out all along I had these feelings and when I tried to tell my mother she would say don't say those kind of things or that's mean. I was not saying them out of meanness I was saying them because I had this feeling I could not shake.

Besides hospitals which I mentioned there are other places that make me sick because of all the feelings I am getting. There is a bridge that go's across a major highway here in my town underneath is a very dangerous and very rocky river. So many people have committed suicide here especially in this last year. They pull on the side and just jump often they do not find their body until day's later. I have the hardest time going over this bridge even if I am not driving I just look at the other cars around me and the person who is driving with me and I am like why are they not feeling what I am. It is just this heaviness and a horrible head ache. I avoid that interstate with the bridge with my life even if it means taking the long way. It is just something there I do not know if it's normal for just in my head but I feel like all my experiences amount to something and mean something but I do not know why these things happen to me.

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