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Able To See Demons And Angels


I have read some of the stories on the site and I'm glad that there's a place for people to talk about their experiences and gifts. Though I can not say whether or not if I'm a crystal or indigo child, due to the fact that some of the characteristics were never there in me as a child or now as an adult.

I have always believed that there was more to the world even before I could put my finger on it but as a young child I have few memories. Most of what I experienced as a child and remember comes from when I was 5 until now. I guess it never dawned on me that what I might be experiencing as a toddler was "abnormal" in societies eyes.

When living in North Carolina I remember seeing demons (harmless ones) ghosts and would always get the feeling of being watched. I had a hard time with kids my age and only want to sit next to the adults and listen to their conversations. I never understood many things that children my age would get into. Growing up, and still to this day, I was overly stubborn, had a strong sense of my self, and would stay true to what I believed in. Though growing up with a mom that wanted us kids to be Catholic, even though she herself was not Catholic or religious, I didn't agree with many things they would teach us in Religious class. I was the only one who hated reciting the prays, going to church, and only I understood the bloody history and the evils done by the church. I was also interested in ghost stories or programs about spirits trapped in the world. Like I said I'm able to see demons and angels.

When my mom was transferred to Sheperd AFB we lived on based for about 2 or 3 years, give or take. The base was very tainted- suicides, rapes, children being left by parents and dying- subjects the government would not expose to the town. I would see demons in the pitch blackness of my room and it scared the #@$% out of me. Me and my siblings would hear voices or heavy hoof steps on the roof. Me and my sister would see ghost running to and fro or would feel them touch us. My mom said I was crazy and would be put in a mental hospital. Never was sent to one though.

I would see colorful rainbow orbs or fairy orbs while at my dad's in South Carolina. I witnessed an angel in orb form drifting out of my niece's room. The angel orb was big, very soft and warm to look at as if it's feathers made up the orb. Whenever dad would take us to the mountains to see family I felt more at home in the forests. I would howl at the moon and listen for the wolves. I would sleep outside so I could see white-tailed deer in the morning. Living in a town has its perks but being in the mountains makes my soul overly happy.

When I stayed with my boyfriend after the family moved to Colorado, I didn't experience too much until last July when I went to visit my family for my dad's 50 birthday. When I got back home my dreams seemed heaven-sent, they were not normal random dreams. Gods and Goddesses would visit me, I finally found out my guardian angel's name and more memories of my pure form started to come back.

I remember some past lives but the most powerful is the memories of my true form. One of pure energy not of any type of flesh form. And now I'm split in so many pieces, trying to protect my self though I can't remember why.

During this time I have been receiving prophecies about what is to come after 2012, meeting new spirits and understanding more of the spiritual world that I have forgotten or didn't explore in past lives. I've had to separate myself from my werewolf pack to protect them, Lilith is trying to pull me to the 7th under-realm gate, certain world news is "showing" me the progression of things to come. Certain programs on the history channel have been airing that I 'have to' watch as if there's information in it that would help me. Lots of things have been happening. But now that I'm with child the experiences aren't as frequent. I still see angels but have trouble mediating due to tiredness. I do have conversations with the baby sometimes and the child responds. I know when the child perks up when I say certain words. I also feel the spirits protecting me and my child all the time. Almost to the point that my child's life might be in danger if the angels aren't with me.

My fear is that when my child shows their gifts I won't be able to tell the difference between imagination and the truth. It's hard to protect a child from the spiritual danger because I don't know or remember everything. And it's so hard to find reliable information online or with books without me thinking, "What a load of bull@#$@! This person knows nothing."

Sorry for the long story. Just my intro for my account. And I'm hoping somehow there'll be someone who would read some of my stories and give some advice or help me out. Who knows?

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-16)
To 92w. In Greece, I met a holy orthodox monk, a miracle worker, who is now a saint. Father (saint) Paisios. Look him up on internet. (10 million books about him, have been sold in Russia alone!) He said that he fasted from food and water for 7 days, and prayed, so that satan- who was God's most powerful and glorious angel- might be saved... On the seventh day, fr. Paisios saw a little boy outside his hut, making faces and poking his tongue out at him. Fr. Paisios asked him what he wanted, and the 'boy' (satan) started insulting him: 'what do you think you're doing by praying for me? You're stupid! I will NEVER repent, because all humanity is under my control... And i'm its ruler!' Satan of course was lying, but fr. Paisios was disgusted with himself, for waisting 7 days of his precious time for nothing! Of course, God would be willing to take satan and his demons back... But only if they repented, which will never happen, as we just saw!
92W (7 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-10)
My view through and of the spiritual world is from a Christian perspective. I have had some tough experience within my life, even some brushes that I believes where with demonic forces, but my belief in Christ guided me through them and shielded me. My advice is to pray and ask help from God. And he will show you the way, but from reading your profile I don't believe that you believe in God, at least not the way Christians do.

I would like to ask you. I heard of Hybirds. Demons that wish to repent and once aging be in the light of God, but until they pay their dues they will be half way. If you come across one you will since darkness and holiness from the same being, and it will not be human. You will question is it a demon or an angel. Good demons, dark guardians, holly demons, there are probably thousands of name of such a being if they really exist. So have you know of such entities

Oh yes I'm stationed at Ft. Bragg.

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