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They Are Watching You. Said The Voice In A Whisper


This past summer was simply extraordinary. I became opened and experienced things that I have no way to describe or so much as put to coherent thoughts. But I wish to ask about a particular experience that occurred one night while I was falling asleep.

But first a bit about me. This past December I turned twenty, but at the time of the experience I was still 19. I come from a family with quite a scarred history but one with quite a few interesting 'stories' and abilities. My aunts, my uncle, my sister, my grandmother and great grandmother... As far as I know everyone on my mother's mother's side has a notable sensitivity towards the paranormal. And it has destroyed some of them... Suicide has been common as well as institutionalization. And there seem to be recurring elements and 'figures' that going back generations. -My fathers family was Irish Catholic and if they ever experienced anything 'different' they never spoke of it.

Now to the night in question. I was falling asleep feeling relaxed and at peace when I started to feel something like a weight pulling energy out of my window. Soon after (and for the first time in my life) I heard a voice in my head distinctly different from my own. It was very loud (perhaps 'powerful' is a better word) yet held the character of a whisper. It said "They are watching you."

Because of all that I had been experiencing in that time period I wasn't put off by this. I remained calm and edged closer to sleep. Before long I felt the weight of energy shift around my room and end up at foot of my bed. Though I did not open my eyes I was able to see (though it was a bit fuzzy) the area of my room where I felt the energy. And I saw something else that was not fuzzy at all. I had never seen it before but recognized it as a creature my mother had told me about many times. Something she has seen throughout her whole life, ever since she was very little. She believes them to be aliens that are used as helpers by other aliens. I don't know if that is what I believe. (I should note that I am no stranger to close encounters, but this is not the place to elaborate. And I am not sure if these things are actually aliens).

Here is how I would describe it. Three and half to four feet tall. Skinny yet squat. Head a bulbous inverse triangle. Large dark eyes the color of garnet.

It stared right into me and I don't remember what came next. But I do remember though I was not scared of it I was unnerved. It seemed to me to be a malicious creature though somehow I knew it would not do me harm.

But later I had a strange dream in which I remember having to pull two worms (they seemed metallic but I'm not sure if they were) out of a hole in my wrist. One was blackish and one whitish.

I remembered the first two events early the next day but not right away. But it wasn't until late the next night and while talking to a very dear friend of mine that I was able to remember the dream. (although it did not feel like a dream at all, but more like a real memory.)

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mark_speed (6 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-05)
Hi, I think that the worms you pulled from your wrist means you need to be cleansed and protected.
The aliens are apparently the demons / Nephilim that the bible talks of (serphant race).

A few years ago I had some healing from a friend (clairvoyant) due to 'alien' activity around me (I hate the word alien), I told her after the healing that I felt like I wanted to rise up and slither away, to which she replyed that during my healing (with sound, crystals and her mental energies) a swarm of worm like snakes evacuated my etheric bodies due to the healing filling me with a lighter vibration they could not survive in! She then told me that she was once at a spiritual festival sitting around a fire with some friends when all of a sudden she began to violently heave and belch until a big black snake exited her mouth... This was a dark entity that had to leave her as her vibration was heightening the more she developed (she said that she belches whenever she removes 'darkness' from herself or others... Her bodies natural reaction to expel poison from her system).

I'm not saying you have been 'infected' but maybe your remembarence of worms from your wrist was a warning to you?
I honestly believe that beings who have our best intentions do not need or want to scare us half to death at bedtimes or inject us with micro-chips and / or etheric technologies etc.

Another friend of mine told me that higher beings of love had put sum sort of chip into her brain which she said hurt and bled on occasions! A shaman told her she was not quite ready to use the chips capabilities but would need it in the future when a big bird (alien craft) would show itself from the sky for her to lead people to 'alien crafts' for protection from earth changes! (I think they have a much more sinister agenda)... Why would beings of love light be so savage as to chip a brain that causes pain and bleeding?...
...we are no longer friends as I think she has been well and truly manipulated and she is adamant that the beautiful colours and feelings they projected to her couldn't possibly of been 'dark ones' fooling her.

Rodarzyck, you say you don't wish to elaborate on the alien thing here, would you mind messaging me with your opinion on the matter... If not too much trouble.

Thanks for listening:)
hays1012 (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-05)
you know I'm just going to make a theory and I could be totally wrong. I do not know almost anything about what some people/most people call the "Greys" they're a type of alien and you didn't mention color but the description sounds like the "greys". The description of the creature you saw. Like I said I could be totally wrong, but I wanted to bring it up because your mother mentioned aliens. Just something to think about.


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