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Talents, Worries And Wonders?


Hey Everyone.

For a couple months now I've started to notice some "abilities" I've been able to do. For example. I've started being able to know what's going to happen before it happens, my dreams have started coming true, I can move small things (I.E. Pencils, scissors, paper, C.D's) without touching them, and, sometimes If I focus on one person enough I can see them, or what they're doing. Sort of like I'm watching them through a television screen. I'm 13 now.

I remember as a small child... I suppose I was... 5 or 6. I used to be followed by this lady. No one else could see her so I just thought she was an imaginary friend because I can't see her anymore. She would talk to me if I was worried and she acted like a second mother (at that time my mom was always working and was never really home) Another thing that's been happening is, The farthest bedroom to the east of our house was my bedroom last year. Every night There is these knockings on the upper part of the window. I've looked out many of times but the window where the knocks are coming from is nearly 8 feet high and has screen covering it. But still every night rapid knockings. And they movie from window to window. It lasts about 20 minutes or so then stops.

I guess what my real question is, is are these happenings psychic? Or am I extremely talented and a little paranoid? Also, if these are psychic happenings, is there anyone I can talk to?

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TwiGirlRara (7 stories) (46 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-03)
I see things before they happen as well, that is called precogntion. Do you see these things closely prior to the event that happens, or a long time before? Do you recognize when you're seeing the ftuure, or do you not realize that you've seen it until after the event happens? I too am working on developing and understanding this ability. You can write back on one of my posts if you wish. I wish you luck with your abilities:)

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