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Me and my boyfriend began to share dreams at first. Then we started to share thoughts. Then one day he got hurt and didn't bleed instead I started to bleed in the exact spot where he got hurt. I began to get scared I didn't know what was going on.

Like a week later I went to school and I just zoned out during class. I could hear everyone's thoughts I found that out later because I hear my friend's thoughts and in her thoughts she was thinking about how much she hates school and she told me that like a second later. I don't know how I read her thoughts and it is creeping me out. My parents don't even know I can even read thoughts. I'm scared of it and I don't know how to control it.

Also, today in school I was in gym in playing basket ball and I zoned out I could tell were the other team was going and what they were going to do. I got so creeped out but, I tried bloke what was going to happen and it worked. I don't know if I'm going crazy or what but, whatever it is I can do I'm scared of it. It just creeps me out. Also after wards I get really tired I don't know if I'm suppose to be tired after wards but, I'm always tired because I can't control it I think. I don't know I fill crazy and I bet people think I'm crazy.

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barkingmad (4 stories) (3 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-28)
I hear thoughts too. It needs to be significant though. Awkward moment when I happens.
halogirl93 (4 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-27)
dude, relax. I understand how nasty it is to be bombarded by people's thoughts and emotions. I got more of the emotional half, which was confusing as heck.
First of all. Don't run away from home. Unless they're physically abusing you, your parents are far more tolerable then living out on the streets. You don't want to be one of those crazy homeless people. The important thing to do is let yourself grow up and work hard to make sure you're a competent independent individual before you leave home.
Second off, you're in middle school right? Thirteen was the age that I got hit the worst. I had horrible nasty migraines every single day of my eighth grade year. It gets better though. Have you hit puberty yet? I know that's a weird question, but about the time you reach the end of puberty, it becomes easier to "tune" people out. Also when your friends complete it, they become a little more resilient to accidental psychic probing.
The best thing you can do right now for yourself, is make yourself think positive thoughts. Try several shielding techniques. I personally always imagine covering myself in dense energy, which forms into armor.
the next technique is drawing in energy which helps chase out the conflicting energies of other people. You breath in and let the energy fill you, then breath out and let it flow away. Think about how the ocean waves move up and down on the beach shore. Let the energy flow like that as you breath. It's also a good technique to use while meditating.
finally, don't obsess on it. The most effective thing I was able to do in middle school was ignore it, and focus on the things that made me happy. I also took up swimming and the exposure to people who were healthy in their way of thinking helped a ton. You have to keep in mind, middle-schoolers are crazy. Their brains aren't fully developed and their in the middle of a weird neural transformation in the frontal cortex of the brain. That makes them think and feel irrationally, so try to keep your way of thinking as logical and rational as possible so that you can identify when other people are affecting you.
Aquaxamatista (1 stories) (62 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-15)
Wow your only 13? I think you have telepathy but I'm not so sure the you bleeding part. Dont be afaid, I don't know if you have noticed but everyone including me have these abilities. Theres too many people to claim abilities that we all can't just be making it up so smile! Be proud of this ability because you can help people with it! Anyway keep in touch! Email me at Amatistaf [at] you can always talk to me. I can give some good advice 😁 By the if think your weird read my story. Haha 😜
deathdefyinglove (3 stories) (8 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-15)
im just so confused with all that's happening plus if my parents found out they would probelly hurt me really bad they've been hurting me more often I guess they injoy my pain and I have no way to contack my boyfriend cause my parents hate him. I'm so mad that I allready have my bag packed and ready to leave and never come back! 😠by the way I'm 13
Araglas (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-14)
Your not going crazy. No worries on that part. Just calm down and take deep breaths.

To the first part of your post, you have formed a bond with your boyfriend, and it sounds like a DEEP bond, from the way you describe the event where he got hurt and you bled means that you would wrather be hurt than him maybe? Don't freak about that, it just shows how much you care for him and him for you. But I would advise seeking maybe a teacher to help you with controlling that ability.

As to the second and third bond, as a way to control it you can picture yourself in a bubble if you don't want to hear thoughts, I believe it is a very useful ability but it is understandably unnerving.
dezdoll88 (2 stories) (23 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-13)
that would be fun! Ha I would love to have that power... I would definetly use it for good and just like read peoples minds all the time and I know I would find out a lot of people lie...
HaVeN (guest)
14 years ago (2010-03-12)
ME and my best friend share thoughts too. Later we found out that I am a crystal with a little indigo and she is a indigo with a little crystal in her. We also have a very close phychic bond. Maybe you have a bond too.
bellatrix (2 stories) (17 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-10)
no your not crazy you are totally SALAMI (my awesome word) why don't you use it to do good like? Say... Your friend likes this guy or something then you ask the guy if he likes her with her there... Of course he'd say no either because he doesn't like her or he does. Then if he does and just says no cause he's imbarrassed then you know to tell him that your friend likes him and you know he likes her or somrthing along the lines of...

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