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How To Tone In Your Talent


Strange, I always thought I had good intuition my whole life but I had a bad accident and died and obviously was brought back and yes I did see something but no tunnels or white lights or my dead Grandparents I just remember lying somewhere and there was Gold Light shiny all around me and I thought to myself " I'm Dead" I'm Really Dead" Then I thought " Why didn't I know that when I was alive, it's so simple a 2 year old would know" I'm referring to why we are here or " The Meaning of life" but here's the Rub there are NO WORDS to tell anyone it wasn't told to me in words. The closest I can come is " We Are" "It Is" "It Always Was" It Always Will be" I know not much. Then weird things started happening this was not the first time I had died I had been born with health problems I had died 3 times prior and had experiances those times to just not with the clarity of this one those others I thought were dreams even though I knew things that had happened that I couldn't possibly have.

Then strange things happened here's just a tiny example.

I was in the Hospital and they always have to ask your name before giving medications. I was getting a irritated at having to repeat my name, so I said a random name it was "Nikki Ray Symanski" not a common name. Now the RN looked at me and asked me if I knew her because that was her name, she thought I was kidding around. So she starts to take my BP and for some reason I start humming not even aware really thatI was That song that has the Chorus "Me and you and a dog name Boo" Well that was her dogs name. I also knew her Husband was a Fireman, she stopped coming to my room.

The point is When this happens I have no control. Does anyone know how to control it? Or rather how to use it when I want? Or Stop it from occurring? Now I just blurt things out ALL THE TIME it's Starting to Scare people a bit me included.

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Emotionlessthug (68 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-20)
We don't have enough energy to control it, and the government is draining our energy and using are ESP abilities for their experiments, and they limit us on purpose so we can't do nothing about what's happening with humanity. Think about it, what will happen if people actually gain full controlled over their ESP abilities?
Danae (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-20)
I too have had several nde's, with the most recent being March 23, 2014. I've always been "gifted" and was trained by a bunch of different people since I was about 6 years old in everything from visualization, astral projections, tarot, remote viewing, biofeedback to seeing aura's (I'm 43 now). After last year every gift I've had has been amplified infinitesimally. I'm seeing peoples futures and where prior I could sense energy/feelings from others it is now coming across in clear words from their heads instead of just semi-abstract thoughts and pictures. Every day is a struggle as I learn how to better control this. You at not alone. I try to surround myself with others who are on the same wavelength but, I have to admit its wearing on me. Hows it going for you?
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-15)
You may wish too read some books by Raymond Moody who was the Head of the Department Parapsychology at UNLV years ago. He is considered the Grandfather of NDE.

The Majority of people who have a NDE aka near death experience have heightened abilities.

Dannion Brinkley died seven times and kept passing out.
More than likely his body was weak and all his neuro synapses were shot.
There was a movie with Erick Roberts who played Dannion character.

I have an Aunt had a NDE. Afterwards she saw Angels auras and just knew things. In her 80s she is still very accurate. She does not speak of dreams she just knows and sees. It's almost as if dying the human is reborn with more light of source we call creator.

As to controlling it. You must be proactive and look at all side effects that medications cause. In order to strengthen your body.

If can afford it grow your own organic vegetables. This can clean and repair the body.

Meditate twice a day and check out books on moving energy within yourself and breath work. Literature that cultivates peace and inner stillness to live by. Mild exercise. As for meditation or energy. Do not go past the 3rd eye chakra as expanding it before the body and all the lower chakras are ready can cause damage.

Get a hold of your main guide and door keeper. Look up Oracle101 as she has loads of info.

When you are stronger. Ask your Higher self or your Soul of it would be ok to practice Inspirational writting.
This Type of work is contained and alert. You can add protection.

Good journey

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