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I am 19, and this isn't the first I been seeing unexplainable things in my days. I seen death come to both my parents and so on it has been getting worse. It started when I was 4. Two years after my parents died in a car crash, I had been seeing them a lot less than my other visibilities I had been having lately.

When I was 4 years old I loved to play with my hair in the mirror. My mom told me I had better hair than Marilyn Monroe. I always played and made funny faces in the mirror. Till one of the scary faces I made didn't turn back into my face. I studied it until it looked like my eyes were getting more like shark eyes and my nose was disappearing and my mouth turned into the devils grin. My face was rather grey as well. I wondered always trying to figure out how. But nothing seem to come up in my mind.

I laid in my bed when I was in my late 7's. I always slept next to the wall in my room. (I lived In a foster home at the time.) Me and 2 other girls that were younger than me had their own beds next to mine in the row. Of course mine was next to the wall. I had put my face close up to the wall and pulled the covers tightly over me and tried to fall asleep. My mattress was slowly pulling back but I didn't notice it because I thought it was only in my head. Like a still dizziness. Soon I was on my box spring and being squished between the wall and the mattress. I thought I was going to die within 2 seconds of being almost suffocated and squished. I started crying and screaming for help until my foster mom and dad ran in a pulled it away.

Soon, most likely in my age of being 9 I had odd feelings about my future and how it would turn out. I always thought of my older sister Carol and how I missed her. She came and visited me lots of times. I wished I could of stayed with her instead of a foster home. But I was too young. Until one day their was a call when Maddie, Grace and I were playing in the backyard. My foster mother had called me in and told me my sister has been drowned in the bathtub while her fiance was away at work.

I had dreams about her and my parents until the age of 13. I was finally at Middle School and had many friends. I was making good grades and getting many Private school privileges. I had my own friends. Then one night my friend Abigail stayed home with me all night. We were sleeping in the same bed but she got the wall. I felt something pulling at my foot so I lifted my head a bit looking at the wall (I was on my stomach). Soon then after a few seconds it had pulled me out of my bed and halfway across the room.

When I reached my age of 14 slept a lot trying to catch up on the nights I stayed up missing sleep. I watched tv until I did. I was sitting in Mr. Wilson's chair (foster dad) until I felt a piercing scratch go down my side and in the area on my back. I thought it was just pain from arthritis or something. The next morning Maddie had pointed out the blood ring on my back. It was a star with a circle around it. I never showed anyone. It was between me and Maddie. It's still their today.

Still in the nights through out age 15 and now 19 I have been seeing strange and odd beings. Especially when in driving in my hummer I see things in their with me. I could never draw out anything to them except when I scribbled things down that I could see in the near future. Till now they will not go away. They been driving me to do bad things. Such to my friend Andrew who I had hurt in the past while being "POSSESSED" or one of these states most people have encountered. I had many questions such as:"Will what has happened my whole life finally come to peace with what's going on?" Can anyone help me? But most of all, "am I going to die sooner than thought?"

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stardust77 (2 stories) (15 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-03)

You need to find someone to help you. These entities aren't friendly at all, and are out to harm you. You are someone very special, so the good and the evil gravitate towards you.

However, be careful to approach the right people. You can read to find out about why some people are just not up to any good.

In the meantime, stop fearing (yes, I know it's hard when things that are out of your control happen to you). Translate that fear into courage and push it away with your will power.

Good luck.:)
Edmund (578 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-03)
HollyMONST3R... Before I got to the end of your story " possessed " flashed in my mind a few times... The star with a ring around it scratched in you helps to support this also. Now I don't think that your fully possessed or you wouldn't be telling this story but my gut is telling me your going there or it wants you to be. So my question to you is are you going to take a stand against this/him?

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