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I Think I Can See Spirits


Currently I just moved into a new home. I only use new in the sense that it's new to me. I love to know about the history of the houses I live in, so my girlfriend and I went to the local library to do some research. While there we found out a woman lived here in 1910. She had four children and she was widowed. This is currently all I know of her. One day while my girlfriend was at work, I was taking a shower in the house by myself. When I heard a loud thump I went out to check it out only to realize that the door to my guest bedroom was open along with the closet.

Well a few days go by and I envision in my head while I'm laying down that a small girl is roaming the living room. Of course no one believes me, but I tell them that she's around the age of 6. So one night while I had a few friends over, we decide to try and communicate with them through an Ouija board. For about an hour nothing happens. Then as soon as we're about done someone starts to come through. It's a young girl, by the name of Danielle and she's 5 years old. No one thought anything of it seeing how they thought one of my friends actually move the oracle. I knew better.

Before and even after we spoke to them, I have no been able to sleep. I stay up at night and I can feel her presence as if she were right here speaking to me. No one else has had these experiences, but me.

For some back story of myself, I'm currently 20 years old, and was diagnosed with acute interstitial nephritis at 12.

Thankfully I'm cured of that, but it actually shut down my kidneys and I wasn't alive for 23 seconds. Of those 23 seconds of my "life" I felt a light it didn't speak to me, but it showed me that I could communicate to spirits. I've not spoken to anyone, Priest, or otherwise about this and was wondering if anyone here can shed some light on this.

How can I develop my "abilities"? I've done countless online ESP tests but it seems to not be accurate.

Just for another note, as I'm typing this I can see this little girl standing in my kitchen. I'm not scared, but rather curious and wish I knew how to speak to her without upsetting her or anything else that may be here.

Thanks for reading guys and gals. I'm sorry I wrote a book and that it may seem jumbled up to you all.

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bellatrix (2 stories) (17 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-26)
i have read this book where the girl died but it wasn't her time, she went to the in-between place where spirits with unfinished business are this spirit asked her if she wanted to live or die she wanted to die but he wouldn't have it and she accidently brought back a spirit who pretended to be her guardian angel. Turns out he was her cousin who had killed a little girl while practicing a magic power, all accidently of coarse. He tried to kill her boy friend so he could posses the body and tell the police about the missing girl he buried in the woods.

The whole time he was nice to the girl who brought him back until a witch told her she was a witch and what the spirit was doing and tried to kill her, soon she found out his unfinished business was and told her boy friend about how she died.

He believed her cause he had died too but he didn't get a choice they just sent him back.

They finished his unfinished business and then the spirit went to heaven.

Thats where you come in, you could have died when it wasn't YOUR time but the spirits didn't mess with you but maybe you could have tagged one along the way. Work your way to friend status with her then ask her what unfinished business she has.

I know its probably not that easy but I've had to do it before and its like talking to a real person, except sometimes they can't talk back they try to but can't.
loolum (guest)
12 years ago (2010-02-24)
You had an NDE (near death experience), you have been to the other side, and are now more 'aware'.
I would have no idea how to communicate with this girl. But its normal to be scared, but if you feel like she can hurt you, that's something else.
Maybe buy a teddy bear, and present it to her. That might win her trust. Then try to speak, just simply with 'hello', and watch her response. Just be casual, and don't go saying 'You're a ghost', or 'what are you doing here?'.
You will find the right things to say over time.
But, this is only my opinion, it probably sounds right to you. But you need to find some one you can talk to about this.

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